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No Room for Parody

Clarice Feldman imageby Clarice Feldman

I was sound asleep when the phone rang and so I cannot be absolutely sure the conversation was not a dream, but it seemed real enough.

“Hello,” the caller began. “My name is Mr. Mensch, I am president of the Parodists of the World, professional comedy writers, and we want to engage you in a suit against the administration for tortious interference with our livelihood.”

“What exactly are you alleging, I mean specifics?” I responded.

He then launched into a litany of grievances against the administration which the Parodists claimed had made it impossible for them to continue making a living.

“First, our country sent no one to the important anti-terrorism demonstration in Paris, and then there’s Valerie Jarrett calling the march against the slaughter of innocents in Paris a ‘Parade’, as if this were some sort of celebration.‘ Certainly We Would Have Loved To Participate In The Parade,” But We “Got The Substance Right”’.” She said and then proceeded to claim that Holder couldn’t attend because he was in a very important terrorism conference at the time, forgetting that we knew everyone else at the conference made it to the march except Holder. So at the time of the march he was meeting with himself, it seems.”

“Well, that was silly, “I agreed.  “And?” I waited for the next item.

“Then our secretary of state, John Kerry, whose entire life has been fashioned around his self-imagined superior diplomatic skills and international affairs expertise, shows up speaking execrable high school level French, accompanied by  an aging ex-druggie who sings to the grieving French ‘You’ve Got a Friend’”

“I have to agree that was preposterous and really embarrassing. One wag suggested the French ought to respond by having Carly Simon sing, ‘You’re so Vain’ to the President and his Secretary of State. ‘Send in the Clowns’ comes to mind.”

“It’s all of a piece you know. It’s cutting substantially into our employment prospects.


 Quote of the day:

NY NEW YORK AOL“True equality means holding everyone accountable in the same way, regardless of race, gender, faith, ethnicity – or political ideology.” ~ Monica Crowley

Hillary Clinton’s Charlie Hebdo Problem

ed driscoll-image by Ed Driscoll

“In the days since the Charlie Hebdo massacre, the response from American politicians has ranged from pathetic to parodic,” John McCormack writes at the Weekly Standard:

Through his press secretary, President Obama expressed regret on Monday that neither he nor any other high-ranking American official joined 44 world leaders who marched alongside millions in Paris last weekend. Then on Friday, in an effort to make amends, Secretary of State John Kerry brought James Taylor to Paris to sing “You’ve Got a Friend.”

The response from Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state and likely 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, hasn’t been any better. Clinton has remained silent about the Charle Hebdo massacre since it occurred on January 7.

Clinton’s spokesman Nick Merrill confirmed in an email to THE WEEKLY STANDARD that the former secretary of state has not publicly commented on the attack, but Merrill declined to give any particular reason for Clinton’s silence. (She did manage to find the time Friday afternoon, however, to condemn Republicans in Congress for “[a]ttacking financial reform.”)

What seems most likely is that Clinton has remained silent in response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre in order to avoid scrutiny of her own failure to defend free speech in the face of Islamist violence.

As McCormack notes, Hillary was one of numerous Obama operatives who blamed Benghazi on a hapless YouTube video maker, whom the administration promptly had jailed. Concurrently, Hillary pushed the “video did it” theme at Dover Air Force Base, as the remains of the Americans killed by al-Qeada were returned to US soil on September 14th of 2012:

But in addition to her role in the Benghazi cover-up, Hillary Clinton’s highlight reel is filled with anti-free speech moments, not the least of which was her show-stopping “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” soundbite in 1998. About which, Ann Coulter wrote in May of 2001:

The conservatives — primarily writers at The American Spectator — had a devilish plan to investigate Bill Clinton’s venality, corruption and crimes as governor of Arkansas. At the conclusion of their little scheme, the Spectator intended to publish the fruits of their conspiracy as widely as possible.

This is a highly unusual strategy for a criminal conspiracy. Typically, conspiracies are marked by hiding evidence, losing billing records and developing amnesia — pretty much everything the Clintons did. Rarely do criminal conspiracies plot to write magazine articles about their dirty business.

Though you wouldn’t know it from the behavior of the mainstream media, it is not, strictly speaking, against the law to publish articles critical of Democratic presidents. And it is not against the law to associate with individuals reputed to be conservatives engaged in journalism. (In fact, it’s not even against the law to consort with known felons, like Bill Clinton, or convicted felons, like Webb Hubbell.)


Something to think about:

Glenn McCoy

Republicans Should Hold Off on Iran Sanctions

Keith Koffler by Keith Koffler

Republicans should wait to enact new sanctions on Iran, both because President Obama is correct that it’s not worth rocking the boat at this point and because to do so would alleviate Obama of blame should his negotiations fail.

It’s very simple: Enact sanctions now and the minute talks collapse, Obama will blame Congress for what will mostly be his screwup – he’s on his third deadline – saying everything was going great and they were just about get a deal until Evil Republicans got in the way.

And Obama is right, new sanctions could in fact blow up the deal. I have little confidence in any agreement Obama might negotiate. But given how bad things could be were there a war, it’s worth seeing the process through.


Lisa Benson

Elizabeth Warren keeps pressure on Hillary Clinton and Democrats ahead of 2016

Karen Tumulty by Karen Tumulty

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has an explanation for the singular nature of her power.

“I’ll always be an outsider. That’s how I understand the world,” the Massachusetts Democrat said in an interview. “There’s a real benefit to being clear about this. I know why I’m here. I think about this every morning before I open my eyes, and I’m still thinking about it every night when I go to sleep.”

Being the target of that kind of focus can be an excruciating experience — the freshest case in point being investment banker Antonio Weiss, whom President Obama put forward last year as his nominee for Treasury undersecretary for domestic finance.

Initially seen as a highly credentialed and noncontroversial pick for a low-profile post, Weiss found himself up against a storm of opposition, led by Warren, who said he was yet another example of Wall Street cronyism within the Obama administration.

On Monday, Weiss wrote a letter to the president asking that his name be taken out of consideration.


Whenever I read about some Senator or other public official being “powerful” I can feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I don’t care if the person is from the left or the right. I don’t “like” them being too powerful. Bad things are often done by those with the best of intentions. I don’t think Elizabeth Warren is a phony, other than that whole Fauxcahontus b.s. She’s worse that a phony, she’s a true believer and as such she sees no other POV but her own. If you oppose her you are an enemy. And as for her “keeping” Hillary in line if it didn’t scare me that she had that power I would find it humorous that the “powerful” Clintons are being held in thrall by a relative newcomer.

Political Cartoons by Steve Breen


The Good the Bad and the Bullshit

Anti-Israel CNN Reporter Jim Clancy Resigns

Susan L. M. Goldbergby Susan L. M. Goldberg

Last week we covered the story of CNN’s Jim Clancy, who embarrassed himself with a feeble Twitter attempt to tie the radical Islamists behind the Charlie Hebdo massacre to Hasbara (Israeli PR). Today, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reports:

Veteran CNN anchor Jim Clancy stepped down on Friday, one week after a series of Twitter posts in which he mocked pro-Israel tweeters on a thread discussing the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

Neither CNN nor Jim Clancy gave a reason for his departure, which was reported by AdWeek. Clancy had worked at CNN for 34 years.

Although Clancy’s Twitter account no longer existed as of Thursday, the tweets have been preserved on a number of websites, including Twitchy and Mediaite, and by Tablet journalist Yair Rosenberg.

Apparently, at one point the Twitter backlash got so bad that Clancy took mouthing off to a whole new disgusting level:

Clancy later told the Twitter account for Human Rights News, “You and the Hasbara team need to pick on some cripple at the edge of the herd.”

Jay Ruderman, head of the Ruderman Family Foundation, which is dedicated to advocacy and inclusion for the disabled, demanded an apology from Clancy and CNN. Ruderman said the use of the term “cripple” was insensitive.

Whether it was a long-overdue retirement or a simple parting of the ways, Clancy’s exit from CNN is one thing for which we can fully thank some serious Twitter hasbara.


Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

David Brooks on Charlie Hebdo: When It Comes to Free Speech “We Should Have Certain Social Standards”


Once again PBS, and David Brooks as well as Judy Woodruff misunderstand the whole “free speech” issue. Free Speech has nothing to do with “Social Standards”. If so, by my “Social Standards” there would never been another Kardashian on television ever again. Or any number of “Survival” episodes. But I don’t get, using free speech as a guideline to choose what other people choose to watch or see. I don’t have to watch and I don’t have to approve. I can be just a damn “offended’ as I want – that doesn’t abrogate freedom of expression for others. End of discussion. Just wonder why they bother to have a liberal on their panel when they have David Brooks. That said I haven’t watched a PBS “news” program in years. If it weren’t for programming like <strong>Downton Abbey</strong> I wouldn’t watch PBS at all.

BBC Mocks Admin’s James Taylor Outreach to France: ‘No Better Definition of Soft Power’

Political Cartoons by Ken Catalino

The Last Stuff:

 Obama: Dem Senators Do What Donors Tell Them

At a closed-door meeting on Thursday, President Barack Obama suggested that some Democratic senators base their foreign policy positions on the preferences of their campaign donors.

Sen. Robert Menendez (D., N.J.) was livid at the president’s claim that his Democratic colleagues support increased sanctions on Iran as a way of appeasing their financial contributors, the New York Times reported:

The president said he understood the pressures that senators face from donors and others, but he urged the lawmakers to take the long view rather than make a move for short-term political gain, according to the senator. Mr. Menendez, who was seated at a table in front of the podium, stood up and said he took “personal offense.”

Another of those great Obama foot in mouth moments that the MSM will not report.




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