Debating the Debates *open thread*

While FOX moderators prep for “tough” debate questions the rest of the media is focused on just one candidate. The weasel in the room aka Donald Trump. If you are a Trump supporter you may not want to read any further. Because I loathe the man and have for a long time. A rich asshole is still an asshole and the thought of this disgusting man as president makes me gag.

I have watched in amazement as the Trump 3-Ring circus has grown like some monstrous joke.

I have little or no use or respect for most politicians. I have even less for a billionaire and his 3rd, or is it 4th trophy wife wanting to move into the White House. The nation’s house.

The same people who felt that Obama had not shown a proper presidential demeanor, I am one, now support Trump? Are you kidding me?

On Thursday FOX will have two debates. The first one, the so-called second-tier or “kiddies debate” is the one I’ll watch. I am very interested in seeing how Carly Fiorina does. I find her impressive.

The second, prime time debate? I’ll pass thank you very much.

I have no interest in watching the “Trump Show” anymore than I  had any interest in watching his other television show.

The fact that so much attention has been focused on this repulsive man is a complete mystery to me. I thought, I actually did, that the voters on the right were better informed and smarter than most of the voters on the left. Silly me, wrong again.

Now within a few hours the “Trump Show” will be on the air. Should be good ratings for FOX. Doesn’t matter that it’s a 3-Ring circus. Politics, even presidential elections has become less and less about governing a country and more about the latest “entertainment”.

Will Trump warble like Obama? Play the sax like Clinton? Thus far he’s only touted his talent for making money. Nice talent to have. Many people have it and many more do not. It absolutely flabbergasts me that so many voters follow these wealthy men and women. What do we have in common with them? What makes us think they care about or even understand our petty little problems? Why would we want someone who has no worries about paying the bills or getting to work on time “leading” us?

One of the things I disliked, among so many, about Obama was his constant attacks on anyone that disagreed with him. What seemed necessary for a candidate seems petty and undignified for a POTUS. The “Donald” show is far beyond any indignity I could have ever imagined from Obama. He has all ready shown us, repeatedly, that anyone that dares dis or dismiss him will be the object of his attacks.

We can rest assured that the wealthy Donald would not have to resort to Styrofoam columns. He’s rich enough, as he reminds us so often, to afford the real thing. And many on the right are following him like he’s the damn Pied Piper. The right complained about Obama and his narcissism and now the support this narcissistic clown? I just don’t get it!

Many will tune into the “top tier” debate just to see Trump. I won’t be one of them. If he does well that will be the whole story of the debate. If he does poorly that will be the whole story of the debate. I’m just not interested in any “story” about Donald Trump. Never have been – never will be. In fact I’m disgusted with myself for wasting the time it took to type this rant about him. Shame on me!


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