📸 Snapshot Commentary ➖ Open Thread



Images often speak louder and better than words. Combine the two and you get a clearer picture than of one alone. Add some attitude…

Here’s horror story waiting to happen. You don’t think even  the stupidest voters would vote for these two? You underestimate the stupidity of the voters.



https://jennifermeaton.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/oh_no.png  https://d30y9cdsu7xlg0.cloudfront.net/png/180638-200.png



Calling Governor Moonbeam…



Just saying…


Ain’t that a fact!  https://d30y9cdsu7xlg0.cloudfront.net/png/180638-200.png


Truth #momlife #motherhood #love

I think its a dead heat.


But, but SCIENCE!


Is the image below misogynistic? And do I care if it is?


Don’t laugh – the next generation will believe this nonsense to be true!


And then there’s delusional Rachel who is experiencing a big boost in ratings. Why I cannot understand but there is much I do not understand these days.


DWS – the gift that keeps on giving, to the GOP.


A rotten apple from a rotten tree.


Former First Lady was a hypocrite. But what the hell, she had great biceps.


A bit hyperbolic perhaps. And then perhaps not.


I can add nothing worthwhile to the text accompanying the image below.


Here’s some information I didn’t know, the media doesn’t report and will not be understood by the useful idiots protesting the past by tearing down statues today.


Seems like a good idea to me  https://d30y9cdsu7xlg0.cloudfront.net/png/180638-200.png


He’s one of the good rich people cause he spouts liberal propaganda.


Great Question IMO!


The hypocrisy of the man in full view.


Some information that our crack media doesn’t bother to provide.


We readily believe this man because we know he wouldn’t lie. Except for that whole perjury thing.



Are lectures from a liberal a good example of what is called situational irony? Just wondering.

politics The true face of the Democrat Party

This is only an opinion but there is a lot of truth in it.

politics The true face of the Democrat Party

And for the last image, something to think about. The right isn’t always right. They don’t even come close. But look at the alternative.

politics Democrat values vs. American ones

So ends my diatribe in images. I hope you enjoyed them.

I wish you a wonderful day.

Image result for happy thursday images

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