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Attorney General Eric Holder has picked the perfect time to resign, in terms of his own self-interest. He will have two years in which to cash in with lucrative fees on the lecture circuit and to make a big-bucks book deal. If he waited until the end of the Obama administration, a former Attorney General would be eclipsed in both respects by a former President of the United States, thereby reducing the demand for Holder. ~ Thomas Sowell  

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Lisa Benson

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Liberals As Low Information Voters

rogersimon-828956056  by Roger L. Simon

For several years now we have heard much of the plague of “low information voters” — those legions of the supposedly ignorant who walk, clueless on the issues, into our polling places, casting their votes for candidates the details of whose programs are as familiar to them as quantum mechanics.

But we may have a more significant problem. There are a number of people who are at least somewhat cognizant of quantum mechanics to whom the details of the issues of the day are just as unfamiliar — the modern liberal intelligentsia. I’m not talking about the punditocracy here, the Thomas Friedmans of the world, who are certainly aware of the issues (well, more or less) even if they evaluate them in peculiar ways. I’m talking about the workaday liberal, the well-educated professionals who are our friends, relatives and neighbors. They are, increasingly, low information voters, living in willful or perhaps willed blindness.

In a recent months I have been startled by many examples of this. In a casual conversation, an Ivy League graduate and author of several best-selling books asked me what I meant by “quantitative easing,” although it has been one of the keys to the economic policies of the last half-dozen years. Since the man is highly intelligent, my conclusion was he didn’t want to know about such details because they would lead to him having to examine long-held assumptions, assumptions it would be uncomfortable to question for a whole set of reasons. Remember, these are people who voted for Obama, twice, and now are just becoming aware that many of us consider him the worst president ever and have pretty good reasons. And the public is beginning to agree with us. This is hard to process.



Random Thoughts

thomas_sowell by Thomas Sowell

Random thoughts on the passing scene:

What a non-judgmental society amounts to is that common decency is optional — which means that decency is likely to become less common.

The biggest issue in this fall’s election is whether the Obama administration will end when Barack Obama leaves the White House or whether it will continue on, by appointing federal judges with lifetime appointments who share President Obama’s contempt for the Constitution. Whether such judges will be confirmed by the Senate depends on whether the Senate continues to be controlled by Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Why in the world would any sane American go to North Korea and put themselves at the mercy of a crackpot dictator?

Since Illinois enacted a law permitting more people to carry concealed firearms, more than 65,000 people got permits to do so. Rates of robbery, burglary and motor vehicle thefts have dropped significantly, and the murder rate has fallen to a level not seen in more than half a century. If only the gun control fanatics would pay some attention to facts, a lot of lives could be saved.

If you took all the mumbo-jumbo out of our educational institutions, how much would be left? Students could finish their education years earlier and end up knowing a lot more than they know now.

Why are Americans — and the Western world in general — falling all over ourselves stifling our own self-expression to appease people who chose to immigrate here, and are now demanding the suppression of anything they don’t like, such as public expressions of Christianity or displays of the American flag?

Someone should write a history of political rhetoric, if only to put us on our guard against being deceived into disasters. The First World War, for example, was said to be a war “to make the world safe for democracy.” What it actually led to was the replacement of despotic dynasties by totalitarian dictatorships that were far worse, including far more murderous.


Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Obama’s Pass-the-Buck Presidency

The president has a pattern of deflecting blame and denying responsibility. With military action against ISIS underway, that’s a dangerous habit.

In attempting to downplay the political damage from a slew of second-term controversies, President Obama has counted on the American people having a very short memory span and a healthy suspension of disbelief. The time-tested strategy for Obama: Claim he’s in the dark about his own administration’s activities, blame the mess on subordinates, and hope that with the passage of time, all will be forgotten. Harry Truman, the president isn’t. He’s more likely to pass the buck.

His latest eyebrow-raiser came on 60 Minutes on Sunday, when the president blamed the failure to anticipate the rise of ISIS on his intelligence community for not informing him of the growing threat. “I think our head of the intelligence community, Jim Clapper, has acknowledged that I think they underestimated what had been taking place in Syria,” Obama said. Most early news reports dutifully pinned the blame on the intelligence agencies, with the president escaping any further scrutiny.

But anyone following the news over the past year would have been better informed than the commander in chief. As NBC foreign affairs correspondent Richard Engel said on MSNBC Monday: “It’s surprising that the president said that U.S. intelligence missed this one, because it seems that U.S. intelligence was the only group that missed this one. Everyone knew that Islamic extremists were on the rise in Syria and in Iraq; it was well documented. The extremists were publicizing their activities online—they were bragging about it. Journalists, including us, were interviewing foreign fighters. This was no state secret.”

Former Democratic Rep. Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania, the highest-ranking former military officer ever elected to Congress, told National Journal that the president was wrong to pass the buck. “As commander in chief, you’re accountable. You’re the one who is responsible whether the good ship of state is doing it right,” said Sestak, pointing to congressional testimony from former Defense Intelligence Agency chief Michael Flynn in February 2014 regarding the growing threat posed by ISIS. “The administration failed, and the president is the captain of the ship and should assume accountability.” Sestak is considering a Pennsylvania Senate bid in 2016, and he would be one of the Democrats’ top recruits if he ran.

The president’s defenders pointed to a recent David Ignatius interview with Clapper in The Washington Post, in which the intelligence chief indeed claimed he provided the White House with evidence of ISIS’s “prowess and capability.” At the same time, he also acknowledged downplaying the enemy’s “will to fight” and overestimating the capabilities of the Iraqi forces. It was an odd admission, given the long-demonstrated ruthlessness of the extremists in Iraq and Syria, and the long-reported struggles of Iraq’s military. And given the rosy projections of postwar Iraq during the Bush administration, it’s unusual to hear intelligence agencies making the same mistake twice. Still, it’s clear that Obama wasn’t blindsided by the rising threat from Islamic extremists in the Middle East. Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder even warned that the emerging threat was “more frightening than anything”—back in July.


While we all have to accept that POTUS is the leader or his party, should there not be some insistance that being the leader of the country comes first? This POS POTUS plays politics ALL the time. He can’t lead, follow “or” get out of his own way. He’s pathetic.
Anyone who can still defend this mediocre “politician” is as big a fool as he is and every bit as corrupt. That includes other Dems, Media types who pretend to be reporters while acting as press agents and last but far from least, the voters. If you can’t bother to inform yourself beyond a few talking points and loyalty to your party, do the rest of us and this country a favor and stay home on election day. 
Many fools voting serves us no better than many people not voting at all.


CBS announced they’re working on the new show “Supergirl.” Supergirl made her first appearance in Action Comics in 1958. So she’s 56 years old. In other words, she is just coming up to the age where she will be right for the CBS demographic. ~ Craig Ferguson

thinker 2 Think About It

Fox News Host Eric Bolling Hammers ‘Liberal Goon Squad’ of Stewart, Colbert, Maher

By Randy Hall

 I am NOT an Eric Bolling fan. I think he’s the kind of right wing nutjob who causes the right more trouble than he helps them. I do “like” and respect his obvious respect for the Constitution although I do NOT like the way he waves his pocket copy around like a stage prop.
When it comes to goons squads he nailed it this time. He’s right and they are.
Now if I could just get Bolling’s “boobs on the ground” remark out of my mind I might actually give a crap about anything he has to say. Nor can I forgive the women on “The Five” who did not jump down his throat and eviserate him for what he said. I cannot even begin to imagine the fury that would have come from Kimberly Gilfoil if a liberal had said that.When next the Dems pull the “war on women” mantra out of their ass – Bolling may well be a prime example, instead of just the asshole that he is.


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Kelly: Administration Ignoring Oklahoma Beheader As A ‘Homegrown Radical’

Karl vs. Earnest: How Can Obama Say Underestimating ISIS Was An Intelligence Failure When He Was Warned?

See text of back and forth here

Andrea Mitchell: Braley ‘A Terrible Candidate’

Music Video to 0bama’s LATTE SALUTE

The Secret Service is under scrutiny after a man jumped a fence and entered the White House. In their defense, when they saw a crazed maniac running down the White House lawn, they assumed it was Biden. ~ Craig Ferguson


And Furthermore:

Incredibly, subprime loans are driving the US economy—again

The Gelded Age
The inequality bed-wetters are misleading you.
Federal Judge Rules Residents Of Detroit Must (Gasp!) Pay Their Water Bills… Lib Outrage Ensues…

Chris and Bruce Jenner are getting a divorce. If for any reason Bruce is ever arrested for any crime of any sort, being married to a Kardashian counts as time served.

Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley

Suddenly It’s Monday

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The Moral Failures of Eric Holder

columnist avatar Victor Davis Hanson by Victor Davis Hanson

Eric Holder’s left many baleful legacies: being censured by the House of Representatives; withholding subpoenaed documents, proving untruthful about a failed gun-walking caper in Mexico; failing to enforce laws on the books, from immigration to the elements of the Affordable Care Act; illegally billing the government for his own private use of a government Gulfstream jet; snooping on Associated Press reporters; giving de facto exemptions to renegade IRS politicos; and trying to create civilian trials for terrorist killers like KSM, one of the architects of the 9/11 attacks. But he will be known mostly for re-teaching Americans to think of race as essential, not incidental, to our characters.

He accomplished that unfortunate legacy in a number of ways. Holder waded into the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown fatal shootings before all the facts were known in a manner no local public prosecutor would dare do so. He claimed that the unpopularity of Barack Obama was due to racial animosity, apparently forgetful that not long ago, in the era of Bush Derangement Syndrome, novels and movies were published and produced fantasizing about the assassination of George W. Bush, who was compared to Nazis and fascists, by everyone from Al Gore to John Glenn. I assume Holder was then quiet about such alarming disparagement of his president; and also I assume that when Obama in 2009 had near 70% approval ratings, for Holder the nation was anything but cowardly.

Of course, Holder infamously called Americans “cowards” for not being as obsessed in the same way with race as he was. He referred to African-Americans as “my people,” a sloppy aside that might have gotten any other attorney general fired for such cheap ethnic chauvinism — except that his own boss had once called for Latinos to punish “our enemies” and on the campaign trail had talked of “typical white person.” Holder chose to drop the New Black Panther case in a way that highlighted racial matters — apparently coming armed with clubs to a voting precinct is hardly unusual — in the same way that he suggested that those states that might require an ID to vote (in the manner we produce IDs to write a check or use a credit card) were racist, in the same way that he suggested that states like Arizona that wanted federal immigration law enforced were acting out of racialist motives.



Mr. President: Stop Using the Term “ISIL”

columnist avatar Keith koffler by Keith Koffler

Many of you may be confused by the alternate labels used for the Islamists rampaging through Iraq and Syria. Some call them ISIL, some call them ISIS, and some call them Islamic State.

Right now, they are calling themselves the Islamic State, after previously using the terms ISIS or ISIL.

Now, I don’t really care what they want to be called. I stand with Winston Churchill on this, who was famous for mispronouncing words in the languages of his antagonists, including, of course, France. He’d probably call them “ISIS” and pronounce it “Asses.”

But I do care what our president calls them. Because by using the term ISIL, he is legitimizing their claim to a broader region than they currently occupy.

ISIL stands for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. It’s what The Bloodthirsty Lunatics – or TBL, another potential option – used to call themselves.

This is the Levant:


What do you notice about it? What’s there??

By saying “ISIL,” Obama may as well be saying “The Islamic State of Iraq, Syria, and Israel.”

Now, I know he’s not getting along with Netanyahu, but . . .


Turkey: The Jihadists’ Fifth Column in NATO?

by Joseph Klein

Turkey may well be the jihadists’ fifth column in NATO.

Turkey’s autocratic Islamist president, Tayyip Erdogan, has allowed Turkey’s border to become a passageway for jihadist fighters streaming into Syria to join ISIS and the al Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra.

Oil from fields in Iraq and Syria under ISIS control has been regularly transported into Turkey, and sold to black market traders at below international oil market prices. Turkey itself is reportedly a major buyer of the cheap black market oil. The income from ISIS’s oil sales through the black market, as much as $30 million a month, helps finance ISIS’s expansion, making Turkey one of ISIS’s key bankrollers and enablers.

Turkey has also allowed ISIS recruiting networks operating online and through religious study groups to flourish within its borders. Turkey’s Milliyet newspaper reported that as many as 3,000 Turks have joined ISIS. For a government that has cracked down harshly on Kurdish dissidents and on journalists reporting inside Turkey who dare to question Erdogan’s policies, Erdogan’s regime has not appeared to have discouraged ISIS recruitment within its borders or the flow of recruits from Turkey, and the flow of recruits from other countries traveling through Turkey, who are joining ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria.


From Nancy Pelosi’s Twitter: “an American family can’t just change their address to avoid paying taxes.” Absolutely. Ask any Californian in Tennessee. ~ Fred Thompson

thinker 2 Think About It


Megyn Kelly Provides Okla. Beheading Background the Establishment Press Largely Ignores

columnist avatar Tom Blumer by Tom Blumer

The story of alleged Moore, Oklahoma murderer Alton Nolen, who reportedly beheaded co-worker Colleen Hufford, is fading from the headlines. Barring further developments, I don’t expect it to be a news topic on any of the Big Three networks’ morning or evening news shows tomorrow.

That’s because it has already disappeared from prominence at the Associated Press. At 10:20 this morning, the latest story on Nolen had already dropped to Number 6 on the AP’s top list of U.S. stories. By 5:30 p.m., it was gone. The top story at 5:30 was oh so predictably about Ferguson, Missouri. The “big news”: a police officer was shot in the arm, and “was treated and released from a hospital.”

The wire service’s latest story, about how Nolen, who has regained consciousness after being shot by another co-worker who fortunately was armed, has been interviewed by police, had a Saturday evening time stamp.


Anyone who pays any attention to the news as presented by the MSM is a fool. Megan Kelly makes them look like the corrupt, inept, and dismal excuse for “news” venues that they are. Once you taken sides you are no longer “reporters”, you are just press agents. CNN proved that by hiring Jay Carney.


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Iowa Dem Stumbles Over Chicken Question

When Shep Smith goes off on a rant about the war on ISIS, Chris Wallace is left pretty much speechless:

Meet The Democrat President


The International Tax Competitiveness Index ranking puts the US at 32 out of 34 industrialized countries. Clarification for Obama – just like golf, lower numbers are better.


And Furthermore:

In Arkansas, It’s Tom Cotton vs. Barack Obama

Caitlin Huey-Burns by Caitlin Huey-Burns

Did Oklahoma beheading just win Senate for Republicans?

William A Jacobson by William A. Jacobson

Comparing American Cops with Islamic Terrorists
With his U.N. speech, President Obama sinks to a shameful new low.

Heather Mac Donald. by Heather MacDonald

Lament of the Fed Up Voter

Salena Zito by Salena Zito

HHS said the number of people on Obamacare dropped a million to seven million this past month. That’s how many people didn’t pay their first premium. As for the seven million remaining, wait until they go to the doctor and find out that they signed up for Amazon Prime.

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Sunday Not So Funnies

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Articles of Interest

From Scott Walker Opponents, Still More Nastiness

Boycott an elderly woman’s pizza restaurant for her Walker yard sign? Check.

By Avner Zarmi

I reside in a suburb in Milwaukee County which is a well-known bastion of the far Left, populated by a high proportion of professors and state university staff as well as other government workers. Those who have not yet drunk the Kool-Aid, as it were, affectionately refer to it as the “People’s Republic” or “Moscow by the Lake.”

In 2011, in an access of public-spiritedness, I decided to run for the village board. Heretofore, we had lived in this bucolic (worker’s) paradise for 18 years without any problems, even though my politics, judging from the campaign signs which regularly sprouted from my lawn, was hardly a secret. But with that campaign, the fun started.

Neighbors who had put out my signs received nasty, anonymous telephone calls (as did we). Dead animals were thrown onto our driveway. I received a ticket for not having shoveled my walks within a 24-hour time frame (an ordinance which is almost never enforced); and someone complained to the village that our backyard, filled with my grandson’s toys, was an eyesore.

On the eve of the election, one of my opponents put out a flyer warning people that I was the tool of dark forces seeking to overturn the village’s proud progressive traditions. I lost the election, and since then life has gone back to normal: no tickets for slacking at snow-shoveling, and my grandson’s toys are all still there, together with some for his little sister.

This goes to show how seriously Leftists take politics, and the lengths they are willing to go to win, which brings me to the general election in beautiful Wisconsin this year.

Contrary to some reports and union propaganda, Walker’s signature legislation, “Act 10,” did not “disenfranchise” the public employee unions. It did make life a little less cozy for them. It made union membership for public employees elective where it had been mandatory. It requires annual re-certification of such unions; it requires the unions to collect their own dues (previously, the dues had been automatically deducted from members’ checks); and it limited the unions’ bargaining authority to wages, not benefits or working conditions.

This exposes government workers to the real world, but since they are still governed by the civil service regulations, they have considerable job security.

There was a massive temper tantrum in the state capital, which lasted for months. Demonstrators clashed with police, damaged public property, and openly harassed and threatened lawmakers. For a time, every Democrat in the state Senate fled the state, crossing the line into Illinois to deny the necessary quorum to pass the bill.

The intimidation has not stopped, though now it is reduced to such actions as a union thug taking photos of an elderly lady’s Walker sign in her front yard and posting it on Facebook, naming the pizza restaurant owned by her family, and urging a boycott. (The public response, according to radio reports, has been a massive surge in business for the establishment.) I just had my first Walker sign removed from my lawn by some brave Democrat in the middle of the night.

It has also taken much nastier and more ominous forms, as you’ll see on the next page.

While still county executive of Milwaukee County, Walker had been informed of some financial irregularities and had asked the district attorney to investigate. The DA (who, it turns out, was urged on by his wife, a teachers’ union official who “cried” when Act 10 was passed) used Wisconsin’s rather broad and free-wheeling “John Doe” law to launch a probe which lasted well into Walker’s first term. He searched desperately for any dirt he could find, pursuing a ludicrous legal theory of campaign coordination (which both state and federal judges have ruled is not a “crime”) to go after conservative organizations, their officials, and the officials’ families. The tactics were more reminiscent of the Gestapo and KGB than of American law enforcement, and cost many thousands of tax dollars.

An investigator on the DA’s staff, a former Milwaukee police officer who had been commended for his “exemplary” service, finally could no longer take it and blew the whistle on the sorry affair. This has resulted in a countersuit, spearheaded by the head of the Wisconsin chapter of Americans for Prosperity (a prominent victim of the probe). The resulting unsealing of court documents for discovery purposes have been selectively quoted in the state’s left-leaning newspapers as though they are some new revelation.

The latest piece of skullduggery: a Democratic political consultant who was mysteriously paid some $19,000 of public money to develop a new model ballot for the November elections. The author of a handbook of standards to be used in ballot design, the consultant violated her own standards to produce a ballot which (for instance) reads at the top, within one box: “Governor/Lt Governor. Vote for 1” and lists the Democratic slate; the Republican slate is in a separate box, all by itself. The state Republican party has filed a lawsuit against the Government Accountability Board over this new development, demanding that new ballots be printed reflecting the design which has served for the last twenty years.

And the beat goes on …

This article alone should tell you all you need to know about Democrats. They are not nice people. Why would you hang with them and vote for them unless you are just like them? Which may explain why I no longer interact with anyone that tells me they are a Democrat. Birds of a feather …

Mad Gabby: Former Congresswoman Unleashes Nasty Ads Against Pro-Second Amendment Candidates

Matt Vespa by Matt Vespa

Gabby Giffords has unleashed a few anti-gun ads that some are calling downright “mean.” After her attempted assassination by the mentally unbalanced Jared Lee Loughner, the former Arizona congresswoman has become one of the leaders in this renewed effort to promote gun control through her Americans for Responsible Solutions (via Politico):

Gabby Giffords, irreproachable figure of sympathy, has fashioned an improbable new role for herself this election year: ruthless attack dog.

The former Democratic congresswoman, whose recovery from a gunshot wound to the head captivated the country, has unleashed some of the nastiest ads of the campaign season, going after GOP candidates in Arizona and New Hampshire with attacks even some longtime supporters say go too far.

Some of the toughest spots from Giffords’ newly formed pro-gun-control super PAC, Americans for Responsible Solutions, hammer Republican Martha McSally, a retired Air Force pilot who is running for the Arizona seat Giffords once held. One features a wrenching testimonial from a woman named Vicki who weeps and stumbles over her words as she recounts how her 19-year-old daughter was hunted down and murdered by an enraged ex-boyfriend.

“He had threatened her before. I knew. I just knew,” Vicki says. A narrator then declares that McSally “opposes making it harder for stalkers to get a gun.”

It’s no accident that Giffords is singling out McSally, people close to the former congresswoman say.

During her unsuccessful 2012 campaign, McSally ran TV commercials comparing herself to Giffords. The Giffords team fumed, and her husband, retired astronaut Mark Kelly, released a terse statement declaring, “Martha McSally is no Gabby Giffords.”

Another anti-McSally ad features a woman named Carol who says her daughter was killed by a criminal who bought a firearm at a gun show and didn’t receive a background check — a check, she states, that McSally would oppose.

“To McSally, it’s just politics,” Carol says as she clutches a picture of her deceased daughter. “To me, it’s personal.”

Giffords also is going after Marilinda Garcia, a New Hampshire congressional candidate who, viewers are told, has “strange ideas” on gun laws. Another GOP hopeful in the Granite State, Frank Guinta, is ripped for “support[ing] the loophole that lets stalkers buy guns without a background check, no questions asked.”


Actually, for me, Gabby Giffords is no longer an irreproachable figure of sympathy. What happened to her is terrible. What happened to any others who have been attacked is terrible. But what they want is to restrict responsible citizens from their 2nd Amendment rights and that’s just wrong.
Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation and is a constant war zone. Criminals and stalkers will ignore any “law” that keeps them from doing what they want to do. Responsible citizens will obey and then be at the mercy of the armed criminals. Gabby Giffords and her big mouthed husband no longer get any sympathy from me. They are not “thinkers”, they are “feelers” and law cannot and must not be written by “feelers”, because they don’t care about your rights only about how they feel.
I stopped listening to or caring about Gabby Giffords some time ago. And many others will too.The same thing happened to Jim Baker. We’re sorry for what happened but the world didn’t stop for the country like it did for you. You need to recognize that.

Jerry Holbert

Jihadis and Warmunists: Brothers Under the Skin

By Clarice Feldman
Watching the parade of the naïve, the far left, and their energy-hogging celebrity manipulators marching in New York City this week, I was struck by how much these true believers had in common with jihadis, a notion reinforced by Perdue Professor Louis Rene Beres’ description of jihadis in Gatestone Institute and my friend “Ignatz’s’” comment at Just One Minute.

Both movements seem to these authors to be a means of denying death and change and making the mortal, immortal and the insignificant individual life, a significant force when massed with others.

If this is true — and I think it is — we cannot defeat these irrational movements in the ordinary ways. New strategies are called for.


Beres’ argument (and you should read it all to fully understand it) is, in sum, that the bloody depredations of jihadism provide its adherents with a “delusion of immortality” and a “religious justification” for erotic satisfaction.

If this is the case, he says, we cannot stifle its advance by treating terrorism simply as a normal striving for land or politics or strategy. It’s a different kind of enemy.

Among more “normal” conflict scenarios, America, Europe and Israel now need to consider mega-threats of both unconventional war and unconventional terrorism. Faced with determined adversaries — who are not only willing to die, but who actively seek their own “deaths” in order to live forever — Washington and Jerusalem should finally address the what needs to be done in addition to military remediation.

Sustained and selective armed force against IS and related Jihadist targets is certainly necessary and appropriate. However, it is also important to remind our leaders that force always needs to be combined with reinforcing efforts to convince these terrorists that their expected martyrdom is ultimately just an elaborate fiction.

Jihadists, in killing Americans, Israelis, and all other “unbelievers,” may not even intend to commit evil, so much as to do themselves and Allah good — and to do so with an absolute purity of heart. In their view, waging Holy War can never be shameful; it can only be heroic.

Going forward, our main task should be to systematically undermine these fantasies and doctrinal “underpinnings.” In conjunction with the recommended nuanced persuasions of military firepower, it can be done.


The New York demonstration, full as it was of communist organizers and sympathizers, inspired one wag to argue the marchers really were warmunists — that is, far left-wingers posing as environmentalists. (Any question respecting their commitment to environmentalism and keeping the planet clean were resolved by shots of the mounds of trash they left behind while purporting to save the planet.)


After watching that video and listening to those fools I am just shaking my head in disbelief. Most have no idea what they’re talking about and others just want to punish people, by sending them to jail for the crime of not agreeing with them. If they weren’t so stupid they would be dangerous. Shut everything off? Try getting that iPhone out of a young person’s hand. Just try.

President Obama said that over 40 countries have offered to help the U.S. fight ISIS. Of course they said it the same way your friends do when they promise to help you move. “Yeah just call me, you know, if I’m around. It’ll be fun.”

thinker 2 Think About It

Impunity: WashPost Blogger Implies Gabby Giffords PAC Can’t Possibly Run ‘Mean’ Campaign Ads

Tim Graham  by Tim Graham

Washington Post media blogger Erik Wemple seems to be placing himself in the Gabby Giffords Can Do No Wrong camp. One post this week carried the headline “Politico: Gabby Giffords ‘gets mean.’ Really?”Wemple ripped into an Alex Isenstadt Politico piece on very personal, very negative campaign ads from the Giffords “gun violence prevention super PAC” Americans for Responsible Solutions. We’re going to call gun control and confiscation “gun violence prevention.” Really?

Isenstadt overdid the piece in using the “even liberals think Giffords is going too far” lingo, and then cited only the Arizona Republic editorial page, which endorsed Mitt Romney. (Isenstadt corrected that sentence.)

Wemple thinks that because Republicans are intimidated out of attacking a woman who was shot in the head by a madman, there’s no foul. Team Giffords is especially intense in going after Republican Martha McSally, who’s running to take her seat in Congress (presently held by former Giffords aide Ron Barber). Wemple claimed that since McSally alone would denounce them, the Republicans are fine with them: McSally called the ads “false and malicious,” as Isenstadt reported.

Other Republicans, noted Isenstadt, “want to hit back, but it’s quite the conundrum going after Giffords.” Another possibility is that these “nastiest,” “mean,” “bare-knuckled” tactics from Giffords’ group really aren’t all that nasty, mean and bare-knuckled.

“To be honest, we haven’t really gotten much criticism at all,” says Pia Carusone, senior adviser of Americans for Responsible Solutions. Isenstadt began his piece with an attention-grabbing lede: “Gabby Giffords, irreproachable figure of sympathy, has fashioned an improbable new role for herself this election year: ruthless attack dog.”

Giffords has become a nasty, lying POS. Although in all fairness she was  a lying POS before she was shot. She just pretended that she was a sweetie pie and it worked very well for her.
 I’m not afraid to call her out. Getting shot in the head doesn’t give you immunity from acting like a decent human being. I didn’t like her before she got shot and I don’t like her now.
I do “like” Martha McSally – at least she was able to do something besides run for office with her life. Oops, my bad, Giffords worked for Price Waterhouse and she did work for her Grandpa. She started in his business as President and CEO. Damn it must be hard to start at the top.

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Watch This:

Obamacare ‘Bug’ Cancels Tennessee Family’s Plan

Glenn McCoy

Meet The Democrats

Mary Burke Asked To Define ‘Plagiarism’

Yeah, that’s a sharp cookie all right. She didn’t expect to get asked about this and wasn’t prepared? What a fool!

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And Furthermore:

Obama mulls deal with devil as Iran proposes nuclear agreement

columnist avatar Michael Goodwin by Michael Goodwin

Iowa Poll: Joni Ernst now leads Bruce Braley for Senate

Eric Holder, A Legacy of Race-Based Radicalism

columnist avatar Matthew Vadum  by Matthew Vadum

Breaking: #Ferguson Police Officer Shot… Update: Officer Shot, Suspect On Run…Update: Reports Of More Shots Fired…Update: 2 Suspects On Loose…Update: Reports Of Second Officer Shot At

I hope now that those race-baiting Pieces of Shit led by Sharpton, Jackson, Govenor Jay Nixon and the DOJ’s own Eric Holder are happy. They’ve been stirring up violence and it seems they got it.

White House security problems won’t happen anymore. They’ve decided that at night — it doesn’t make any difference what’s going on — they’re locking that front door.

Sept. 26, 2014

A Saturday Sampling

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Islam Is A Religion of Peace AND a Religion of DECAPITATIONS

John_Hawkins_Updated by John Hawkins

Yesterday at Vaughan Foods a former employee decapitated one person and was stabbing another before he was shot to death by the company C.O.O. who may have stopped a massacre. The very last line of the article reads, “The FBI is ‘probing whether (the killer’s) recent conversion to Islam had anything to do with the attack.'”

The first reaction most people probably secretly have to that is, “Of course it did! Muslims and beheading go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly, don’t they?” Incidentally, that was also probably their second reaction, because beheadings are just something that seem to happen with surprising frequency in areas teeming with Muslims. Violence and terrorism also go hand-in-hand with Islam and if you can’t figure that out from watching the news, you could learn it from reading a history book.

Moreover today, there are Muslims all over the world committing acts of terrorism along with raping, murdering, and enslaving their fellow human beings specifically for religious reasons. These aren’t bad people doing bad things who happen to be Muslims; these are bad people doing bad things BECAUSE they are Muslims. Just ask them; they’ll tell you.

Every religion has people who do repellent things in the name of God, but there are big differences in the degree of their offenses, their numbers, and how they’re treated. Just to give you a couple of examples, the Westboro Baptist Church claims to be picketing funerals in the name of God. There have also been a handful of people who have killed abortion doctors because of their Christian beliefs. Is this the equivalent to what’s going on with Islam? No, not even close. For one thing, these loons don’t even represent 10,000th of a percent of Christians and for another, they’re almost universally, harshly, publicly condemned by other Christians.

On the other hand, a significant number of Muslims support Sharia Law, forced conversions, slavery, rape, terrorism and religiously-inspired violence and murder. When pollsters haven’t been too cowed by political correctness to ask, these backward attitudes have been borne out in poll numbers again and again. Just to give you one example, here are some numbers from the 2013 Pew Poll of the Muslim world.

* A majority of Muslims in several countries also support the death penalty for Muslims who convert away from Islam, including in Afghanistan (79 percent), Egypt (88 percent), Pakistan (75 percent), the Palestinian territories (62 percent), Jordan (83 percent) and Malaysia (58 percent).

* In contrast, in every other Arab country surveyed — Iraq, the Palestinian territories, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia — a majority of Muslims indicated they supported Shariah. Muslim majorities in these Arab countries, with the exception of Tunisia, also indicated they either supported stoning adulterers or killing apostates, or both.

* Forty percent of Muslims in the Palestinian territories and 39 percent of Muslims in Afghanistan said attacking civilian targets to defend Islam is often or sometimes justified. Further, 18 percent of Muslims in Afghanistan and the Palestinian territories said such actions are “often” justified.

* When a female commits the “offense” of pre-marital or extramarital sex, only 34 percent of Muslims in Jordan, 22 percent of Muslims in Iraq, 31 percent of Muslims in Egypt, 44 percent of Muslims in the Palestinian territories, 45 percent of Muslims in Lebanon and 24 percent of Muslims in Afghanistan said they think the girl’s family is ever justified to kill her to protect the family’s honor.


Joni Ernst’s Iowa campaign makes quick work of the ‘war on women’

00 12 columnist avatar george will by George Will

The Machine Shed restaurant, where the waitresses wear bib overalls and suggest a cinnamon roll the size of a loaf of bread as a breakfast appetizer, sells a root beer called Dang!, bandages made to look like bacon strips, and signs that proclaim, “I love you more than bacon.” For Joni Ernst, however, the apposite sign reads, “No one ever injured their eyesight by looking on the bright side.”

She, nourished by a cinnamon roll, is preparing for a bus tour taking her Senate candidacy to all of Iowa’s 99 counties, and she seems to love campaigning even more than bacon, not that any proper Iowa farm girl — her description of herself — would publicly rank bacon second to anything. Ernst, a 44-year-old state senator, or Bruce Braley, a 56-year-old four-term Democratic congressman, will replace Sen. Tom Harkin, who is retiring after five terms. Of the five Senate contests in purple states — Iowa, Virginia, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Colorado — this is currently the closest: The Real Clear Politics average of polls shows a tie (Ernst ahead by 0.2 percentage points as of Friday).

Which should make Republicans anxious as they try to take control of the Senate and as they contemplate the 2016 presidential landscape. Although Iowa has voted Democratic in six of the last seven presidential elections, the Ernst-Braley contest should not be this close.

Only 38 percent of Iowans approve of Barack Obama’s performance. Braley, a past president of an Iowa trial lawyers association, is as awkward as Ernst is ebullient when campaigning. And the Democratic Party’s single idea — the trope that Republicans live to wage a “war on women” — leaves Ernst bemused: “I am a woman, and I have been to war and this is not war.” A 5-foot-2 grandmother, she is a National Guard lieutenant colonel who served in Iraq.


 Election 2014: Arkansas Senate

Arkansas Senate: Cotton (R) 47%, Pryor (D) 40%
Republican challenger Tom Cotton has pulled to his largest lead yet over Democratic incumbent Mark Pryor in Arkansas’ race for U.S. Senate.

Cotton now picks up 47% of the vote to Pryor’s 40% in the latest Rasmussen Reports statewide telephone survey of Likely Arkansas Voters. Five percent (5%) like some other candidate in the race, while eight percent (8%) are undecided.


thinker 2 Think About It

AP, MSNBC Trying to Downplay Terrorism in Reporting on Okla. Beheading

columnist avatar Tom Blumer by Tom Blumer

The establishment press, and now apparently the FBI, have a problem on their hands: an alleged killer who converted to Islam; expressed sentiments favored by terrorists; killed a woman by employing terrorists’ favored method, i.e., beheading; shouted Islamic slogans while carrying out his evil deed; and was trying to kill someone else when another armed person shot and wounded him.

Their problem is that political correctness demands that they try to convince the public that Alton Nolen’s deeds weren’t linked to terrorism, and that they weren’t even terrorist in nature. On Thursday in Moore, Oklahoma, as described in a Saturday morning Associated Press report by reporter Tim Talley, Nolen “beheaded a woman with a knife and was attacking another worker when he was shot and wounded by a company official.”

But no one should be worried about the potential for other such incidents, Talley writes, because an unnamed law enforcement official says there is “no connection to terrorism.”


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New Ad: Barack Obama Is A Great Boyfriend, But Terrible With Keeping Promises

Attkisson on Media Fast and Furious Coverage: ‘We Should All Be Embarrassed’

Ted Cruz jokes about White House fence jumper

Meet The Democrats

Bruce Braley Loses Vote of Neighbor, A Lifelong Democrat

Congressman threatened to sue her after her chickens crossed into his yard

Rep. Bruce Braley’s (D., Iowa) neighbor—who he threatened to sue after her four chickens occasionally crossed onto his property—says she will vote for his Republican opponent Joni Ernst in this fall’s Senate race, Breitbart reports.

Braley’s neighbor used the chickens for therapy sessions with autistic children. According to an email Braley sent to the lawyer for the neighborhood board of directors, the four-term congressman wanted the local body to take action to “avoid a litigious situation”:

“I do believe I’m going to vote for Joni Ernst. And like I said, I haven’t voted for a Republican since the Reagan years,” Pauline Hampton, Braley’s neighbor, told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview.

The move by Hampton comes days after Braley suggested she was a “bad neighbor” in an interview with CNN, telling anchor Dana Bash “What’s so strange about this story is it’s an example of where, when somebody else’s animals are in your yard, you’re the bad neighbor.”

Hampton said she was “flabbergasted” by Braley’s most recent comments and compared him to a bratty teenager.

“It sounds like actually like an adolescent, if you want my honest opinion,” Hampton said.

“It’s very juvenile for him to even suggest something like that. I haven’t even said he was a bad neighbor. That never came out of my mouth. I just say that he hasn’t exactly been friendly, either,” she added.

Republicans have pointed to the chicken incident, as well as his criticism of Sen. Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa) earlier this year as a “farmer from Iowa who never went to law school,” to paint Braley as out-of-touch with voters.

Out of touch with voters? Sounds like Braley is out of touch with anyone that doesn’t wear a suit and went to law school. Another “elitists” that the ordinary Dems so love to give their vote. Why? You’ll have to ask them what the hell they are thinking.

Full 7th Circuit Appeals Court refuses to stop Wisconsin Voter I.D. law

Voter ID law in full effect for November, unless Supreme Court intervenes.

William A Jacobson by William A. Jacobson

We previously reported how a panel of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals restored Wisconsin’s Voter I.D. law for the November election.

The opponents of the law sought full “en banc” review by the entire Court of Appeals. That request was denied by a divided court (h/t Ann Althouse):

The full 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said Friday it will not rehear its decision allowing Wisconsin’s voter identification law to be implemented for the Nov. 4 election.

The court said in a seven-sentence order that it was equally divided on whether to take up a request to reconsider a Sept. 12 decision allowing for the law to go forward while it considers the merits of the case.

That means the 10-judge panel was one vote short of reconsidering the earlier decision, as requested by the American Civil Liberties Union and the Advancement Project. The groups argued that implementing voter ID so close to the election will create chaos at the polls, undermining election integrity and public confidence.

Opponents are evaluating whether to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, said Jeremy Rosen, an attorney with the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty. That group joined the ACLU and the Advancement Project in challenging the law.


This nonsense goes on and on and on. If you are too stupid, or too lazy to get a voter I.D. then chances are you are too stupid and lazy to bother to vote. Almost everyone already has the I.D. required. This is just more liberal b.s. tying up the courts and wasting time and money with their little hissy fits. As for the ACLU – they can go pound salt. They are a loathesome bunch of liberals constantly looking, not to protect citizens, but to extend their agenda and force it on the rest of us.

 Tonight is Derek Jeter’s last game at Yankee Stadium. He’s finally coming to the end of an amazing career that spanned over 20 actresses. ~ Craig Ferguson

thinker 2 Think About It

 Remember Mike “The Situation” from “Jersey Shore”? He was indicted yesterday on tax fraud. He and his brother didn’t pay on $8.9 million of income. Maybe he thought he had to pay taxes only on the money he deserved? ~ Jimmy Kimmel

Worth A Look

Are We Seeing The Return Of The ‘Security Moms?’


How Obama Got Away With Being So Liberal

columnist avatar Keith koffler by Keith Koffler


the absurdity of it The new iPhones are out and some are complaining that their phones are bending. They say if you squeeze the ends hard enough, the phone will bend. And if you hit it with a hammer, the phone will break. Here’s an idea. Don’t bend the phone.

If you do bend the phone, wrap it around your wrist and tell people it’s the Apple Watch. You’ll be the first one to have it.  ~ Jimmy Kimmel

Last But Not Least…

Obama’s Creepy 3-Way Date Night

by Susan L.M. Goldberg

You’ve heard of “attachment parenting” from moms like Mayim Bialik who breastfeed until the kid is out of high school. Now, thanks to Valerie Jarrett, we know what “attachment advising” truly means, via the headline:

Obama takes Michelle, Valerie Jarrett for downtown Manhattan date night

You can’t make this stuff up.


Are you kidding me? The Obamas can’t even go on a “date night” with out Val-Jar? Ms. Goldberg is right, that is creepy.

Friday’s Free-For-All

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Quote of the day:

Jimmy Fallon :

The federal government is starting to plan for climate change by making extended forecasts that can help people plan for extreme weather — because what can go wrong when you combine the efficiency of government with the accuracy of weathermen?

Cartoon of the day


Branco cartoon from Legal Insurrection

Articles of Interest

Jay Carney’s Pinocchio Problem

columnist avatar Brent Bozell by Brent Bozell

By now, everyone knows that there’s a revolving door between Democratic politics and the “objective” news media. But does it have to spin so fast? On Sept. 10, CNN announced it hired former White House press secretary Jay Carney as a commentator, citing his “invaluable voice for the network” after his five years inside the Obama administration.

By that afternoon, and in heavy rotation in the evening around an Obama speech, Carney was battling for the White House position. Having a direct conflict of interest isn’t disqualifying if you’re labeled a “commentator.” The issue: Can Carney truly offer “invaluable” commentary when the media themselves know that he used his White House podium to spout falsehoods to the press?

Here are four examples of Carney statements deemed false by non-conservative news outlets (The Washington Post, ABC and even Carney’s new colleague, CNN‘s Jake Tapper):

1. During a May 23, 2012 press gaggle, Carney scolded reporters for repeating “the BS” that Obama was a big spender. He bizarrely claimed the rate of spending under Obama is lower than

“all of his predecessors since Dwight Eisenhower, including all of his Republican predecessors,” and contrary to everything we know, Obama “has demonstrated significant fiscal restraint and acted with great fiscal responsibility.” Forget the trillion-dollar deficits.

The Washington Post’s designated “fact checker” Glenn Kessler gave Carney “3 Pinocchios” for that: “Under Obama, it [spending] has hit highs not seen since the end of World War II — completely the opposite of the point asserted by Carney.”

2. In a Nov. 4, 2013 briefing, ABC‘s Jon Karl caught Carney rewriting history as he tried to explain away President Obama’s statement that someone could sign up for Obamacare on the website in mere minutes. Carney claimed, “We have never said that you … wouldn’t still have to go through”

Karl insisted: “Actually, that’s not true, Jay. Look at your own words on Oct. 21, the same day. You said, you can enroll over the phone. You can enroll in person. On Oct. 23, you said there are four ways to enroll in the exchanges. You didn’t say they all had to go through”

3. The next day, Carney tried to defend Obama’s “you can keep your health care” pledge by blaming the insurance companies: “The provision in the law was the manifestation of the assurance that if you have a plan you want to keep, you can keep it. Insurance companies that chose to strip away benefits from existing plans in the interim, that canceled existing plans in the interim, they took away that grandfathering opportunity. And that’s a reality.”


Jimmy’s coming, but where are the activists?

CT ColumnistsJK033.jpg by John Kass

If Jimmy Fallon really wants to grab Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s attention when he brings “The Tonight Show” to Chicago for another mutual ear-licking session, Jimmy might ask this:

When will Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson Sr. show up in Chicago to show Ferguson-style outrage over the assassination of 9-year-old Antonio Smith?

I don’t think Rahm will like that too much. And neither will Sharpton or Jackson.

But a little boy has been gunned down by Chicago street gangs — the shooter allegedly said, “I just hit a shorty, I just hit a shorty” — and there has been precious little national outrage over it.

There was plenty of televised outrage over the Ferguson, Missouri, death of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown, who was shot by a white cop.

But practically none over Antonio Smith, who just before he was killed argued with his mom because she wouldn’t give him a cupcake.

So maybe Fallon should have Anita Alvarez as his guest. She’s not a character on “The Good Wife” on CBS.

She’s the Cook County state’s attorney, handling all the murder and mayhem America hears about happening in President Barack Obama’s political hometown.

Alvarez picked up the phone Tuesday and we talked about Chicago, about Ferguson and about the lack of outrage here.

“I don’t understand why people aren’t as outraged when a young child like this is executed on a street,” Alvarez said.

I asked: I didn’t see Al or Jesse on the South Side, did you?

“I agree with you,” she said. “I think that’s wrong because it’s young children being killed in minority communities and these activists need to be just as vocal and just as outraged … as they are when there’s a police shooting.

“You and I don’t know exactly what happened down there in Ferguson. I know what’s been reported. But I don’t know the exact facts. None of us do. It’s sad — it’s a sad statement.”

Alvarez wasn’t pushing for a spot on “The Tonight Show.” She’s spent 28 years as a prosecutor in Chicago. It is a job that brings politics with it.

But Tuesday on the phone with me, she was angry. And she was pushing for stronger truth-in-sentencing laws applied to gangbangers convicted of gun crimes. An honest sentence would have kept Derrick Allmon, the alleged shooter in Antonio’s murder, in prison.

Instead he served only 20 months of a three-year sentence for aggravated unlawful use of a weapon by a gang member — meaning a gun was in his hand or on his body. He was on home electronic monitoring courtesy of the Illinois Department of Corrections, and he dutifully checked in after he allegedly shot the child.

Alvarez wants new laws toughening gun sentences for habitual criminals — not law-abiding gun owners — and wants gangbangers convicted of weapons violations to serve at least 85 percent of their sentences.



Eric Holder’s Legacy: Duplicity, Incompetence, and Obliviousness

Holder exists to protect the president and his policies. Worse, his successor will almost certainly take up exactly where he leaves off.

columnist avatar NickGillespie-75x75 by Nick Gillespie

So Eric Holder is stepping down as attorney general of the United States, reportedly just as soon as a successor is named and confirmed.

It’s a shame that it can’t happen sooner.

Despite some positive actions — refusing to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, a federal law that is plainly discriminatory, and calling for long-overdue sentencing reform, for instance – Holder’s tenure has been marked by a disturbing mix of duplicity, incompetence, and obliviousness.

Which is another way of saying that he was a thoroughly typical attorney general, a cabinet position that has long been held by individuals whose first loyalty is to the president that appointed them rather than to the Constitution they swear to defend.

From A. Mitchell Palmer (who rounded up and deported real and imagined Communists) to John Mitchell (convicted on perjury charges related to Watergate) to Janet Reno (who ordered the disastrous assault on the Branch Davidians and spent years threatening to censor cable TV), the position has long been a holding tank for low-performing miscreants.

Early on his tenure, Holder told Congress that federal agents wouldn’t raid and arrest proprietors of medical marijuana dispensaries that were complying with state laws (all pot is illegal under federal law). Yet through 2013, the Obama administration was averaging 36 medical marijuana prosecutions a year, compared to 20 a year for the George W. Bush administration. Either Holder directed the Department of Justice and was lying to Congress or he was an administrator whose subordinates routinely disobeyed him. Neither possibility is comforting.


Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

thinker 2 Think About It

MRC Gala: Eleanor Clift Wins Quote of the Year for Insisting Amb. Stevens Wasn’t Murdered 

A raucous crowd of conservatives attending the Media Research Center’s 2014 Gala featuring the DisHonors Awards on Thursday evening selected none other than liberal columnist and shameless Obama/Clinton sycophant Eleanor Clift as the recipient of the Quote of the Year for her insistence that Amb. Chris Stevens was not murdered by terrorists because he died, reportedly, of smoke inhalation. She beat out current and former MSNBCers Krystal Ball and Martin Bashir, respectively. – See more at:


There are so many liberal idiots in the media that it is really difficult to pick the worst. But Eleanor Clift is certainly in the top 25. However that stupid remark certainly earned her that award.

Michael Ramirez

Watch This:

Woodward: ‘State of’ Clinton Marriage Deserves Media Scrutiny

New Ad Hits Udall on Energy

Meet The Democrats

Bill de Blasio and the Great Groundhog Murder Caper and Cover-up

Murder most foul.

Over its nearly 400 year history, New York City has been the site of scandals, assaults, conspiracies, robberies, mayhem and acts of violence beyond measure. (The rest of the Empire State boasts a more similar record than most residents would care to admit.) At times, the perpetrators of such villainy have included officials at the highest levels, particularly in the mayor’s office. Jimmy Walker left a lasting impression during the roaring twenties by accepting so many kickbacks that he was eventually forsaken by Tammany Hall and forced to resign. In the decades preceding Walker’s tenure the city saw a series of top executives engaged in all manner of dirty deeds which might even make Boss Tweed blush. But rarely, if ever, was a sitting mayor convicted of (insert dramatic hamster music here)… murder.

All that may change, however, now that details have come to light in a truly horrific event which took place in full view of the public. On February 2nd of this year, Mayor Bill de Blasio was involved in the brutal killing of beloved New York icon, Staten Island Chuck, the traditional rodent representative for the annual winter weather prognostication festival. During a Groundhog Day appearance, His Honor hoisted the hapless animal up to nearly his full, impressive height and then carelessly let it plummet to the deck.

Flying is not a natural state of affairs for the groundhog — variously known as the woodchuck, grass rat or whistle pig — and the sudden impact of landing apparently caused serious internal injuries. With no critical medical care forthcoming, Chuck succumbed to his injuries and passed to the Great Lumber Yard in the sky one week later, alone in his enclosure.

But if Chuck took his tumble on February 2nd and died on the 9th of the month as reported, how did we not learn about it until now? Because that, according to sources familiar with operations at the local zoo, is when the cover-up began.

Staten Island Zoo officials went to great lengths to hide the death from the public — and keep secret the fact that “Chuck” was actually “Charlotte,” a female impostor, sources said Wednesday.

The zoo told a few Staten Island Zoo supporters, but claimed the groundhog died of natural causes. The stand-in was found dead in her enclosure at the Staten Island Zoo on Feb. 9 — and a necropsy determined she died from “acute internal injuries,” sources said.

She had fallen nearly 6 feet when the mayor lost his grip during the Groundhog Day photo op. Sources said her injuries were consistent with a fall.


Okay so De Blasio didn’t “mean” to kill the woodchuck. But if he hadn’t been using her, a living creature, as a photo op prop, it wouldn’t have happened. I would suggest that in the future living creatures NOT be used as props and definitely not be put into the hands of critters more interested in hanging onto power than living creatures. Whether he meant to do it or not, De Blasio killed that animal. And the lesson to be learned may well be learned by pols since this is such bad “optics”.

Mike Lester

Senate Update: A Troubling Trend For Democrats In Colorado

 by Nate Silver

The battle for Senate control has been close all year, but also remarkably consistent. Way back in March, we described Republicans as slight favorites to pick up the chamber. And since FiveThirtyEight officially launched its forecast model this month, Republicans have had between a 53 and a 65 percent chance of winning the Senate. Our most recent update, as of Thursday evening, is close to the middle of that range, putting Republicans’ takeover chances at about 58 percent.

SENATEUPDATE There’s no guarantee things will remain this way. At just about this time two years ago, Democrats broke open what had been a stalemate in the battle for Senate control. The FiveThirtyEight forecast had the race almost even at the beginning of September 2012, but had Democrats as an 80 percent favorite by the end of that month.

This year, however, has been characterized by what Charlie Cook calls “head fakes.” Just 10 days ago, Democrats had been benefiting from a string of good polls in Colorado. Since then, the Democratic incumbent in Colorado, Sen. Mark Udall, has seen his situation worsen, with the past five polls showing a lead for Republican Cory Gardner instead.


Jerry Holbert

thinker 2 Think About It



Worth A Read:

Ohio Gas Station Clerk Shot During Robbery, Returns Fire, Tax Payer Relief Shots Take Out Two Of Three Suspects

It’s Friday, start the day with a feel good story.

Via Guns

An armed robbery at a Canton, Ohio, gas station Monday night ended with two suspects dead, a third suspect on the loose and the store clerk in the hospital.

A local Fox affiliate reported the attempted robbery occurred when three men, armed and wearing masks, entered the Marathon Gas Station at about 9:23 p.m. and demanded money. There was a physical altercation before the suspects opened fire on the store clerk, shooting him in the leg and hip. However, the clerk returned fire and struck two of the three suspects before the trio fled.[...]

When officers responded to the call, they found two of the suspects, 23-year-old Antonio Garcia and 21-year-old Ronnie Lawson, at a nearby location suffering from gunshot wounds. The two were taken to the hospital where they died. The third suspect is still on the loose.

Garcia had a prior felony conviction for burglary and Lawson just came off of probation earlier this month. Police also recovered two handguns from the suspects.

The clerk, only identified by a customer as Lance, is expected to survive.

Those who knew Lance said he always wore a gun on his hip while working at the gas station.

“Last night was probably the first night and the last night he wants to pull a gun on somebody,” one frequent customer, Gary, told reporters. “I asked him if he’d ever shot it and he said no, he just uses it for target shooting.”

Ken Catalino

the absurdity of it Several lingerie companies have started setting up bra-fitting events in offices, called “bra parties.” Meanwhile, in offices in China and India, people are working. ~ Seth Meyers

Last But Not Least…

The Golden Bowl

Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Global Initiative, and our supine media

 by Matthew Continetti

Amy Chozick covers Hillary Clinton for the New York Times. She is an enterprising and dedicated reporter, and many of her stories have annoyed the 2016 presidential frontrunner. This week Chozick covered a meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative. It was her turn to be annoyed.

Chozick’s most revealing article about the event had nothing to do with the scheduled agenda, or with the opaque, labyrinthine, and seedy finances of the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, or with the tsunami of clichés from the stage about global warming, gender equality, wellness, empowerment, polarization, Mohammed Yunus, sustainable development, globalization, Palm Oil alternatives, uplift, board diversity, education access, green energy, Malala, information technology, organic farming, public-private partnerships, and #YesAllWomen. The article had to do with Chozick’s bathroom habits.

Every time she felt the urge, a representative of the Clintons would accompany her to the ladies’ room. Every time. And not only would the “friendly 20-something press aide” stroll with Chozick to the entrance of the john. She also “waited outside the stall.” As though Chozick were a little girl.

If it was not embarrassing enough to be chaperoned to the water closet by a recent college graduate no doubt beaming with righteousness and an entirely undeserved and illusory sense of self-importance, some earnest and vacant and desperate-to-be-hip Millennial whose affiliation with the Clintons, whose involvement in their various schemes, consists of nothing more than her uniform of white shirt and silk scarf—if this was not on its own an indignity and an insult for a correspondent of the New York Times, when Chozick asked for comment on the bathroom police, she received the following response:

Craig Minassian, a spokesman for the initiative, directed me to a press release about American Standard’s Flush for Good campaign to improve sanitation for three million people in the developing world. ‘Since you are so interested in bathrooms and CGI,’ Mr. Minassian said.

Forms of civility, etiquette, and protocol bind Chozick in her dealings with the men and women who work for the subjects of her beat. They do not bind me. And so let me say on behalf of Ms. Chozick, and on behalf of all the other reporters who have been “escorted” to and fro toilets across America so that not for a moment do they escape the scouring eyes of Bill and Hillary Clinton, that Craig Minassian can stick his big obnoxious head in the toilet and Flush for Good.

I am tired of the double game the Clintons have been playing since last year, when Hillary left the Obama administration and began plotting her 2016 campaign: the passive-aggressive, push-pull tactic of complaining about and condemning supposedly harsh media coverage even as she and her husband and their minions use access and connections to advance their preferred narratives, bullying reporters and outlets who do not conform, and responding to press inquiries with snark and insults and flip and mendacious retorts.

What is more I am tired of the mainstream media’s complicity in the manipulation and goaltending, the manner in which reporters for establishment outlets accept the Clintons’ absurd regulations and spin, for reasons that are baffling and mysterious to me: whether it is out of ideological or partisan bias, or journalistic self-interest, or the calculation that one day bills will have to be paid, the scribbling will have to end, and jobs in the White House or at SKDKnickerbocker will have to be obtained.



Thursday’s Thunderers

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Quote of the day:

Cartoon of the day

Articles of Interest

Old and In the Way?

victor_davis_hanson by Victor Davis Hanson

Normally, no one would care that in a recent Atlantic essay — “Why I hope to die at 75″– 57-year-old Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel argued that living to be 75 years old was long enough for anyone. After 75, Emanuel suggests, “We are no longer remembered as vibrant and engaged but as feeble, ineffectual, even pathetic.

But Emanuel is no garden-variety crackpot. Nor is he a wannabe science-fiction writer dreaming of a centrally planned planet of robust youthful humanoids. Unfortunately, he was one of the chief architects of the troubled Affordable Care Act and a key medical advisor to the Obama administration.

The ACA’s conservative critics have long knocked Obamacare as a first step toward medical rationing. Read Emanuel’s diatribe against living too long, and suddenly Sarah Palin’s attack on Obamacare’s “death panels” does not seem so far-fetched.

Emanuel’s main point is that those who live beyond 75 inordinately gobble up collective health resources — like flu shots. Emanuel asserts that at age 75 and beyond, he will decline nearly all medical tests and treatments. (“What about simple stuff? Flu shots are out.”) He claims he won’t take antibiotics either.

“I think this manic desperation to endlessly extend life is misguided and potentially destructive,” Emanuel writes. “For many reasons, 75 is a pretty good age to aim to stop.”

Emanuel takes the banal position that aging is more costly than youth, and then he takes it to a pathetic extreme, revealing his ignorance of both history and ethics. And while he is mostly talking about his own plans, his past influence and his present desire to disseminate his views make it clear that he would like Americans to follow his advice that it would be wise for them to be dead at 75.


Emanuel may not  be a “garden variety” crackpot but a crackpot he is all the same. How frightening is it that he’s one of the “chief” architects of Obamacare?
If older voters are reliable voters and if older voters do not want to be forcibly shuffled off this mortal coil they had best take note. Because Sarah Palin had a point – the death panels, under the guise of Obama “care” are coming. We’re just too damn expensive to keep around.

Branco cartoon from Legal Insurrection

Where is Hercules When You Need Him?

roger kimball by Roger Kimball

This morning, The Guardian carries a story about an Algerian group called Jund al-Khilafah. No, I had never heard of them either. The name means “Soldiers of the Caliphate,” and, yes, they are associated with the group of murderous fanatics formerly known as ISIS. And, yes, the news was that this organization joined the group of amateur internet video makers. This weekend, they kidnapped a 55-year-old French tourist and promptly beheaded him, memorializing the atrocity on video. Which brings me to Hercules. I have always liked the story of his 12 labors, especially the one about his cleansing the Augean stables. The rise of ISIS (ISIL, Islamic State, or whatever it is calling itself today) puts me in mind of another labor of Hercules, his confrontation with the Lernaean Hydra. As you’ll recall, the irritating thing about that menace, aside from its deadly halitosis and toxic blood, was that as soon as you lopped off one head two more sprouted in its place. Pedestrian efforts to kill the beast were therefore doomed to failure. It took a canny chap like Hercules to realize that if you wanted to get rid of it, something more than random air strikes were necessary. You need not only to cut of the many heads of the beast, you need also to cauterize the stumps instantly.

The West, alas, has yet to screw up its resolve in this matter. How could it? Just yesterday, the president of the United States — that would be Barack Hussein Obama — stood before the United Nations and heaped praise on Sheikh Abdallah Bin Bayyah, a Muslim cleric who has endorsed a fatwa calling for the murder of U.S. soldiers. Yep, Bin Bayyah is Obama’s candidate of the week for the prize of being a “moderate Muslim.” After all, he has had critical things to say about Islamic State and the charmingly named Boko Haram. Obama particularly liked this quotation: “We must declare war on war, so the outcome will be peace upon peace.” Nice, eh? But Bin Bayyah has said lots of other things. Not only has he supported murdering U.S. soldiers, he also, in 2009, issued a fatwa “barring all forms of normalization with Israel.” No matter. The White House under Barack Obama likes “moderate” Muslims like Bin Bayyah.

ISIS is just a junior league threat. Islam shares “common principles” with the West, “principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.” Except infidels. And Jews. And white girls in Rotherham. And French tourists. And American journalists.

What we need now is a new Hercules. But what we have is Barack Hussein Obama. How I wish he would just resign and take up Donald Trump’s offer of free golf for life.


Obama Tell UN What it Wants to Hear

But actions speak louder than words, Mr. President.

by Amy Miller

President Obama pulled off this high profile speech without a “reset button” crisis, and for that, I think we can all be grateful; but of course, I have some concerns with what I found tucked in between his carefully placed soundbites.

What worries me isn’t his declaration that we aren’t at war with Islam (we aren’t,) or that we have a humanitarian duty to help countries less fortunate than ours (we do,) but his incorporation of transnational legal theory—albeit in bits and pieces—to bolster these ideas.

International norms govern behavior in general, but what we’ve seen from Barack Obama, his backers, and his Administration officials is something beyond general governance. They use buzzwords and references to faith in institutions as soft reenforcement of the idea that to create order from chaos, we need to first create an international ecosystem of rules, norms, and universal enforcement that is above criticism or dissent.

The last thing that comes to my mind when I think of President Obama is “above criticism.”


thinker 2 Think About It

Networks Dodge Obama Linking ISIS Terror, Unrest in Ukraine to Events in Ferguson

During his speech to the United Nations (U.N.) General Assembly on Wednesday, President Barack Obama made a striking, unusual and ridiculous comparison between the reign of terror taking place in the Middle East at the hands of the brutal Islamic terrorist group ISIS, the ongoing tension in Ukraine, and the unrest that took place in Ferguson, Missouri last month after the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

As far as the any of the major broadcast networks bringing up this absurd mention on their evening newscasts, neither ABC, CBS, or NBC gave that portion of the President’s speech any attention or allowed it to see the light of day.

- See more at:


On “Special Report’s” panel both George Will and Charles Krauthammer noted Obama’s using the incident in Ferguson Missouri as a moral equivilent to ISIS’s behavior in the Middle-East. Mara Liasson tried to say he didn’t mean it as such. Not even a very good try by Liasson – it is becoming difficult for even the most biased lib to make excuses for Obama’s foolishness.

Watch This:

Fox News Correspondent Unloads On Jen Psaki

Ad Ties ‘Independent’ Kansas Senate Candidate To Democratic Party

Meet The Democrats

Anti-Semitism Controversy Embroils Illinois Governor Quinn

Republican challenger slams incumbent as Jewish community frets over Quinn’s silence

linois Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn’s ongoing refusal to publicly defend the University of Illinois’ decision not to hire an academic whose anti-Semitic tweets sparked a national controversy is causing concern among local Jewish community leaders who feel that Quinn should be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the school.

The University of Illinois rejected earlier this month the employment of academic Steven Salaita after it came to light that he had publicly lambasted Israel on Twitter in terms that critics dubbed anti-Semitic and inappropriate.

Salaita’s controversial tweets, which included one expressing support for the kidnapping of Israeli children by terrorists, quickly ricocheted across the Internet and caused a national scandal for the state school, which was considering hiring Salaita to a tenured position.


Obama’s condemnation of Ferguson, Missouri, during UN talk was a mistake

 by Richard Grenell

President Obama spoke Wednesday to the United Nations General Assembly in his annual foreign policy address to the world body. Speaking after the Brazilian president but before Uganda’s leader, Obama spoke for 31 minutes on Russia, Asia, Ebola, Iran and climate change.

Eighteen minutes into his speech, Obama mentioned ISIS. Then, he went on to talk about “violent extremism” (he never mentioned “Islamic extremism”). But after talking about terrorism and “taking action against immediate threats,” Obama transitioned to calling out America’s “failure” and “our own racial and ethnic tensions” in “the small American city of Ferguson, Missouri.”

Equating the burglary-turned-shooting death in Ferguson with ISIS killings and beheadings was a big mistake.

While humility and self-reflection are admirable leadership qualities, equating the burglary-turned-shooting death in Ferguson with ISIS killings and beheadings was a big mistake.

In the sentence right before President Obama’s Ferguson comment in front of 191 other countries, the president said, “In a summer marked by instability in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, I know the world also took notice of the small American city of Ferguson, Missouri . . .”

Morally equating the events of Ferguson to Islamic terrorism and Russia’s annexation of Crimea gives foreign diplomats from Arab countries and Russia the excuse they need to dismiss America’s condemnation of their actions.


Obama never misses a chance to make himself, and his country look small. He is an embarrassment.

The White House has been having big security issues lately, after an intruder actually managed to jump the fence and make it inside. The White House actually said they will start locking the doors. When asked if he wanted a key, Biden said, “I’m fine just using the doggie door.” ~ Jimmy Fallon

thinker 2 Think About It

Many of the leaders and assistants to the leaders from around the world were in attendance at the U.N. Climate Summit. They say this was arguably the most high-profile, significant meeting that will in no way change anything whatsoever. ~ Jimmy Kimmel

Worth A Look

Obama’s approval rating falls in deep-blue states


the absurdity of it According to a new estimate, Congress has had a full work week just 14 percent of the time since 1978. Congress said they planned to address the report next week because it’s already Tuesday. ~ Craig Ferguson

Last But Not Least…

Van Susteren Not Impressed with The Five’s ‘Boobs on the Ground’ Crack


For once it wasn’t idiot Beckel with his foot in his fat mouth. I’m not real surprised at Bolling but I am at Gutfeld. Both need to do a giant  apology and mea culpa segment on today’s show.I thought “The Five” jumped the shark some time ago and I seldom watch. This does nothing to change my mind. Greg’s rants are about the only thing I find worth the time. Now he’s got his foot in his mouth too. I thought he was smarter than that.

Wednesday’s Weaseling

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Articles of Interest

Targeting the Constitution

by Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz

It is now well known that the IRS targeted tea party organizations. What is less well known, but perhaps even more scandalous, is that the IRS also targeted those who would educate their fellow citizens about the United States Constitution.

According to the inspector general’s report (pp. 30 & 38), this particular IRS targeting commenced on Jan. 25, 2012 — the beginning of the election year for President Obama’s second campaign. On that date: “the BOLO [‘be on the lookout’] criteria were again updated.” The revised criteria included “political action type organizations involved in … educating on the Constitution and Bill of Rights.”

Grass-roots organizations around the country, such as the Linchpins of Liberty (Tennessee), the Spirit of Freedom Institute (Wyoming), and the Constitutional Organization of Liberty (Pennsylvania), allege that they were singled out for special scrutiny at least in part for their work in constitutional education. There may have been many more.


Branco cartoon from Legal Insurrection

Psych study: “trolling correlated positively with sadism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism”

Canadian researchers: “Of all personality measures, sadism showed the most robust associations with trolling”

by Kemberlee Kaye

They come in all shapes, forms, manners of caps lock, and misspelled profanity, but one thing’s certain: no one likes an internet troll.

Internet trolls are the thorn in the side of most people who dare to express an opinion on the internet. Trolls are the people completely disinterested in honest debate, but love to hit and run. They comment on blog posts, news articles, Facebook posts and anywhere else the internet provides a forum for their psychosis to be displayed in all its demented glory.

Here are a few types of common blog trolls:

  • Regular Troll – This guy is openly 180-degrees opposed to the purpose and/or ideological orientation of the blog. Whatever you’re for, he’s against, and vice-versa….
  • False-Flag Troll – This guy pretends to be on your side, but he’s really not. Claiming to be a conservative, he inevitably advances messages that are anti-conservative. His purpose is to sow confusion, discord and demoralization.
  • Concern Troll – A subspecies of false-flag troll. The Obama campaign deployed a swarm of concern trolls in fall 2008. They were recognizable by the 3-point argument that went something like this: (1) I’m a committed conservative/lifelong Republican, but (2) I’m concernedabout [something the Republicans had said or done], and therefore (3) I’m thinking I might vote for Obama on Election Day….
  • Agent Provocateur Troll – Another false-flag subspecies, who aims to elicit unsavory or disreputable comments from other commenters, which can then be quoted to discredit the blog.

Then there are other internet trolls, like those who spend all their waking hours tweeting and emailing people.

Or, sending you an all caps lock laded tweet telling you to “WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!”, showing up unsolicited to tell you just how wrong you are, in brutal terms but offering no reasons other than “because your dumb [sic]“, and in many cases, all out harassing you just because they have nothing better to do from their mother’s basement, internet trolls are an unfortunate byproduct of technological progress. But I guess we can thank Al Gore’s invention of the internet for that.


From the study:

Trolls truly enjoy making you feel bad. To quote the authors once more (because this is a truly quotable article): “Both trolls and sadists feel sadistic glee at the distress of others. Sadists just want to have fun … and the Internet is their playground!”


Hicken-Weasel: Why Colorado’s Gutless Gov Is in Trouble

michelle_malkin by Michelle Malkin

D.C. journalists called the latest Quinnipiac University poll results in Colorado’s tight gubernatorial race a “shocker.” But it’s a surprise only if you’ve been hopelessly trapped in a Beltway echo chamber.

Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper is down 10 points against former GOP Rep. Bob Beauprez among all likely voters. The Q poll also shows him behind Beauprez by 13 points among independents. A survey conducted last week by Suffolk University for USA Today shows the beleaguered incumbent in a statistical dead heat with Beauprez.

Any way you slice it, Hickenlooper has lost the trust and confidence of voters of all ideological stripes. And despite incessant “War on Women” wails from feminist and leftist groups, the candidates are essentially evenly split among male and female voters. “Hickenlooper is behind the challenger on the key qualities voters want in a leader: honesty, caring and leadership,” Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University poll, summed up upon release of the results.

Spinning furiously like a Soul Cycle instructor, a left-leaning journalist at The Washington Post on Monday blamed “partisan venom” and “a polarized, hyper-partisan environment” for Hickenlooper’s fall. But the flaky, gutless gov has no one to blame but himself.

It was Hickenlooper who caved to East Coast gun-control zealots and partisan White House lobbying. As Democratic state legislators rigged the hearing process, snubbed Colorado constituents and insulted Second Amendment-supporting women during hearings last year, Hickenlooper was chumming it up on the phone with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Vice President Joe Biden.


thinker 2 Think About It


In another celebrity photo leak, nude photos of Kim Kardashian have been posted to the Internet. Kim said she’d be very embarrassed if only she knew how. ~ Conan O’Brien

An Exercise in Fantasy: Paul Weber’s AP Story on Texas Davis-Abbott Debate

columnist avatar Tom Blumer by Tom Blumer

This morning (at NewsBusters; at BizzyBlog), I noted that Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis’s awful performance in Friday’s debate with Republican aspirant Greg Abbott was predictably ignored by the Politico, the New York Times, and the Associated Press’s national site. The AP did have a story it apparently limited to distribution within Texas.

As I also noted this morning, though it’s probably not the case, it would not surprise anyone if we learned the wire service’s Paul Weber wrote his story in advance and stayed in his hotel room during the event. That’s because his Saturday dispatch was so divorced from reality that it’s hard to imagine that he could really have written it based on what he and other viewers actually saw. As will be seen shortly, Weber even threw in a sentence which made him look more like a Davis fanboy or groupie than a real reporter (bolds and numbered tags are mine):

Davis assertive, Abbott plays it safe in first debate

Democrat Wendy Davis came out swinging against Republican Greg Abbott over classroom dollars and women in the first debate of the Texas governor’s race Friday night, but uncomfortably skirted a question about her support for President Barack Obama.

Still, no real fireworks livened up a mostly dry gubernatorial debate in the Rio Grande Valley [1] — a backdrop that made border security a major topic.

Davis needs a spark with fewer than six weeks until Election Day, and the underdog made eye contact with the Texas attorney general [2] to question what she called his “dumb” defense in court of $5.4 billion in public school cuts.

But Abbott didn’t ruffle. He played it safe in this final stretch of a costly race that he’s led from the start, content to let Davis’ attacks slide and not risk any gaffes. Nonetheless, he still managed to put Davis in a tough spot — but with a question, not any answer. [3]

“Do you regret voting for Barack Obama?” Abbott asked.

Davis seemed to laugh nervously and didn’t answer. At other times, her digs came off more rehearsed than spontaneous.

On the major Texas school finance lawsuit that ended with a state judge ruling the deep cuts unconstitutional, Davis pressed Abbott on why he won’t drop an appeal. [4]

“That’s not liberal, that’s not conservative, it’s just dumb,” Davis said. Abbott said he’s bound by his office to continue to fight. [5]

… A memoir Davis recently published revealed an abortion she had in the 1990s for medical reasons, and on the campaign trail, she has better harnessed the tenacity that first made her famous during her nearly 13-hour filibuster last year. [6]


[1] —No real fireworks, eh? How about, as seen in the video which was incorporated into this morning’s post, a candidate talking out of order and over a moderator’s repeated attempts to stop her for a full 15 seconds? Davis did this after Abbott accurately pointed out that he can’t just walk away from defending the state against a school funding lawsuit because a bill Davis voted for prevents him from doing so.

[2] — Oh my gosh, Wendy Davis made eye contact with her male opponent and lived to talk about it. What courage. (/sarcasm)

[3] — Speaking of courage, or complete lack thereof, why would Wendy Davis not tell Texans whether she regrets supporting Barack Obama? She answered the question the very next day (“No, I don’t regret it”) — once voters who have no idea what a lockstep Democrat she is were no longer watching.

[4] — The lawsuit has not “ended.” The verdict is being appealed. Make some sense, Paul.

[5] — Ah yes, the old “Republicans say” trick. Abbott is “bound by his office to continue to fight” because his office must follow the law Wendy Davis supported. That’s a fact; it is not a matter of what “Abbott says.” The Lone Star State’s Attorney General doesn’t get to pick and choose laws he likes and those he can unilaterally defy.

[6] — Well glory be, Paul Weber hearts the “famous” Wendy Davis, so full of “tenacity” because of that supposedly heroic filibuster which draw rave reviews from the East Coast establishment press — and cemented her status as a proabortion radical. The two of them apparently need to get a room.

It’s hard to believe that Weber would have been silent about misbehavior by Abbott. But, as seen above, he completely ignored Davis’s petulant, angry, out-of-order outburst, and pretended that Abbott has powers as Attorney General which he does not possess. His report is an embarrassment of the first order.

Sad that we no longer even expect honest reporting. Sad and dangerous in a free country.


Watch This:

Flashback: When Biden Slammed Romney for Wanting War in Syria

I have no idea why anyone takes anything Crazy Old Joe Biden says seriously anyway but he is, after all, the Democrat VPOTUS. And isn’t that a sad commentary on the state of our country?

MSNBC’s Bridge to Nowhere

Meet The Democrats

As Harry Reid Rails on Kochs, Dem Dollars Dwarf GOP

As top Democrats rail against the supposed outsized influence of Republican political donors, Democratic political groups are vastly out-raising their counterparts, Politico reported on Tuesday.

“Democrats love to cast Republicans as the party of big money, beholden to the out-of-touch billionaires bankrolling their campaigns,” reporters Ken Vogel and Tarini Parti noted. “But new numbers tell a very different story—one in which Democrats are actually raising more big money than their adversaries.”


So? The Democrat Party consists of liars and hypocrites? Since when is that news? For the Democrat Party is they didn’t have double standards they would have no standards at all.

Obama salutes Marines with styrofoam cup in his right hand

This is the Picture that has some outraged

This is Obama’s improper “salute” with a syrafoam cup in his “right” hand. Immediately the libs spring into action trying to show Bush doing something, in their little pea brains, equally tacky.

Here’s that image:

View image on Twitter

Now as anyone who has ever served in the military knows:

You are allowed to have something in your left hand while you salute with your right.

So once again the libs are left without any merit in their response to the tackiness of their favorite Demcorat and unfortunately the embarassment to the rest of the country. But nice try at still bringing Bush into every move Obama makes. He really lives in their brains doesn’t he? Why is that?

thinker 2 Think About It

Chicago is reversing its plan to name a high school after President Obama after it received multiple complaints from people in the community. I guess parents were afraid their kids would spend eight years at the school and still not get anything done. ~ Jimmy Fallon

Worth A Look

Hundreds of Our Iraqi Allies Killed Sunday

columnist avatar Keith koffler by Keith Koffler


Our Careless Caring

columnist avatar Michael Goodwin by Michael Goodwin


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154084 600 First Climate Summit cartoons

the absurdity of it President Obama visited a hospital in Atlanta that treats Ebola victims. He took advantage of their top-notch burn center. Last week in his address to the country, Obama said the radical Islamists who fight for the Islamic State are not Islamic, and his pants caught on fire.

Branco cartoon from Legal Insurrection

Last But Not Least…

The Unfree Speech Movement

I was among the student radicals at Berkeley in 1964, back when colleges actually had intellectual freedom.

This fall the University of California at Berkeley is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Free Speech Movement, a student-led protest against campus restrictions on political activities that made headlines and inspired imitators around the country. I played a small part in the Free Speech Movement, and some of those returning for the reunion were once my friends, but I won’t be joining them.

Though the movement promised greater intellectual and political freedom on campus, the result has been the opposite. The great irony is that while Berkeley now honors the memory of the Free Speech Movement, it exercises more thought control over students than the hated institution that we rose up against half a century ago.

We early-1960s radicals believed ourselves anointed as a new “tell it like it is” generation. We promised to transcend the “smelly old orthodoxies” (in George Orwell’s phrase) of Cold War liberalism and class-based, authoritarian leftism. Leading students into the university administration building for the first mass protest, Mario Savio, the Free Speech Movement’s brilliant leader from Queens, New York, famously said: “There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious—makes you so sick at heart—that you can’t take part. . . . . And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all.”