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If you have always believed that everyone should play by the same rules and be judged by the same standards, that would have gotten you labeled a radical 60 years ago, a liberal 30 years ago and a racist today. ~ Thomas Sowell

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Jeb Bush Is Dismissing the GOP Base at His Own Peril

Republican voters aren’t looking for reforms. They want to cut the size of government

columnist avatar Josh Kraushaarby Josh Kraushaar

Six months after President Obama’s 2008 landslide victory swept Democrats into power across the country, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, and Eric Cantor sat down at a suburban Washington pizzeria to talk policy. They spent that May weekend arguing that the GOP’s best path back into power was to improve the party’s battered image by advocating reforms for education, immigration, and the economy. Cantor saw the session as a rebranding exercise, offering mostly platitudes about having a conversation with the American people. Romney used the event as early preparation for his second presidential campaign, mostly sticking to talking points. But Jeb Bush came prepared with a slew of creative proposals to test out at the town hall, like charging lower tuition to students pursuing high-end degrees in engineering and science.

After the event ended, several reporters (myself included) chased after Bush to ask him the inevitable questions about his interest in running for president. He was visibly annoyed, lamenting that Washington reporters only ask about the political horse race and have no interest in policy.

 With Bush’s announcement Tuesday that he’s forming an exploratory committee for president, he’ll be testing the proposition that being a policy wonk sells politically. In discussing preparations for a run this week, Bush confidently declared he wouldn’t pander to Republican voters, sticking to his principles on immigration and education reform. In principle, the argument is refreshing. In practice, however, it ignores political reality.

The organization that Cantor launched (the National Council for America) never got off the ground despite the hype. Republicans won back control of Congress simply by running against an unpopular president, not by offering a set of solutions to fix the country’s struggling economy. Despite being House majority leader, Cantor lost his primary to an obscure opponent—in part because he overestimated the political reward of pitching lofty reforms and ignored the day-to-day dissatisfaction from his own constituents. In his second presidential campaign, Romney struggled to lock up the nomination against a deeply conservative field and was unable to capitalize on Obama’s mediocre approval ratings.

Other Republicans have talked in high-minded fashion about selling conservative reforms to GOP voters, but found there wasn’t much political benefit in doing so. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie became famous for his tough talk against wasteful government and teachers unions in his first term, but has all but abandoned advocating new ideas since campaigning for reelection. Lately, the famously outspoken governor has avoided policy questions on immigration (despite traveling in Mexico!) and on the Senate report on the CIA’s interrogation techniques. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has gotten little political traction promoting reforms on health care, energy, education, and national security, and he’s careful to frame his ideas in opposition to Obama. Once a supporter of the Common Core educational standards that Jeb Bush champions, Jindal now compares them to Soviet central planning.


Branco cartoon from Legal Insurrection

Thought those anti-cop protesters were peaceful? Think again

columnist avatar Michael Goodwin by Michael Goodwin

’Tis the season of magic, so let’s play pretend. Let’s make believe that only an itsy-bitsy handful of those anti-police protesters disrupting the city are hell-bent on mayhem.

To get there, you have to ignore the hundreds if not thousands in Manhattan caught on tape chanting, “What do we want?” and answering: “Dead cops.” They must have been in some other city.

You have to overlook those “shoot back” chants as well. As for that nut from CUNY caught trying to throw a garbage can onto the Brooklyn Bridge roadway and punching a cop — blame your lying eyes!

And pretend you didn’t see those “peaceful” protesters who were taped helping him escape, and kicked one cop when he was on the ground. Hey, the camera lies, too!


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Jeb Bush: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Waterboy

Michelle Malkinby Michelle Malkin

Allow me to unite America’s left, right and center in just three words: No, Jeb, No.

Former GOP Florida governor Jeb Bush made the obvious official this week when he announced on Facebook that he’s “actively exploring” a 2016 White House run. Of course, he’s running. That’s what inveterate politicians do.

Well, I hate to break it to Jeb Inc. There’s no popular groundswell for Bush Part III. None, zip, nada. Independents, progressives and conservatives are all weary of the entrenched bipartisan dynasties that rule Washington and ruin America. Only in the hallowed bubble of D.C. and New York City elites does a Jeb Bush presidential bid make any sense.



Political Cartoons by Robert Ariail

The Chavez Revolution Is Over

Venezuela is going down

columnist avatar Daniel Greenfieldby Daniel Greenfield

Hugo Chavez

Officers chant “Chavez Lives” at their “Studies of the Thoughts of the Supreme Commander Hugo Chavez” classes. But Supreme Commander Chavez was killed by Cuban medicine and his regime and philosophy are on their last legs as the Venezuelan people have turned against his successor.

When Cuban medicine let Chavez die, it also raised a tombstone for the Castro regime. Chavez gave away 100,000 barrels a day to Castro keeping the Communist regime afloat. In return Cuban secret police, organizers and teachers helped keep the Supreme Commander in power. But Hugo Chavez is dead and his successor, Nicolas Maduro, is wildly unpopular. Venezuela has turned into Cuba with food shortages and soldiers in the street and no one wants to live like Cuba.

Not even the Cubans do.


Lisa Benson

Let Me Get This Straight…


Mike Lester

Bozell & Graham Column: Wise Warren and Crazy Cruz

By Brent Bozell and Tim Graham

Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Elizabeth Warren are polar opposites, a Tea Party conservative and an Occupy Wall Street socialist. Then there are the similarities: both were elected in 2012, both have Harvard on their resume, and both are mentioned as presidential material. But the media’s read of the two demonstrates an unquestionable slant. Both senators have shaken up the Senate over heavy spending and regulation.

When Warren does it, she’s promoted as a profile in courage, standing up for fairness. When Cruz does it, he’s a selfish brat causing meltdowns.

On the December 11 “NBC Nightly News,” congressional reporter Kelly O’Donnell professed amazement that Team Obama would let bankers erode regulations on their financial dealings. “A last-minute addition that surprised many Democrats, who are angry not only at Republicans, but their own President, too.” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was angry, and “the liberal  wing’s newest star, Senator Elizabeth Warren, was pushing back, too.” Warren was shown proclaiming “This is not about partisanship. This is about fairness.” You could almost hear the trumpets.

William Jacobson at the blog Legal Insurrection found another example in The Hill newspaper, reflecting the Capitol’s own tilt like a funhouse mirror. His examples were less than 24 hours apart. Warren drew the December 12 headline “Warren makes her mark,” and on December 13, the headline was “Cruz center of Senate meltdown.” The articles even had the same author, a hack named Alexander Bolton.


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio recently installed a fence around Gracie Mansion for privacy and security concerns. De Blasio wants to make sure the wrong person doesn’t get into the mayor’s mansion — while New Yorkers said, “Too late.” Jimmy Fallon


Branco cartoon from Legal Insurrection

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 Obama Calling Islamic State Terrorists the ‘JV Team’ Named Top Lie of the Year on Morning Joe

 Thousands Flock to Arlington National Cemetery to Lay Wreaths in Honor of Fallen

Wreaths Across America

Hypocrites in Follywood 

Meh to the Sony Hack Attack!

Andrew Klaven by Andrew Klaven

However. All that said. The truth is, this is really much ado about nothing. As everyone now knows, Sony’s computers were hacked by persons or North Koreans unknown and — among other things — Sony Co-Chair Amy Pascal and powerful producer Scott Rudin were caught out dissing major stars and making jokes about which black-themed films Barack Obama would like. Pascal — who rose from secretary to exec — is now apologizing to Sharpton and anyone else she can find in an effort to keep her job.

Meh. I have to be honest: I hope she survives. I know, I know: if she were a conservative, she’d be crucified. It’s so true. But if I have to act like a leftist to defeat leftism, what’s the point? I’m sick of seeing people get fired for harmlessly mouthing off.

She didn’t call Obama names; she didn’t say he couldn’t do his job because he was black; she didn’t say, “I hate Obama because his skin is brown.” She made a few harmless racial jokes. Privately. Which were stolen illegally. A quick, “Oops, that sounded more stupid than I realized; sorry,” and back to work. For her — and for everyone in a similar situation.


Much as I too am enjoying the schadenfreude of the Hollywood libs I still believe in free speech. Unlike those aforementioned libs. I’m with Klaven – I don’t want to act like them in order to get at them. We’re better than they are. Or at least we ought to be.

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Producers at Sony say that hackers have gotten a hold of a script for the upcoming James Bond sequel. Although if you really want to know what happens in the new James Bond movie, just watch every other James Bond movie. ~ Seth Meyers


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Levin’s Epic Rank Rips the Republican RINO Establishment

Keith Koffler by Keith Koffler


 Education as a Cause of Mental Health Issues

I believe whole-heartedly that millions of little boys have been the victims of academic child abuse. I believe that millions of parents are equally guilty. It is so much easier to drug your rambunctious little boys than parent them. This is a far bigger stain on America than the “water-boarding” issue IMO. And a far more destructive and long lasting one.


All Apologies: NY Mag And Rolling Stone End 2014 With Botched Stories

Matt Vespaby Matt Vespa

Michael Ramirez


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Tortured Reasoning

thomas_sowell by Thomas Sowell

Critics and defenders of the harsh interrogation methods applied to captured terrorists can argue forever over whether those methods were “torture.” But any serious discussion of a serious issue — and surely terrorism qualifies as serious — has to move beyond semantics and confront the ultimate question: “Compared to what alternative?”

If you knew that there was a hidden nuclear time bomb planted somewhere in New York City — set to go off today — and you had a captured terrorist who knew where and when, would you not do anything whatever to make him tell you where and when? Would you pause to look up the definition of “torture”? Would you even care what the definition of “torture” was, when the alternative was seeing millions of innocent people murdered?

Senator Dianne Feinstein’s recent release of a massive report on the CIA’s severe interrogation methods, used against captured Islamic terrorists, has set off a firestorm of controversy. It is hard to see what benefit the United States of America gains from releasing that report. But it is painfully obvious what lasting damage has been done to the security of Americans.

One of the most obscene acts of the Obama administration, when it first took office, was to launch a criminal investigation of CIA agents who had used harsh interrogation methods against captured terrorists in the wake of the devastating September 11, 2001 aerial attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.



Hacking Sony? It’s Near Treason

 Debra J. Saunders by Debra Saunders

The intelligence was obtained illegally. The hackers presented a threat to workers and their families. Foreign operatives likely were behind the document theft. Any news organizations that report this ill-gotten information are, if not un-American, surely “morally treasonous and spectacularly dishonorable.”

Are those the words of intelligence talking heads railing against National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden? No, they are the thoughts of screenwriter and “Newsroom” creator Aaron Sorkin, who argued in The New York Times on Monday that news organizations should not print stories about purloined internal Sony corporate documents — replete with dirt on stars’ compensation, employee medical records and top execs’ emails, some with snarky racial references to President Barack Obama. The documents were extracted by a group that calls itself Guardians of Peace, which threatened to leak more Sony tidbits if the corporation goes through with its scheduled Christmas Day release of the comedy “The Interview,” about a CIA-inspired assassination plot against North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

“You’re giving material aid to criminals,” Sorkin scolded. And: “First, salaries were published. Not by the hackers, but by American news outlets.” Sorkin directed more umbrage toward the “American journalists helping them” than he did toward the hackers, who reputedly are linked somehow to Pyongyang, the North Korean capital.

There is something precious about Sorkin’s outrage toward the Sony leaks. Sorkin notes that the Guardians of Peace have threatened Sony families. OK, the same can be said of a spate of national security leaks, which threaten to expose U.S. intelligence assets abroad.


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Our Senate Majority has their committee assignments

Republicans playing to their strengths

Amy Millerby Amy Miller

Today, the Senate released committee assignments for the 114th Congress, and revealed just how big of a difference having a majority can hold. Republicans are set to gain as many as three seats on the powerful Judiciary, Finance, and Environment and Public Works Committees, which means Republicans will have an early upper hand on issues that affect appointments, confirmations, and immigration.

Senators new to the game have received placements that play to their strengths. Louisiana victor Bill Cassidy will continue his focus on resource development on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee; meanwhile, Iowa’s Joni Ernst will be able to flex her rural background on the Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Committee.


Scott Walker to EPA: Take Your Clean Power Plan and Keep Walking

State legislatures tussle over reach of Environmental Protection Agency on their turf

Clarice Feldman imageby  Rod Kackley

The nation’s state legislatures are about to become embroiled in a battle of epic proportions as they line up on either side of the debate over the EPA’s Clean Power Plan.

The struggle could define the future of, and indeed the very existence of, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wisc.), 49 members of the Wisconsin Legislature and the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin are part of a nationwide, state legislative backlash against the EPA’s Clean Power Plan.

EPA officials proposed the plan in June 2014. It is designed to reduce carbon greenhouse gas emissions from fossil-fuel fired power plants.

The EPA believes by 2030 this rule would cut CO2 emissions from the nation’s power plants by approximately 30 percent from emission levels in 2005.

“This goal is achievable because innovations in the production, distribution and use of electricity are already making the power sector more efficient and sustainable while maintaining an affordable, reliable and diverse energy mix,” according to an EPA press release.

Walker and the others on his side of the issue see the EPA plan, which strictly regulates emissions generated by the nation’s power plans, as typical of the agency’s overreach.

Another group of 14 states — California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, New York, New Hampshire, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington — mobilized by the Georgetown Climate Center are on the other side of the debate, arguing the EPA’s Clean Power Plan will give them “the flexibility to build on proven policies to cost-effectively achieve meaningful carbon pollution reductions.”

“Climate impacts are already affecting Minnesota citizens, businesses, farmers and communities. Increased extreme weather is resulting in increased flooding and drought events,” John Linc Stine, commissioner of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, also wrote in a letter to the EPA.

“The need for action is urgent, and the Clean Power Plan represents a significant step forward to address this challenge. It does so by building on what states like Minnesota and power companies are already doing to reduce carbon pollution,” he added.

The correspondence is part of an avalanche of more than 1.5 million comments that buried the EPA by a Dec. 1 deadline to submit opinions on the Clean Power Plan.

Walker complained in his letter to the EPA that the agency was not recognizing approximately $10.5 billion already invested to scrub the air they breathe in Wisconsin.

“The PSCW (Public Service Commission of Wisconsin) preliminarily estimates a cost of compliance with this proposal of $3.3 to $13.4 billion for our state alone,” Walker wrote.

He added that does not include the costs related to new infrastructure that would be associated with the EPA Clean Power Plan.


Jerry Holbert

Think about this…


 President Obama asked Congress for and obtained a ninety-day extension for the NSA to monitor phone calls in the U.S. for terrorist activity. The NSA Director assured Congress that the NSA does not use the information on political opponents. That’s the IRS’s job and they’re a different union.

Lisa Benson

Politico Mag Writer Describes Center-Right Sites With More Traffic As ‘Fringier’

columnist avatar Tom Blumer by Tom Blumer

One of the more amusing aspects of observing today’s left-biased establishment media environment is seeing agenda-driven journalists directly or indirectly convey a clearly inflated sense of their outlets’ self-importance. A recent example of this came Friday from Jacob Silverman at Politico Magazine. In his writeup on conservative firebrand Charles Johnson, Silverman employed the comparative version of a word – “fringy” – rarely used in the political realm.

Silverman described Breitbart and The Blaze as “even fringier” than … well, let’s try to figure that one out.

In his first eight paragraphs, Silverman only referred to one arguably conservative online outlet, the Daily Caller, while also bringing up the Washington Post and New York Times. But he also made sure to apply an out of order smear, likening Johnson’s attention-getting abilities to “groups like the Westboro Baptist Church, the anti-homosexual group that pickets gay funerals.”

Geez Jacob, talk about not getting basic facts right. During the past decade, the Westboro nuts have mostly picketed the funeral services of soldiers killed in action overseas, not “gay funerals.”

more at:

He’s a lefty therefore all he needs to do is spout drivel. Getting things “right” isn’t something these weasels even understand. Truth has become unnecessary. Which is probably why so many people no longer have any trust in or respect for the MSM.


Senator Dianne Feinstein took the floor Tuesday to release a Democratic report ripping the CIA and the Bush Administration for torturing terrorists. She had the president’s full backing. Congress was never shown the report because it’s against U.S. government policy to negotiate with Republicans.

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Landrieu: “Unelect” Me If You Don’t Like ObamaCare

Meet The Dimmest Donks



U.S. News and World Report reported that United States national debt reached eighteen trillion dollars Friday. However, none of the three major broadcast TV networks mentioned the milestone in their evening newscasts. The United States hasn’t been attacked by this many zeros since Pearl Harbor.

Michael Ramirez

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 Taxpayer Funded Poet Accused of Assaulting Cops, Inciting Riot


Jonathan Gruber should’ve been Time’s Person of the Year

Jonah Goldbergby Jonah Goldberg


 Hillary Wants to be President, She Just Doesn’t Want to Run

columnist avatar Daniel Greenfield by Daniel Greenfield

157471 600 Cheap Xmas cartoons


Monday’s Montage

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The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission. ~ John F. Kennedy

Henry Payne

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The Democrats Double Down Will Republicans seize the opportunity

Stephen Moore by Stephen Moore

Right after Democrats got routed in the midterm election, the left-wing group blasted their activists with a message not to panic. Party leaders should, in fact, “double down on progressive policies.”

This is the kind of advice you would expect from a gang of young ideological activists, but what is amazing is that Barack Obama and the Democrats have followed it. On immigration, energy, climate change, regulatory overreach—Obama issued 3,000 new rules before Thanksgiving—the Democrats have pretended that the election didn’t happen.

Obama’s immediate response to middle- and working-class economic anxiety was a new global warming deal with China and a call to close down coal-burning power plants, both of which will destroy even more jobs. The White House followed up with a new program centered on “gender equity” in the workforce.

Democratic approval ratings have gotten even worse in the month since the blowout election. Some Democrats, like New York’s Chuck Schumer and retiring senator Tom Harkin of Iowa, have rung the alarm that the party is out of sync with working-class voters. But they’re lonely voices. The party’s New Democrat Clinton wing—Bill Clinton, that is—is extinct.



Rubio Establishes Foreign Policy Cred 

Amy Millerby Amy Miller

The past few days may have been chock full of more strategy-derailing posturing and political theatre than we wanted or deserved, but hidden between the folds of intra-party fighting was a nugget of relevancy that we should dust off when we resume debates over who deserves to serve as our next post-cycle whipping boy Presidential candidate.

Senator Marco Rubio (F-FL) took to the Senate floor for a palate cleanser on foreign policy, and it was impressive. The video below is 43 minutes long, but hit play and let it serve as background sound for your afternoon internet binge:


Judging from the comments it would appear the Rubio lost his chance with conservatives when he did not keep his word about fighting illegal immigration. It would appear that sometimes people just will not forget when you don’t keep your word. He’s all ready proved to us that he cannot be trusted. He had his chance and blew it.
Would I vote for him if the choice was him or Clinton? Yes. But it would be another hold your nose and vote type of vote.     


Elizabeth Warren poses a challenge to Hillary in 2016

columnist avatar Michael Goodwin by Michael Goodwin

It’s enough to make you feel sorry for Hillary Clinton. Well, almost.

Her presidential campaign of celebrity and inevitability got off to a rocky start, mostly through her own mistakes, as when she claimed they were “dead broke” when she and Bubba left the White House.

But her gaffes were mere speed bumps compared to the real threat forming now. Massachusetts firebrand Sen. Elizabeth Warren emerges from Washington’s budget clash as the undisputed champion of the rising left, and will almost certainly challenge Clinton for the 2016 nomination.

The polls say it’s Hillary’s turn, but I’m starting to believe 2016 could be 2008 all over again, with Warren taking the nomination from her the way Barack Obama did.

As Mark Twain said, “History may not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” So it is with the political dynamic, then and now.

Clinton acted entitled, and Obama offered a charismatic ­alternative. She represented the tired past, he a fresh future.



‘Sex, pop culture, faith, child-rearing, and more’ fuel the Federalist rise

T. Becket Adams by T. Becket Adams

“Be lovers of freedom and anxious for the fray,” reads the message featured on the Federalist’s front page, the web magazine’s playfully combative mission statement on display for all to see.

However, unlike many Right-leaning media groups, the Federalist’s founders say they aren’t interested in “targeting” the left or monitoring lawmakers in the nation’s capital.

Rather, according to founder Ben Domenech, the Federalist was launched in 2013 for one purpose: To provide a nation of readers with well-written and thoughtful articles with a “broad center-right appeal” on topics ranging from faith, to entertainment, to politics.

“The Federalist exists because we believe there was an audience for smart cultural-opinion writing speaking to a center-right audience,” founder Domenech told the Washington Examiner. “While there are a number of excellent media entities on the right, most of them focus on horse-race politics and policy arguments. That’s secondary for us.”

One goal, he added, is to avoid the bubble mentality so common with writers in Washington, D.C., and New York City.

“Most people speak about issues through the lens of culture, sports, and relationships, not based on elections and legislation,” the 32-year-old said. “That’s why our most popular stories are about sex, pop culture, faith, child-rearing, and more, and why we don’t write gauzy profiles of congressmen.”



NY Residents Say De Blasio Taking City in Wrong Direction

Mayor De Blasio

More than half of New York residents think the city under Mayor Bill de Blasio’s leadership is headed in the wrong direction, the New York Times reports.

Fifty-two percent of New Yorkers say the city is headed in the wrong direction, while 41 percent think it is headed in the right direction.

That unease is an unexpected turn for Mr. de Blasio, a liberal Democrat who has staked his mayoralty on remaking the way New Yorkers interact with law enforcement. But the poll’s findings suggest the mayor’s efforts have been buffeted, and at times overtaken, by events outside of his control. […]

Strikingly, Mr. de Blasio’s attempts to curb the aggressive policing tactics favored by his predecessor, Michael R. Bloomberg, received little credit. Three out of five New Yorkers said the mayor had made little difference in improving police and community relations, and one in five said he had made the dynamic worse.

Nearly half — 48 percent — of respondents said race relations in the city were bad in general, up from 30 percent at the end of Mayor Bloomberg’s tenure.

De Blasio’s approval rating stands at 52 percent.

Even in stupid NYC I expect that De Blasio’s approval rating is going to sink much lower. He’s a good mayor for race-baiters and liberal buffoons.

Michael Ramirez

Live Nativity Scene at Supreme Court Challenges ‘Media Elite’

Live Nativity Scene at the Capital

If you were on Capitol Hill midday Thursday you probably saw something unusual; a donkey, two camels and a procession of people dressed in Biblical attire. The religious liberty advocacy group Faith and Action hosted their annual Christmas event in D.C. and N.Y.C. where actors and animals portray the Biblical figures of the original Christmas story. The N.Y.C. nativity scene was reported on by Fox and Friends but the rest of the media overlooked the familiar scene.

Reverend Patrick Mahoney of Faith and Action and president of the Christian Defense Coalition admitted to MRC Culture, that the media in particular were “trying to scrub faith away from the public square” and “compress” displays like this, but the general public always responds positively to their annual event and appreciates the heartwarming reminder at this very commercialized time of the year.


Branco cartoon from Legal Insurrection

Kim Kardashian said recently that she gained weight while she was pregnant because God was punishing her for being “so hot.” Though if God is making more Kardashians, I think WE’RE the ones being punished. ~ Seth Meyers

My Top Video Today:

Bill Whittle on the “New Barbarism”

Meet The Dimmest Donks


Henry Payne

Hillary Clinton gave a foreign policy address Thursday and recommended the U.S. deploy smart power around the world and learn to empathize with our enemies. She lectured the Palestinians and Israelis how to live together side-by-side even though they hate each other. No one’s better qualified.

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 The Context For The Cromnibus Showdown  

Ben Domenech by Ben Domenech


New York Times Butters Up Jeb Bush to Hit ‘His Party’s Hard-Liners’ 

But How Long Would NYT Flattery Last?

by Clay Waters

How long would the flattery last? Until he got nominated or was ahead of Hillary in the polls. Then the sharks would circle and the fun, for them, would begin. Poor “moderate” little Jebbie would be blamed for everything his brother ever did that displeased the media and the rest of the left. You simply cannot “trust” the NYT. EVER!


Parting Shot: Retiring Senate Democrat Takes Swipe at Harry Reid for Nuking Filibuster

Daniel Doherty by Daniel Doherty

Might have had some respect for Levin if he’d said it before he was heading out the door. Now? Not so much. thumb-down-smiley


Saturday’s Sap


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“He wears a mask, and his face grows to fit it.” ~ George Orwell

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

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The News I Choose

An Open Letter To The Republican Leadership In Congress

John_Hawkins_Updated by John Hawkins

While it would certainly be cathartic to flog the GOP for the lousy omnibus bill House Republicans just passed, it seems more productive to tackle a bigger issue. After a historic, yet unearned (Obama was the real GOP MVP) election victory, isn’t it time for the Republican leadership to try to heal the rift with the base that’s tearing the party apart?

Do Republican leaders REALLY want to spend the next two years of a presidential election cycle getting trashed the way they are right now by activists, Tea Party leaders and radio talk show hosts? Anyone who thinks the base is going to sit down and shut up or that the GOP can thrive over the long-term with this kind of intra-party feuding going on is kidding himself.

So realistically, here’s what the Republican Party leaders need to do to help get everyone back on the same page.

1) They should never, ever, under any circumstances trash their base again. That means if the words “Tea Party, “Senate Conservatives Fund,” “Mark Levin,” “Rush Limbaugh,” “Club for Growth,” “Heritage Action,” etc., etc., come out of their mouths, then they better be saying something nice at best or neutral at worst. Additionally, staffers who mouth off about the base should be unceremoniously fired. At first, Republican politicians shouldn’t expect to have that favor to be returned, but if you’re a politician who wants unconditional love, go buy a dog.

2) The GOP has to keep its promises — and quite frankly, more than a few Republicans seem to have a pre-YouTube era mentality about that. They think they can say anything they want on the campaign trail and then do something completely different in the office without people being any the wiser. For example, after the NRSC backed Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio, I fought it tooth-and-nail over that decision. After he won, Marco Rubio was one of my favorite politicians, but the moment he lied to us by breaking his campaign pledge to fight amnesty, he was dead to me. I will NEVER forgive Rubio for his dishonorable behavior, no matter what he does. Don’t lie through your teeth to people who took you at your word and then expect us to be stupid enough to trust you again.


Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

The Vanishing Male Worker: How America Fell Behind

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Frank Walsh still pays dues to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, but more than four years have passed since his name was called at the union hall where the few available jobs are distributed. Mr. Walsh, his wife and two children live on her part-time income and a small inheritance from his mother, which is running out.

Sitting in the food court at a mall near his Maryland home, he sees that some of the restaurants are hiring. He says he can’t wait much longer to find a job. But he’s not ready yet.

“I’d work for them, but they’re only willing to pay $10 an hour,” he said, pointing at a Chick-fil-A that probably pays most of its workers less than that. “I’m 49 with two kids — $10 just isn’t going to cut it.”

Working, in America, is in decline. The share of prime-age men — those 25 to 54 years old — who are not working has more than tripled since the late 1960s, to 16 percent. More recently, since the turn of the century, the share of women without paying jobs has been rising, too. The United States, which had one of the highest employment rates among developed nations as recently as 2000, has fallen toward the bottom of the list.

As the economy slowly recovers from the Great Recession, many of those men and women are eager to find work and willing to make large sacrifices to do so. Many others, however, are choosing not to work, according to a New York Times/CBS News/Kaiser Family Foundation poll that provides a detailed look at the lives of the 30 million Americans 25 to 54 who are without jobs.

Many men, in particular, have decided that low-wage work will not improve their lives, in part because deep changes in American society have made it easier for them to live without working. These changes include the availability of federal disability benefits; the decline of marriage, which means fewer men provide for children; and the rise of the Internet, which has reduced the isolation of unemployment.


157315 600 Pictures from Pluto cartoons

Obama opens fraud-ridden benefits programs to illegal immigrants

Byron Yorkby Byron York

President Obama’s unilateral executive action on immigration will make hundreds of thousands, perhaps more than a million, illegal immigrants eligible for federal transfer payments. That will be done primarily through two widely used programs — the Earned Income Tax Credit, or EITC, and the Additional Child Tax Credit, or ACTC.

As it turns out, those two programs are already among the most corrupt and fraud-ridden in the entire federal government. A newly-released report from the inspector general of the Internal Revenue Service confirms that the EITC is plagued by fraud (which was already well known) and also reveals for the first time that the ACTC is even worse.


157329 600 Santa Gas Prices cartoons

It’s their law school and they’ll cry if they want to

William A Jacobson by William A. Jacobson

As we reported, a wide range of Harvard Law School students, represented by over a dozen student groups, issued a set of demands to HLS administrators in light of the failures of grand juries to indict police officers in the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

One of the demands was to delay exams, like happened at Columbia University Law School.

HLS did not relent, although it did issue some statements of concern and sympathy.

I have it from reliable sources that law students at Harvard are, as we write, being subjected to the oppression of having to take final exams as scheduled.

Here’s my position:

“The decision of Columbia Law School to allow students selectively to postpone exams as a result of emotional upset over the Ferguson and Garner grand jury decisions shows, once again, how far law schools have strayed from their mission.

Few if any of the students complaining talk about the evidence, the forensics, the law that might have justified the grand jury rulings. Instead, it’s all about them and their emotions. Are we training students to think and act as lawyers, or emotional activists?

If we are training students to be lawyers, we should insist that they act like lawyers, and understand that there will be decisions with which we disagree, but that cannot interfere with our professional obligations.

Cry if you want to, but keep representing your clients, complying with court deadlines, and pushing forward under adversity.”

The mythical Professor Kingsfield from The Paper Chase reportedly was based on the late Harvard Law professor Clark Byse, whose Administrative Law course I took, and who was a wonderful and inspiring curmudgeon.


Henry Payne

Republican Dimwits

Cromnibus Survives, 219-206 [Updated]

It took nearly 60 Democrats to get the job done, but John Boehner and Barack Obama combined to slide the continuing resolution/omnibus spending bill through Congress. Still no explanation of why it is better to fund the fiscal year now, rather than in a month or two when Republicans control both chambers.

Many conservatives are upset about the bill because it doesn’t attempt to de-fund amnesty. That isn’t my main concern; on the contrary, I can see the logic of putting that vote off until Republicans control the Senate and can force the Democrats to either 1) filibuster for illegal immigrants, or 2) veto a very popular measure, on behalf of the same constituency. Or would-be constituency, in this case.

In my view, the real misfortune here is that Republicans under Boehner’s leadership are continuing the Democrats’ approach to legislation: massive spending bills negotiated in secret by three or four people; hundreds or thousands of pages that can’t possibly be read, let alone debated, presented as a fait accompli to be voted on immediately, with no amendments; the inevitable special interest nuggets buried here and there, that emerge only after the fact. This is unacceptable. Republicans can do better, and must do better. John Boehner, in fundamental ways, doesn’t understand his own party. We need a new Speaker of the House.


Well said and applause, applause! applause applause

Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell

Washington Post Avoids L-Word, Touts ‘Warren Wing’ of the Democrats, the ‘Populist Faction’

Tim Graham by Tim Graham

Apparently, The Washington Post can’t use the word “liberal” without feeling slightly nauseous. Its coverage of the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill included a front-page story headllined “Democrats’ Warren wing sends message.”

Reporter Paul Kane waited until the story skipped to page A-20. On the front page, it was all “populist” euphemism:

The populist anti-Wall Street faction, increasingly embodied by freshman Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), nearly took down a bill to fund the federal government in a revolt over a provision that would ease restrictions on risky trades by big banks. For the Warren wing, what they see as siding with banks over average Americans is among the most unforgivable of sins, and the showdown exposed just how disruptive and demanding this populist bloc plans to be.

It first popped up in paragraph six, as “pragmatic” Democrats like House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer “saw the more than $1 trillion deal as a bipartisan compromise — a term that has gone out of fashion in Washington — necessary to fund the government and preserve money for key liberal programs.”


Political Cartoons by Gary McCoy

The Justice Department ruled that Native American tribes are allowed to grow and sell marijuana on reservations. This decision was hailed as a victory by Native American leader Giggling Eagle. ~ Conan O’Brien

157368 600 GAS PRICES cartoons

Racism: Still a Lefty Pastime

stephengreen-842864397 by Stephen Green

God bless the North Korean hackers for giving us a treasure trove of emails revealing what Hollywood really thinks of President Obama:

Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal and major movie producer Scott Rudin mocked President Obama’s race in the latest email exchange leaked by hackers.

“What should I ask the president at this stupid Jeffrey breakfast?” Ms. Pascal asked Mr. Rudin, referring to a breakfast hosted by DreamWorks Animation head and major Democratic donor Jeffrey Katzenberg, Buzzfeed reported.

Mr. Rudin, known for producing blockbuster hits like “Moneyball” and “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” responded, “Would he like to finance some movies[?]”

“I doubt it. Should I ask him if he liked DJANGO?” Ms. Pascal, a major Democratic donor, asked.

“12 YEARS,” Mr. Rudin responded, referring to the 2013 Academy Award-winner “12 Years a Slave.”

“Or the butler. Or think like a man? [sic]” Ms. Pascal replied, assuming the president’s favorite movies are ones starring black actors.

“Ride-along. I bet he likes Kevin Hart,” Mr. Rudin joked.

Hollywood seems to have more respect for America’s other first black president, who happened to be white.

Turn over a rock and there will be a phony liberal POS. It just takes someone to turn over the rock and since out liberal media isn’t about to do that we have to rely on North Korean hackers? And be grateful that they informed us about the private thoughts of these celebrity scumbags? It’s a bizarre world.

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Liberals on MSNBC Panel Trash Senate Dems’ CIA Report

Meet The Dimmest Donks

Gruber subpoenaed over ObamaCare contracts

Looks like Mr. Arrogant Smarty Pants who thinks the rest of us are stupid was kind of stupid himself. laughing smiley pointing

Political Cartoons by Henry Payne

There’s a holiday gift giving trend that’s supposedly on the rise this year called self-gifting. I don’t know why everything has to have a term. Didn’t that used to be called shopping?

It’s OK to buy a gift for yourself. But buying a gift and wrapping it for yourself, that’s pathetic.

For lunch today, I gifted myself a roast beef sandwich. ~ Jimmy Kimmel

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Sharpton Visited the Obama White House 61 Times

columnist avatar Keith koffler by Keith Koffler

And counting, of course.

My God, the guy probably has his own desk in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

President Obama’s embrace of Al Sharpton, as National Review points out, has helped legitimize Sharpton as the preeminent black leader. Sharpton and his idiotic rantings, his message of victimization instead of self-help, and his fomenting of racial divisions, now takes the place of Martin Luther King Jr., thanks to Obama.

According to National Review:

Thirty-four of Sharpton’s visits were for White House events like high-profile nominations, bill signings, and soirées. Some, like the February 9, 2010, “Celebration of Music from the Civil Rights Movement,” seem well within Sharpton’s wheelhouse. But many more — including a March 18, 2010, signing ceremony for a “jobs bill” and a May 19, 2010, event honoring visiting Mexican president Felipe Calderón — leave one wondering where Sharpton’s expertise enters the picture. Others — such as the Obamas’ 2011 Super Bowl party, small-scale movie screenings in February 2011 and April 2013, and especially the president’s birthday party in August 2011 — speak to a close personal relationship between Sharpton and the first family.

The nation’s first black president could have brought us together. He could have pounded home the message to the black community that it’s time to stop complaining about insults, perceived and real, and go about claiming their rightful place in society.

Instead, Obama feeds the mindset that demands help from the state and coaxes anger from the aggrieved. What a waste.


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Obama’s IRS faces scrutiny with Republican-led Congress

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez


Friday’s Foibles

 witch small Witch’s Will

“The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.” ~ Confucius

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Something To Think About:

The News I Choose

GOP Leadership Allied with Obama on Spending Bill Dems Oppose

columnist avatar Keith koffler by Keith Koffler

Do you want to know where Republican leaders are today? In bed with the White House, and enjoying every minute of it.Lisa Benson

The House Republican leadership is desperate to pass a massive $1 trillion spending bill before the clock runs out on government funding at midnight. Obama wants it too. Conservatives hate it because it says nothing about the worst presidential power grab anyone can remember, the unilateral amnesty.

Pretty bad omen for next year, don’t you think?


Political Cartoons by Chip Bok

National Conversations Are Worthless

 Especially when Al Sharpton is talking

Matthew Continetti by Matthew Continetti

Activists outraged at the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner are not only causing traffic jams and disrupting holiday shopping. They have a new target: President Obama, who the radicals say isn’t doing enough to rectify injustice.

What about opening investigations into the white police officers who killed the unarmed Brown and Garner, what about inviting Al Sharpton and Bill De Blasio to the White House, condemning the decisions of grand juries not to indict the policemen, and calling the ensuing unrest, which has included looting and arson, “necessary” to prick “the country’s conscience”?

Meh. Those things do not appease the left, which never takes yes for an answer.

“Mr. Obama has not been the kind of champion for racial justice that many African-Americans say this moment demands,” reports a disappointed New York Times. For example, Obama “has not stood behind the protestors.” He has not “linked arms with civil rights leaders.” He hasn’t even posed in an “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirt.


Women flood ranks of GOP

Jonathan Easley by Jonathan Easley

Republicans believe they had a breakthrough year with female candidates, electing several with unimpeachable resumes to Congress in 2014.

The GOP will send Capitol Hill its youngest-ever woman, 30-year-old Rep.-elect Elise Stefanik (N.Y.); its first black female Republican, Rep.-elect Mia Love (Utah); and the first female Republican senators from two states, Shelley Moore Capito (W.Va.) and Joni Ernst (Iowa), who is also the first female combat veteran to be elected to the chamber.

“These were strong female candidates that had to get through tough primaries, even before the general election,” a representative for the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) told The Hill. “They had great backgrounds and could go tell voters what they planned to do. They were all very impressive.”


Mike Lester

What Diane did 

rogersimon-828956056 by Roger L. Simon

The dust is far from settled regarding the condemnatory Senate report on the Central Intelligence Agency’s use of so-called torture with terror detainees. CIA Director John Brennan [3] is disputing the report’s claim that those enhanced terror techniques were worthless and netted no information, while Intelligence Committee chairwoman Dianne Feinstein insists that her report is correct. Former DCIA Michael Hayden and, not surprisingly, Dick Cheney had weighed in on Brennan’s side the day before.

My first thought was that this was all much ado about nothing.  We have been hearing the same arguments about waterboarding and the like for the last six — or is it ten — years with the same people lined up pro and con. None of it is very new, although Feinstein and the media are pretending it is.  Moreover, the release of the report was clearly timed to distract from the embarrassing appearance of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber before Congress.  It also was rushed out before the new Republican Congress can deep six it after they are sworn in next year.  (They had a point.  No Republicans or, more importantly, CIA operatives who actually participated in the actions in question were interviewed for the report.)

All this is SOP in heavily politicized Washington, as was Feinstein thinking about her and her Democratic cohorts’ “legacies,” although a fair number of them (Pelosi, etc.) were fully aware of the CIA’s techniques from the get go and never uttered a peep against it at the time. Again, the standard hypocrisy.  Also at play here was a bit of vengeance on Feinstein’s part.  Her committee’s computers were apparently hacked by the CIA, nervous about what was being said about them, possibly with some justification.

And, while we’re pointing out the obvious hypocrisy, nothing could be more obviously hypocritical than the Obama administration that putatively abhors torture employing drones that simply murder enemy combatants and often a host of innocent people who happen to be nearby into the bargain.  Wouldn’t you rather be waterboarded?  Nobody dies being waterboarded.  In fact, it’s designed so you won’t.


Republican Dimwits

 That would be every member of the Republican Party that crammed through the Cromnibus spending bill. They learned nothing after being big spenders under Bush and as soon as the elections is over they return to their evil ways. Was if for this we voted for their sorry asses? Was if for this we cheered when they took back the Senate? If they want our votes in 2016 they had best forget the candidates of the establishment – especially Jebbie – and show us a reason to vote for them again. Because as of right now I ain’t feeling it baby. And while I would rather watch a Kardashian program than vote for a Dem I can just stay home. And if they don’t show me better than this by 2016 I will do just that!


Wendy Davis Crowned ‘Bum Steer of the Year’ By Texas Monthly

Kristin Tate by Kristin Tate

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, a former media darling who could do no wrong, has lost most of her support following a weak campaign and crushing loss in the state’s gubernatorial race. Her loss, however, did earn her one award: Texas Monthly’s “Bum Steer of the Year.”

“Nothing, and we mean nothing, could match the train wreck that was Wendy Davis, Battleground Texas, and the Democrats,” TM wrote.

Davis became a Democratic hero overnight following an 11 hour abortion filibuster last year.

She quickly self-destructed, however, during her bid to become Texas governor. She largely ran a campaign fraught with un-truthsnegativity, and out-of-state funding


157168 600 Sharptons Disharmony cartoons

President Obama was talking about the new report on CIA interrogation techniques and praised our country’s ability to quote, “face our imperfections, make changes, and do better.” Which sounds less like a speech on torture and more like the comments on a kindergartner’s report card.  ~ Jimmy Fallon

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Andrew Klaven on Al Sharpton


CNN: ‘Congressional Chaos’ As Liberal Dems Urge Voting Against Keeping the Government Running


9/11 Widow: ‘Torture Was Watching What Happened on 9/11′

Meet The Dimmest Donks

Josh Ernest is Dim every day.

 Ed Henry vs. Earnest: If Obama Thinks Torture Occurred, Isn’t It “Cowardly” Not To Prosecute People?

Henry = 1 – Ernest = 0  as usual as Ernest tries to babble his way to some kind of response.

Is there ever a day in the briefing room that Josh Ernest doesn’t look like a fool? I’m not sure he’s so much mastered the babbling non-response as it is the best he can do. This is the idiot that represents the POS POTUS. The representative of the “most powerful office” on earth. Seriously? If he was the spokesweasel for a Republican President the White House Press Corpse would remember that they are sharks not lap dogs. Only Ed Henry and Jonathan Karl are worth spit as reporters.


Jeb Bush’s brother Neil said that their mother has “come around” to the idea of Jeb running for president in 2016. Because if there’s anything that says you’re qualified to be president, it’s your own mom saying, “I guess you could do it.” ~ Jimmy Fallon


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 Barack Obama, Student of History?


Pro-Life Leaders Slam ‘Black Lives Matter’ Hypocrisy with Abortion Stats


Pelosi and Reid reveal 2015 strategy

Brian Beutler by Brian Beutler



Thursday’s Thug-Duggery

 witch small Witch’s Will

Money and Corruption Are ruining the land crooked politicians Betray the working man, Pocketing the profits And treating us like sheep, And we’re tired of hearing promises That we know they’ll never keep.  ~ Ray Davies

Something To Think About:


The News I Choose

Tortured logic the enemy

columnist avatar Michael Goodwinby Michael Goodwin

A television documentary the other night featured American soldiers who fought the Nazis in the Battle of the Bulge, the last major German offensive of World War II. The soldiers were young men when they saw friends executed and mutilated after surrendering, and candidly admitted that, in response, they showed no mercy to some German prisoners.

“We blew his brains out,” one said of a German who refused to provide information. Another said he was ordered to “waste” captives and did. Neither expressed remorse.

Sanctimonious Diane Feinstein

Quick, somebody tell Sen. Dianne Feinstein so she can retroactively condemn another group of heroes.Maybe they should be charged with war crimes. After all, it’s never too late for moralistic grandstanding in the comfort of Congress.

The documentary, “D-Day to Victory,” was on the aptly named American Heroes Channel, and the black-and-white combat footage drives home the point that war is, indeed, hell. Yet it does so in a way that underscores the larger truth: Once war begins, winning is everything.

That necessary reality escapes Feinstein, President Obama and other armchair generals who mistake their squishy stomachs for virtue. The Democrats’ hit job on the CIA is ostensibly about the agency’s use of torture against terrorist captives.

Only the truth is tortured.

Start with the fact that Feinstein is one of those fair-weather Dems who voted for the Iraq war in 2002, then ran for cover when it didn’t go well. She joins Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and John Kerry, a lineup of opportunists that would make a whorehouse blush.


Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Uriah Heep Comes Before Congress

Keith Kofflerby Keith Koffler

“When I was quite a young boy . . . I got to know what umbleness did, and I took to it. I ate umble pie with an appetite. I stopped at the umble point of my learning, and says I, ‘Hard hard!’ When you offered to teach me Latin, I knew better.”

Jonathan Gruber probably walked away from the Tuesday’s House Oversight Committee hearing with some smug satisfaction that he had endured a dragging over the coals without really being responsive to the committee, while projecting himself as completely contrite. But Americans, who contrary to Gruber’s assumption are far from stupid, surely saw through his humility act.

Republicans achieved their mission, showcasing Gruber – or more accurately, allowing him to showcase himself – as the slippery shyster behind the Obamacare fraud that was perpetuated on the American people.


Lisa Benson

Torture Focus is Poison Pill for Democrats

columnist avatar Jonathan S Tobinby Jonathan S. Tobin

Liberal Democrats and their media allies are having a field day. The release of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the CIA’s use of torture has allowed the political left to go back to its favorite pastime: bashing the Bush administration and their pet demon Vice President Dick Cheney.

But as much as good as this feels, Democrats should be worried about the possibility that this issue will not only carry over into the new year but become part of the left’s standard foreign policy talking points as we head into the 2016 presidential election cycle. Though anything that allows them to relive their glory days when hatred for all things Bush was their excuse for a political platform seems enticing, it’s actually a trap. The more the torture issue is allowed to play out as a partisan fight, the more trouble it will be for Democrats in the long run.

It’s true that reigniting a debate about the use of torture on al-Qaeda prisoners enables liberals to go back to that happy time when they could concentrate all their energy attacking Bush and Cheney as lying, torturing warmongers. It also allows them to channel their 2006 and 2008 outrage about the GOP without having to acknowledge that the man they elected to reverse everything done by the 43rd president has, without the exception of enhanced interrogation, largely kept in place the policies they thought made the last GOP president and his team liable for either prosecution as unconstitutional law breakers or even war criminals.


157283 600 American Voter Stupidity cartoons

Lena Dunham’s Assault on Humanity

    Heather Wilhelm by Heather Wilhelm

Ah, the holidays. ’Tis the season to be merry! Unfortunately, as media critic Howard Kurtz recently pointed out, ’tis also, apparently, “the season for disputed rape claims.”

I’m sorry. It’s depressing, I know. First came Rolling Stone magazine’s explosive University of Virginia gang-rape story, which now, due to a significant dearth of actual facts, appears to have imploded. And this week, in its aftermath, our nation—much like awed and embarrassed patrons witnessing an epic fistfight in the bar area of the local Applebee’s—turns its eyes to Lena Dunham.

Dunham, in case you don’t subscribe to HBO and are impervious to millennial generation hype, is the star of “Girls.” In the process, she’s become a media darling, a “feminist” guru, and the best-selling author of “Not that Kind of Girl,” which may be the most abysmal book I’ve ever read, with the possible exception of Taro Gomi’s “Everyone Poops.” I reviewed Dunham’s book a few months back, noting her general dysfunction, her sad mutation of the “feminist” credo, and her crazed, decidedly un-empowered, and quietly desperate dependence on men.

What I didn’t address—and, to be fair, there was a lot of craziness to run with in this book, and yes, it is still on the New York Times bestseller list—was the chapter where Dunham reaches back into her assorted college memories, tosses them around like a soggy old salad, and casually accuses the Oberlin campus’s “resident conservative,” a guy she calls Barry, of rape.

Since I’ve already gone through the quiet pain of reading Dunham’s published pamphlet of infinite sadness, I can fill you in on a few related facts. In the same chapter as the Barry story, we are informed that: a) Dunham learned the word “rape” at age 7; b) she pronounced it “rabe,” like “the playwright, not the broccoli,” which is meant to remind us that she is terribly worldly and precocious; c) she once accused her 2-year-old sister of “rabing” her; d) her mother somehow found this amusing; e) at age 9, when some poor dude who runs a New York newsstand looks at her “for a moment,” she also accuses him of attempted rape.

This is what we are dealing with, everyone. Be very afraid.


I am not afraid of Lena Dunham – I find her and others like her repugnant. How anyone can be a fan is beyond me. Evidently the “feminist” tactic of trying to turn normal young women into sluts like the manwhores we abhor is in vogue. Sad that.

157265 600 Drones vs Torture cartoons

Republican Dimwits

WaPo Writer: “Santorum is Running Again”

Daniel Doherty by Daniel Doherty

The potential presidential cast of Republican characters in 2016 is rumored to be pretty decent. Now add Rick Santorum to the mix.

The Washington Post has the exclusive interview:

Reflecting on how a presidential campaign could be different this time around, Santorum said: “We’re just obviously in a better place right now. Our message will be a lot more focused this time than it was last time.”

Santorum is running again. The question is whether, as the race heads to new terrain, he’ll still be able to keep the pace.

Unlikely in the extreme.

Of course, his supporters would accuse me of perpetuating unfounded conventional wisdom. But it’s exceedingly difficult to see how his credentials stack up against the likes of re-election winning Republican governors from blue states, or current movers-and-shakers in the U.S. Senate. (By the way, Rick Santorum lost his last re-election bid by a landslide).


What in the world is wrong with this man? How many times, in how many ways, must he lose before he folds his campaign tent and gets the hell off the stage? He’s an embarrassment.


Fox News’s Ed Henry Questions White House Flack Over Obama Hypocrisy  

“How could the president appoint John Brennan and James Comey to two of the most sensitive jobs in the administration, CIA and FBI, if he believes they endorsed un-American tactics?” vis-a-vis the waterboarding of terrorist detainees, Fox News Channel White House correspondent Ed Henry posed today to White House press secretary Josh Earnest.

Suffice it to say, Earnest did not have a good answer. Fortunately for us, Mr. Henry did not let up on his grilling of the Obama White House’s flack-in-chief.


Expecting a coherent response from Josh Ernest is like expecting nutrition from a Twinkie. He must have majored in babble.

157168 600 Sharptons Disharmony cartoons

New research has found that 84 percent of vegetarians and vegans ultimately return to eating meat. It turns out the way animals are treated is nothing compared to how people treat vegetarians. ~ Jimmy Fallon

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McConnell: Senate Dem Report ‘Served Absolutely No Purpose’ Besides One Last Attack on Bush


CNN: Harry Reid ‘Beating Up on Obama’ for Midterms, Some Dem Senators Privately Blame Reid


Former Obama CIA Chief: Senate Dem Report is ‘Deeply Flawed’

Meet The Dimmest Donks


At the White House yesterday, they kicked off Computer Science Education Week. Students gave tutorials on computer code and President Obama sat down and wrote one. All his program does is draw a box, which he’s hoping he can crawl into and hide in for the rest of his term. ~ Jimmy Kimmel

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Senate Democrats and 9/11 Amnesia

The Intelligence Committee’s report on CIA interrogations fails to acknowledge the Pearl Harbor-esque emergency following the terror attack.


The Plague of Overcriminalization

 America might at long last be ready to stare into the abyss of its criminal-justice system

00 12 columnist avatar george will by George Will


Elizabeth Warren Wants to Shut Down the Government

Rick Moranby Rick Moran

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy


Wednesday’s Whatever

 witch small Witch’s Will

‘When people settle in a foreign country with little or no intention of abandoning their native culture, or, increasingly, no intention of abandoning their native language and native political allegiance, the correct word for the process isn’t “reverse assimilation.” And it isn’t immigration. The correct word in the English language is “colonization.” Because that’s exactly what it is.”’ ~ KC McAlpin

Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

Something To Think About:keufdj.jpg

And something else:


The News I Choose

Republicans clash on reversing nuclear option in Senate

Alexander Bolton - the Hill by Alexander Bolton

Republicans are split over whether to change the Senate’s rules to allow filibusters on executive and judicial nominations.

As they head into a conference meeting on Tuesday, some Republicans say it’s time to undo a wrong committed by Democratic Leader Harry Reid (Nev.) and go back to rules that require 60 votes to clear most nominees.

The GOP was outraged last year after Reid and Democrats used a procedural move known as the “nuclear option” to unilaterally change the Senate’s rules to deprive the minority from being able to block most of President Obama’s nominations.

“I think it’s rank hypocrisy if we don’t,” Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said when asked about reversing the rule change.

“If we don’t, then disregard every bit of complaint that we made, not only after they did it but also during the campaign,” he added. “I’m stunned that some people want to keep it.”

But other Republicans say now that Democrats have changed the rules to allow nominations aside from those to the Supreme Court to clear by majority vote, the GOP should go with the flow.

“I’m leaning toward leaving it alone,” said Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), the incoming chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Senior Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee see little tactical advantage in restoring the 60-vote threshold for nominees when they control the agenda next year.

They argue that if Obama nominates officials and judges who are too extreme, the Senate Judiciary could simply not report them to the floor, or incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) could decide not to schedule them for votes.

They assert that reversing the nuclear option would not benefit them in the long term because Democrats would likely trigger it once again if they reclaimed the majority while their party controlled the White House.


Since when does being a hypocrite bother a politician? The Dems did it, let them live with it. I didn’t think it was the right thing to do. However I don’t think it’s a good thing when only one party plays by the rules.
The Dems were warned this could come back to bite them. They did it anyway. Now we all have to live with it. The Geni can’t be put back in the bottle. You cannot trust that the Dems will not do it again. In fact I should have stopped the sentence at “you cannot trust the Dems” and it would have been accurate.

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Republicans Should Listen to Their Voters, Not Donors

Don’t buy the hype over Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, and Chris Christie. Voters will decide the nomination.

columnist avatar Josh Kraushaarby Josh Kraushaar

 For a party looking to broaden its appeal to a new generation of voters, it’s awfully ironic that leading Republican donors are looking to the past for solutions.

This week’s New York Times report that leading Republican fundraisers want to settle the Republican nomination fight early, and are hoping to clear the field for Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, or Chris Christie, is a case study in how often wealthy, influential donors misread politics. Betting on a two-time losing presidential candidate, another Bush who hasn’t run a campaign in 12 years, and an intemperate governor with declining popularity in his home state as the strongest nominees for the party would be comical if it weren’t true.


But this episode underscores one of the bigger challenges facing the Republican Party for 2016—the fact that top GOP donors are often at odds with many of their own voters. They often conflate brand-name identification with general-election strength, which helps explain the recent Mitt Romney boomlet. They’ll mistakenly assume that a candidate’s fundraising prowess automatically translates into political viability, which is why a Wall Street-connected Christie is on their short list. And their interest in issues like immigration, trade, and tax reform aligns with Bush, even though they’re of secondary importance for the working-class voters that make up the majority of the party’s base.

Those three candidates have limited appeal to the segment of the Republican Party that the Pew Research Center labels “socially conservative populists.” Making up about half of GOP voters, they’re deeply skeptical of government’s ability to help, even to implement reforms that are ostensibly market-driven. (Just look at the recent uproar over the Common Core education standards for a telling example of the pro-business-populist divide.) As highlighted by the rise of the tea party, this faction of the GOP is also skeptical of career politicians, generally preferring fresh faces to established figures. A Bush-Clinton general election would be the least appealing matchup possible for this constituency.



Feinstein gets pissy when she isn’t treated with proper deference. After all she’s only making sure that a report that is completely partisan is made public to aid her failing and flailing party. She’s a sanctimonious POS!

 Blitzer to Feinstein: ‘I Assume You Would Feel Guilty’ if Americans are Killed Because of CIA Report

Bridget Johnson image by Bridget Johnson

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) defended the release of the CIA enhanced interrogation report in a testy exchange with CNN today, arguing that ISIS “may seize” upon the report, “they may not.”

Feinstein pushed for the release of the report in the waning days of her chairmanship before handing over the gavel to Republicans in the 114th Congress.

“Look, there is no perfect time to release this report,” she said when asked about the potential risk to American lives because of its publication, as the White House warned Monday. “This began 12 years ago. We have worked for five-and-a-half years to document records as to what happened.”

Feinstein accused host Wolf Blitzer of doing “a good job, certainly, of hyping the warnings.”


This partisan “report”, concocted by Democrats alone took 5 years and cost the taxpayers $40 million dollars. Nice that we’re paying for the Dems political hits.

Using Allegations of Rape in a Grab for Power

Jonah Goldbergby Jonah Goldberg

Nine males were accused of being part of a heinous rape. The alleged injustice fomented a mob mentality. An enraged community wanted to skip any talk of a serious investigation, never mind a trial, and go straight to the punishment.

I’m not talking about the now-discredited allegations against fraternity members at the University of Virginia, but of the legendary case of the Scottsboro Boys, nine African-American teenagers falsely accused of rape in Alabama in 1931. Despite testimony from one of the women that she had made up the whole thing, the Scottsboro Boys were convicted in trial after trial. All served time either in jail or prison.

Scottsboro is a landmark case in the history of the civil rights movement and the American justice system. Sadly, it was hardly an outlier. There’s a long, tragic history of African-American men being wrongly accused and convicted of rape. The most notorious recent example is the 1989 case of the Central Park Five in which four African-American teens and one Latino were wrongly accused and convicted of brutally raping a white woman in New York.

Clearly, the injustices involved in these cases are far greater than what transpired at UVA. No one at the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity faced the death penalty or went to jail. But the lessons learned and principles involved are timeless and universal; everyone deserves the presumption of innocence.

Apparently, Zerlina Maxwell disagrees. She writes in the Washington Post: “We should believe, as a matter of default, what an accuser says. Ultimately, the costs of wrongly disbelieving a survivor far outweigh the costs of calling someone a rapist.”


The problems with their power grab and sloppy reporting, let alone playing loosey- goosey with the facts is that they harmed their cause a great deal. The problem with women like Zerlina Maxwell is that they are idiots and have no respect for the rights of anyone other than the person they “perceive” to have been abused.
Will more women now report rape after seeing the 3 Ring Circus caused by Rolling Stone and its inept and dishonest story? Doubtful. Will more women report rape after seeing the Lena Dunham fiction fall apart? Doubtful. These clods are too dishonest and incompetent to be taken seriously. That’s a shame since rape is a serious and horrific crime, one that needs to be taken very seriously. They’ve just made that more difficult.

Lena Dunham Breaks Her Silence; AP Disgracefully Runs Interference

columnist avatar Tom Blumer by Tom Blumer

It’s more than fair to wonder why the Associated Press waited until 9:41 p.m. ET Tuesday evening to recognize the existence of Lena Dunham’s most recent problems with the truth.

The AP’s first recognition of the days-old story came roughly two hours after Dunham’s first detailed response to convincing allegations that the account in her most recent book of being raped in college by someone named “Barry” can’t possibly relate to any real human being here on earth. The AP’s delay, and the slovenly and deceptive unbylined report, opens the wire service up to allegations that it has chosen to participate in a coordinated attempt to pull Dunham’s keister out of the fire.

Dunham finally “spoke out” Tuesday night at BuzzFeed. The star of HBO’s “Girls” now says that “Barry” is a pseudonym.

Dunham’s BuzzFeed dreck, in which she attempts to play a full hand of victim cards, is virtually unbearable, especially so in the following sentences:

(2nd paragraph) Speaking out was never about exposing the man who assaulted me.

(6th paragraph) But I hoped beyond hope that the sensitive nature of the event would be honored, and that no one would attempt to reopen these wounds or deepen my trauma.

(7th paragraph) Reporters have attempted to uncover the identity of my attacker despite my sincerest attempts to protect this information. My work has been torn apart in an attempt to prove I am a liar, or worse, a deviant myself.

Dunham expects us to believe she is so dense that she didn’t anticipate that exposing specific details about a “Barry” people had every reason to believe was really named “Barry” wouldn’t lead people like John Nolte at Breitbart to try to find him.

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The use of the word “sensitive” by Lena Dunham is laughable. Typical lib though, nothing is ever her fault.

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