Good Riddance πŸ—‘

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Charles Manson is dead. Good riddance to a monster. I hope he likes he new digs in hell.

The cartoonists that I love so much seem to feel much the same way that I do.

I don’t often “like” Milt Priggee‘s cartoons but I like this one very much.

I like Mark Streeter‘s take too.

Paul Fell is right on target too.

Love this Glenn McCoy cartoon as much for the expression on the cartoon Manson’s face as for the welcome in hell for the monster.

Good cartoon from Lisa Benson coming at the topic from a different direction. I love the way this gal draws too.

I like all the cartoons about the death of Manson but I think I like this one from Tom Stiglich best of all.

All in all, in my opinion, the world is a better place now that Manson isn’t in it.