Tuesday Newsday

With our country being so divided I’d like to talk about the ways in which we are not. I would like, for my own sanity, to find ways that we are alike and can agree.

This is not an easy position for me. Most of the time I would like to take a 2 by 4 to the heads of some of the people who comment in public with such passion, and ignorance. With vile accusations and horrible smears they accuse those with whom they disagree of hate. It’s hard to find a way to bring our people together.

Media, Hollywood, and politicians are doing their best to tear us apart. Why would they do that? My own personal opinion is that they gain power with our division. People much smarter than I am think so too.

Michael McKenna of the Washington Times thinks that Biden’s latest bit of illegal insanity, the College Loan Gift, will make things worse. I think so too. A whole lot of Democrats will also be paying for someone else’s loan. And guess what, they don’t like it any more than their Republican neighbors do.

By shifting the burden of paying back up to $20,000 from each person who incurred student loan debt to taxpayers, Team Biden exacerbated the political polarization of the United States.

Usually, when people talk about polarization, they mean partisan polarization. But that is a lazy and shallow assessment. The real division between people — the division that is both obvious and so dangerous that it is rarely mentioned — is the chasm between those for whom society and its institutions are working just fine and those for whom society and its institutions are either not working at all or are actively working against.


Although most of your family,friends and neighbors that voted for Biden won’t admit what a disaster he’s been many may be secretly hoping he won’t run again in 2024.

Sixty percent of Democrats said they think Biden can win if he does run in 2024.

Kinda makes you wonder doesn’t it? They think he can win but 56% of them don’t want him to run. When did they ever happen before.

Could it be that the Dems, or a slight majority of them, are no happier with Biden than the GOP voters.

Aside from the loud, nasty mouths on social media I suspect that most Americans, or at least a light majority are tired of the childish name calling that is a constant in our daily lives. The hate is a miasma on the air waves and I personally don’t watch or listen to most of it.

I prefer to read a articles, even a few from people I don’t like or respect to get a “feeling” for the mood of the country. The “tone” we know. And it does not speak well of us as a country or a people.

I would rather not, but must, talk about abortion. To me it is simply infanticide and yet I support the so-called “morning after pill.” If life begins at conception than that is abortion. Yet I support it for every woman who was or will be raped and must contend with the thought, just the thought, of carrying a child of the man who assaulted her. I cannot in good conscience believe that’s right. Yet I also believe that if the woman chooses not to take the pill that she cannot decide 4,5 or 6 months later that she wants an abortion. That is a baby and it has a right to live. Adoptive parents will be happy to take the child.

Quite honestly I don’t see what all the fuss is. If women are sexually action then get on and stay on birth control. No need for abortion for 99% of the ones that are now done. But then think of the loss of income for big business Planner Parenthood. The name is a lie – most of their business is abortion. Most of their income is abortion and they are in the business of killing babies – not providing birth control so that killing babies in their mother’s womb isn’t necessary. Can we ever agree to that? I don’t know. But I do know that even most Democrat women don’t believe in abortion right up to the moment of birth.

According to Biden and company all of us that don’t agree with the Democrats are racists or fascists. Many Democrat voters might nod their heads when they hear that, especially if thinking of Trump supporters but do they really believe their neighbors are fascists? Racists?

How about the sudden rush to “clean energy” that is now being pushed by the left? California led the decision to ban gas powered vehicles in the near future. California where they all ready suffer from rolling blackouts. Does this make any sense at all? Do you think most people agree with this – Left or right?

Two More States Follow California’s Lead in Banning Sales of New Gas-Powered Cars by 2035

By Leah Barkoukis


I don’t think any of us has an objection to clean energy. What we have is an objection to rushing into it without having the technology or understanding to maintain our standard of living and safety. We also need to understand that many who support electric vehicles don’t really understand that because of their batteries and charging – they really aren’t “clean” at all. coal is making the electricity to charge these cars. Wind turbines are killing birds by the thousands and solar panels are toxic both to make and to dispose.

You would think that as a minimum public service the media would make all that information available to the citizens of this country. You would think wrong. All in favor of clean energy as the media is many/most are as absolutely ignorant of the facts as a garden gnome. And if they do know – they won’t tell because that would be helping the right. Can’t have that. Team Blue cannot help Team Red and on and on like a bunch of kids in a school yard.

I am an Independent because I don’t like either of the major political parties. I dislike the GOP less than the Dems because the Dems have lost their minds.

We aren’t politicians or media types or Heaven forbid Hollywood nitwits so we don’t have to hate each other because they are trying to train us to do just that. Hate is corrosive and harms the hater. I can pack a lot of dislike into actions some take and even some words that harm and sting but I won’t hate them. I happen to think there are a lot of people who feel the same way.

Have a great day.

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