Why Are Americans So Willing To Accept Lies and Liars?

I don’t know why we are even surprised anymore, if some of us are, when discovering the blatant lies that are told by this, and other administrations. The only difference is the willingness of the media to “investigate”  Republican lies and their willingness to cover up or “spin” Democrat lies. Not as much for Hillary since they really don’t seem to “like” her nor she them. Thus a Hillary campaign will have glimmers of truth now and then from the media unlike the Obama campaign which was one long slobber.

Nor should we be surprised at the lack of anything resembling shame by the most egregious of the liars. Susan Rice comes most readily to mind since she embarrassed herself all over Sunday Morning Talk shows with her “the video is/was at fault” b.s. Granted she was only the point “man” for Obama but still she should never be considered as having ANY credibility  ever after. And he should be ashamed for hiding behind her.

  Confirmed: The State Department Knew Benghazi Was Terrorism Within Hours      

  This isn’t a “bombshell revelation” per se, because multiple strands of evidence have pointed to this truth for some time.  For starters, then-CIA director David Petraeus told CNN that the US government knew the Benghazi massacre was a terrorist act “almost immediately,” and a State Department email sent the morning after the attack accurately pinned the blame on Ansar al-Sharia.


Now that Hillary has “decided” to run for president, again, we are bombarded with news of the Clintons 24/7 which is way more than they are interesting IMO. They are, again IMO, just a pair of hucksters who have been around way too long and have bored me for some time. Bill’s adolescent hormonal problem and her inability to tell the truth, not that he ever tells the truth either but at least he “looks” sincere when lying. Or at least more sincere than she does.

Here’s Keith Koffler’s hilarious take on Bill’s “consulting” business:


Top Ten “Consulting” Services Offered by Bill Clinton


Letterman eat your heart out!

The thing that worries me the most about the lies, spin and obfuscations of the people in media and government is that so many Americans seem to find their lies acceptable. A comment on one of the blogs I visit was a perfect example. We were discussing the various “lies” that have been told about the death of Bin Laden. The commenter said: “So what. He’s dead and that’s all I care about.” Seriously? You don’t care if the facts are no such thing? You don’t care that those who are there to serve the public have no problem lying to us?

I worry that in time, and that time is soon, we will not only not care about the truth we won’t recognize it. There is a lot of talk about “low-information” voters. How abut “no-information” voters? How about people that vote for their “tribe” simply because they are their tribe. No right. No wrong. Just blind loyalty which is not only not deserved it is dangerous to the individual. If you dont’ bother to “think” there comes a time when you can’t think. But that’s just the opinion of one old lady who “thinks” thinking is a very good thing.


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