🇺🇸 Happy Independence Day 🗽

To celebrate this 4th of July I return once again to the wonderful cartoonists that I love. Their commentary is worth more and all the windbag politicians spouting rhetoric most didn’t write, most don’t believe and most don’t understand. Ditto the media. Patriotism coming from them is insulting to every true patriot IMO.

So let the cartoons begin…

Independence Day greeting from John R. Rose, Byrd Newspapers of Virginia. Not one of my favorites most of the time but he did this holiday well.

Cartoon by John R. Rose -

Dave Granlund is not one of my favorite cartoonists when it come to political issues. But he always does great holiday cartoons.


I think this one from Steve Breen of the San Diego Union Tribune is great. If you look closely you see men, women, children and someone in a wheelchair. It would have been easier to just do generic stick men – he took the time to do it right. I salute him for that.

Okay maybe this one from Rick McKee is just a tad mean. Perhaps that’s the best thing about it, other than being true.


Lisa Benson is not the only cartoonist that focused on how divided we are as a country. But she did it very, very well.


Doncha just love Dry Bones cartoons? This one reminded me of something we should all remember.


And then there is wonderful Bruce Tinsley and his fantastic Mallard Fillmore cartoons!


Here’s another great Dave Granlund Independence Day cartoon. I don’t like his politics much, or not at all usually, but he does great 4th of July!

Brilliant Michael Ramirez skewers the political parties once again. And it’s terrific IMO.

Walt Handelsman and his usual prescient commentary on the current culture.

Henry Payne with his talent for bringing the past and the present into a slightly skewed focus that is funny and real. He’s a genius IMO. I also love his commentary.

Nate Beeler of the Columbus Dispatch also focuses on our divided nation.

Good fun with this cartoon from Joe Heller of the Green Bay Press-Gazette

Cartoon by Joe Heller -

I am a very big fan of A.F. Branco  but I find the following cartoon just a little too Trump fan club for me. Not that it isn’t true.

Cartoon by A.F.Branco - Happy Independence Day, Big League

Randy Bish reminds us of an eternal truth from on of our founding fathers.

Jerry Holbert alerts us to an inconvenient fact. A fact that is beginning to be appartnet to a whole lot of Americans.

 Rob Rogers of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reminds of us a sad fact we must confront. It affects all of us in one way or another.

Finally I leave you with this wish…

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🛑 Just Stop❗️ Open Thread

🛑 Just Stop❗️ Open Thread

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In the wake of the terrible shooting of Representative Scalise, the Capital Police Officers and the Congressional Aids I wanted to take the high road. I tried not to point the finger at the violent rhetoric that has come from the left since Trump was elected as the cause even though I believe that it contributed to the end result.

I tried. I failed.

Ultimately the one to blame was a sick, hominid, who felt, as so many before him that his misery or belief allowed him to kill others. It is never right. It is always wrong.

However when in the wake of this terrible event certain disgusting elements of our society, mostly on the left but some anti-Trumpers on the right, attempted to place the blame for this Trump-hating individual’s action on Donald Trump, that’s just too much. Just. Stop. It.

I expected, and saw, a lot of Kumbaya moments the past two days. I also saw some horrible people saying some horrible things.

Cartoon by Steve Artley - Time Heels

For a few moments even Nancy Pelosi, who never stops accusing her opponents of every unthinkable act under the sun, actually acted like a decent human being. I wish I believed she actually meant the decent things she said. The history of her rhetoric says not. Buried somewhere under the politician there may still be a decent human being.  I doubt it. Sorry, I just do.

For her and all others like her, you cannot relentlessly, remorselessly spew venom for days, years, decades and remain a decent human being. It simply isn’t possible.

Pelosi on political discourse: it didn’t use to be this way, somewhere in the 90s republicans decided on politics of personal destruction.

Oh.  I wonder what Clarence Thomas, or Robert Bork, or Barry Goldwater might have to say about this analysis. Or Alexander Hamilton for that matter.  How cartoonishly obtuse.~ Guy Benson

What I believe is expressed by a cartoonist I don’t usually follow because I don’t like his ideology or POV. But this time I think he got the hypocrisy of politics exactly right.

Cartoon by Clay Bennett - Clay Bennett editorial cartoon

Donald J. Trump acted presidential for a moment, and then he started tweeting again and ruined his moment.  Mr. President, Just. Stop. It.

Cartoon by Bruce Plante - Bruce Plante Cartoon: Trump's speech on the shooting

New Liberal Talking Point: Republicans and Trump Are Partially to Blame for This Anti-GOP Shooting

Sen. Sherrod Brown accused a reporter on Wednesday of practicing “fake journalism” for asking whether Democrats have played any role in using violent, partisan rhetoric in the wake of President Trump’s election victory last year.

Brown, D-Ohio, told reporters in a hallway interview that President Trump has chosen to “divide and name call” rather than serve as “the healer in chief.” When asked by the Washington Examiner if Democrats have also played a role in dividing the nation with their heated opposition to Trump and the GOP, Brown called that “a false equivalency” used by editors of newspapers, including the Washington Examiner and the Wall Street Journal.

He said that tactic from those news outlets “would be called, in another era, fake journalism.”

Unbelievable!  What a creep! Just. Stop. It.

MSNBC’s Mike Brzezinski graciously allowing that perhaps the blame shouldn’t be placed “squarely” on Trump, but opining that he’s certainly adding to the nation’s “dangerous climate:”

I know it’s only pin-headed Mika but this is on national television and her new boyfriend didn’t push back much did he? Guess he doesn’t want to sleep on the couch.


The ever repulsive Glenn Thrush “tweeted” out this little bit of rubbish:

Any debate about civility in politics begins with Trump. No one has degraded discourse more, while embracing the fringe. Fact, not opinion.

Because all was civil and kind and honest until Trump came along. Give me a frickin break! Who believes this drivel?

I am not here to try to make the right seem like innocents. They too engage in hateful rhetoric. I’ve done it myself so – mea culpa. But I’ve seen little from Republicans that rises to the level of hate and ugliness we see all too often from the left. If I’m missing it then show me where.

When a loony lefty does something terrible it’s always reported as an isolated incident. No blame is assigned to their party or ideology.

When a lunatic from the right does something he/she/it is reported as representative of ALL those on the right and ALL those on the right must answer for and apologize for that behavior.

I respect and admire Ben Shapiro. I almost always agree with him. But can we always take the high road?

DON’T FEED THE SNOWFLAKES: After Congressional Shooting, Conservatives Must NOT Fall Into The Trap Of Blaming Political Talk  

In the aftermath of a Trump-hating Bernie Sanders-supporting Rachel Maddow-watching leftist targeting Republican Congressmen for assassination, many conservatives and Republicans have fallen into the trap of blaming typical political rhetoric for the attack.

I love Ben but it seems to me that taking the “high road” has gotten the right, well, shot. I will grant him that many of the anti-Trump and pro-Trump right have gone out of their fuzzy little minds and often speak  like some loony lefty. The difference is, the right is called on their nonsense, the left is not.

Most of the country only sees what flashes across their television screen. Far too many, in spite of voice a distrust of media, believe what they see and hear ir what they see and hear meshes with their own preconceived notions.

I do know and understand that “An eye for an eye” ends with the whole world blind. I believe that. But what can honest, decent people do? How can we make this ugly language and accusations from both sides stop?

Ben says:

Here’s the danger: Republicans, in an effort to finally turn Democrats’ “toxic politics” strategy on Democrats, legitimize the strategy.

I hadn’t thought of it that way. Ben is, as he usually is, right.

But can’t I be just a little angry, just a little bit willing to fight back? Please Ben.

Ultimately I know that only we the people can make this stop. When we refuse to watch the ugliness and when we refuse to vote for ugly-rhetoric politicians.

My problem with that is I don’t think enough of us will do that. I think far too many will join the hate being spewed by their tribe. Oh how I wish I didn’t believe that.

Meanwhile we can love and cherish those nearest and dearest and we can refuse to join in the ugliness. We can pray for decency and honesty to stage a comeback. Even if we are infuriated.

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👀 Where Was The There – There? Open Thread

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That didn’t smoke.


Okay, now that the count-down clock has counted down on CNN, where was the smoking gun that the Comey hearing was supposed to provide?

Where was the fireworks? The there – there?

WTH was all the hype about?


Cartoonists are having a field day with the fizzle. The looniest of the left are still trying hard but the smart ones have kept quiet lest they look as loony as the obsessional nuts.


Comey was supposed to say something that would cause the impeachment of Donald Trump. He had the smoking gun and was going to use it. Bang! Except he didn’t and he didn’t. Oh the angst of it all.

There are Trump haters, both left and right that are still promising that there is more here than meets the eye. Just wait until Mueller gets going. So the Comey show will change it’s name to the Mueller show now?

Good grief it must be tiring to hate so much that you turn yourself into a pretzel to keep your hate happy with dreams of impeachment.


Comey ‘Watch Parties’ At D.C. Bars Turned Funereal Fast

The streets in Washington, D.C., were abuzz with excitement in the hours before former FBI Director James Comey walked into the Senate Intelligence Committee’s hearing room at 10 a.m. on Thursday.

Even though it was way too early for a drink — and a school day to boot — young politicos across the city lined up to pack into trendy nightspots to knock back a few and enjoy The Jim Comey Show.

It turned funereal fast.


Comey Testimony Blows Up New York Times Russia Collusion Report


Former FBI Director James Comey’s “Testimony of the Century” turned out to be not just disappointing to those who have been calling for Donald Trump’s impeachment since before he was even inaugurated, but devastating to some of the key anti-Trump narratives, most importantly the Russia collusion conspiracy theory. The person who came out looking the worst from the hours-long testimony wasn’t Trump or even the FBI director he fired, but a Democrat darling: Barack Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Another major casualty of Comey’s testimony was the establishment media, in particular, the New York Times.


Comey actually is 6’8″ tall. And yet he somehow looked small yesterday. Much of that wasn’t his fault but the fault of the media that turned his testimony at this hearing into something it was not.  A giant gotcha that didn’t get much of anything.

Fizzle’s R Us courtesy of CNN, MSNBC and the NYT just to mention a few.

Was there testimony that Trump acted inappropriately? Yes. No surprise there since the man seems incapable of acting appropriately most of the time. But this was supposed to bury him – impeach him – prove him a criminal. It. Did. Not.

However it did shine a very bright light on some Obama people that was less than good and that the Dems didn’t want to see the light of day.

Comey: Lynch Wanted Clinton Probe Called ‘Matter,’ Not ‘Investigation’

In the end it seems it was mostly much ado about nothing.

The New York Daily News has a screaming headline that Trump lied. Okay, tell me something I don’t know. Trump is a liar is hardly big news. Or new news.

In the meantime the cartoonists carry on and the whole circus looks silly.

Cartoon by A.F.Branco - Disgruntled

At a time when both the left and CNN needed a win to regain some credibility they swung and they missed.

Did some things come about about Trump he would have preferred did not? Absolutely. Was it a total victory for him as he is claiming – no.

But it is more egg on the face of the left and their activist media. It is more proof for the members of the public that don’t trust or like the media these days. It was a flop.

When will the media stop this nonsense? They are supposed to report the news not constantly be the news. And they are supposed to report the facts. Wouldn’t you like to see that happen?

Sadly although the Comey circus seems to be over there is little doubt that a new circus is being prepared. There always is.

But the sun still shines, friends and family are loving and loved and the world spins on.  So with a smile on my face and hope in my heart, I wish you…


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📸 Snapshot Commentary ➖ Open Thread



Images often speak louder and better than words. Combine the two and you get a clearer picture than of one alone. Add some attitude…

Here’s horror story waiting to happen. You don’t think even  the stupidest voters would vote for these two? You underestimate the stupidity of the voters.



https://jennifermeaton.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/oh_no.png  https://d30y9cdsu7xlg0.cloudfront.net/png/180638-200.png



Calling Governor Moonbeam…



Just saying…


Ain’t that a fact!  https://d30y9cdsu7xlg0.cloudfront.net/png/180638-200.png


Truth #momlife #motherhood #love

I think its a dead heat.


But, but SCIENCE!


Is the image below misogynistic? And do I care if it is?


Don’t laugh – the next generation will believe this nonsense to be true!


And then there’s delusional Rachel who is experiencing a big boost in ratings. Why I cannot understand but there is much I do not understand these days.


DWS – the gift that keeps on giving, to the GOP.


A rotten apple from a rotten tree.


Former First Lady was a hypocrite. But what the hell, she had great biceps.


A bit hyperbolic perhaps. And then perhaps not.


I can add nothing worthwhile to the text accompanying the image below.


Here’s some information I didn’t know, the media doesn’t report and will not be understood by the useful idiots protesting the past by tearing down statues today.


Seems like a good idea to me  https://d30y9cdsu7xlg0.cloudfront.net/png/180638-200.png


He’s one of the good rich people cause he spouts liberal propaganda.


Great Question IMO!


The hypocrisy of the man in full view.


Some information that our crack media doesn’t bother to provide.


We readily believe this man because we know he wouldn’t lie. Except for that whole perjury thing.



Are lectures from a liberal a good example of what is called situational irony? Just wondering.

politics The true face of the Democrat Party

This is only an opinion but there is a lot of truth in it.

politics The true face of the Democrat Party

And for the last image, something to think about. The right isn’t always right. They don’t even come close. But look at the alternative.

politics Democrat values vs. American ones

So ends my diatribe in images. I hope you enjoyed them.

I wish you a wonderful day.

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