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Oscar Report: Al Sharpton Calls Me a Racist!

rogersimon-828956056 by Roger L. Simon

Maybe it’s actually a badge of honor — after all Sharpton himself makes Bull Connor [1] seem like Martin Luther King — but the Rev Al has called me a racist [2] because I am one of those (white!) Academy members who did not vote for Selma as an Oscar nominee.  I cannot tell a lie.  He’s right.  Not only that, I did not vote for the movie for screenplay either, the only other category for which I can nominate, since I am in the writers branch.

Of course, it was a group accusation.  Al didn’t come to my house or anything, not that I would have let him in.  But I do acknowledge my vote publicly, although it’s a secret ballot taken online, known only to the Academy and fifty thousand North Korean hackers.  On my behalf,  I will say I only nominated three films (Birdman, Boyhood and The Imitation Game) instead of the permissible ten.  I’m one of those elite snobs who thinks nominating ten films for best picture is the cinematic equivalent of grade inflation. (Also, I’m easily bored.)

Nevertheless, it was a bit depressing to wake up this morning to find myself accused of racism on the top of Drudge.  I tried to tweet Matt the truth that I voted for Twelve Years a Slave last year — I thought maybe he’d put something up — but didn’t get an answer. So I’m stuck.

But I have bad news for Al.  I’m not going to pay him one penny to get one of his pseudo-papal absolutions saying I’m not really a racist (even though I was in the civil rights movement and a financial backer of the Black Panthers, to my ever-lasting shame).  He’s going to have pay his millions of back taxes by himself when the Republicans take the presidency, as people like him and the jihadists are making it likely they will.

And as for Chris Rock, who is also complaining about the white skin privilege [3] or whatever of the Oscar voting and general Hollywood behavior (mostly in excluding Chris Rock),  I have news for him.  Some years ago I wrote for and worked with his most famous  predecessor in African-American comedy, a certain Richard Pryor. And Richard was wildly more talented than you, Chris.  You see, some of us old white guys vote for talent and accomplishment, not skin color.  I know that doesn’t fit in with your narrative or whatever you want to call it, but as anyone who has worked in Hollywood knows, it all comes down to the ol’ box office-arooney.  Blame whoever you want, but Pryor got them into the theater in his time like nobody else around.  Chris Rock doesn’t.  End of story, whether you’re black, white or heliotrope.


So the new criteria is that you have to like a “Black” movie whether it’s any good or not, whether you like it or not, whether it defames someone as a racist who was not a racist, or not, or you are a racist. The list of things you cannot do or not do or be called a racist is so long, and so absurd by now, the sixth year of Al Sharpton’s presidency that I just can’t keep track. Perhaps that’s racist too. Who the hell knows?

Quote of the day:

 Sometimes I lie awake at night and ask “Why me?”

Then a voice answers “Nothing personal, your name just happened to come up. ~ Charlie Brown

Mike Lester

Don’t Do It, Mr. Romney

He’d have been a better president than Obama. That’s not nearly enough.

Peggy Noonan by Peggy Noonan

Hershey, Pa.

A conversation with a Republican governor who is a possible presidential aspirant:

I told him I’d been thinking about something and wanted his response. You can argue that a governor is a better presidential nominee than a senator because governors, unlike lawmakers, have to do something and can be judged by their performance, which is measurable. You can look at their terms and say they raised or cut taxes, which helped or hurt the economy. They reformed the prison system, or they failed to. They balanced the budget or they didn’t. They improved education or not. They succeeded or failed in creating a favorable business climate. There are numbers and statistics that can to some degree test their claims. They know domestic issues and can be judged on domestic issues.

But they know nothing about the world. They haven’t been filling their brain-space with foreign policy and foreign affairs the past 20 years; they’ve been filling their minds with the facts of Indiana or Louisiana or New Jersey.

And so when they go national, they farm out these key areas to the party’s foreign-policy eggheads. And they unknowingly become captured by this worldview or that, this tendency and attitude or that. And they don’t even know they’ve been captured, they’re not that sophisticated. They just think they handed the foreign-policy portfolio over to someone respectable who’s called a thinker. (The first thing the thinker usually shares is not a thought but political advice: “You have to sound strong!”)

Senators, on the other hand, can’t be judged by clear domestic measures. They don’t have to do anything but talk on TV. Their communications offices send out press releases on their latest bill, which goes nowhere because the Senate doesn’t really do anything anymore, it’s just a big talking machine. You can’t judge them by what they did on unemployment or schools or taxes because they haven’t done anything.

But on foreign affairs they actually know a few things, because foreign affairs is in their portfolio. They’re on the Foreign Relations or Armed Services committee, they’re on subcommittees dealing with serious international issues, they go on fact-finding trips to Iraq and Africa and Asia. They visit and to some degree witness the results of American action or inaction. They get a more worldly view. (Once a senator told me his life is an intellectual feast. He gets to meet with scientists, prime ministers, visionaries, historians, great men—he has access to everyone, being a senator. I thought jeesh, glad you’re having a good time on our dime. But I also thought, OK, he’s going to know some things by the time he’s done.)

Anyway, to the governor I said, in a world in which foreign affairs continue to be more important than ever, in a dangerous world with which we have ever more dealings, shouldn’t we be thinking about senators for the presidency, and not governors?

He listened closely, nodded, then shook his head. No, he said, governors still have the advantage. Why? Because foreign policy still comes down, always, to your gut, your instincts. And your instincts are sharpened by the kind of experience you get as a chief executive in a statehouse, which is constant negotiation with antagonists who have built-in power bases. You learn what works from success and failure with entrenched powers that can undo you, from unions to local pressure groups to unreliable allies. Being a governor is about handling real and discernible power. A governor can learn what a senator knows more easily than a senator can learn what a governor knows.

This will be one of the subtexts of the 2016 GOP presidential race.


Something to think about:


 Suppose Islam Had a Holocaust and No One Noticed

columnist avatar Daniel Greenfield by Daniel Greenfield

While Western newspapers were debating whether or not to reprint the Mohammed cartoons, in Nigeria as many as 2,000 people were massacred by the Islamic State in Nigeria, also known as Boko Haram, in what is being called the deadliest attack by the Muslim group to date.

Survivors described the Islamic State setting up efficient killing teams and massacring everyone while shouting “Allahu Akbar”.

“For five kilometers (three miles), I kept stepping on dead bodies until I reached Malam Karanti village, which was also deserted and burnt,” one survivor said.

There’s a word for that. It’s genocide.

Not so much “noticed” as not reported. Guess to the MSM black lives don’t really matter all that much if Sharpton, Holder, Jackson and POTUS and the rest of the race baiters aren’t involved

Obama to Business: I Know How To Run Your Company Better Than You Do

Conn Carroll by Conn Carroll

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said today that President Obama knows how to run small businesses better than small business owners.

Asked what the White House message to small business owners who are concerned Obama’s proposed new mandatory paid sick leave policy could hurt their bottom line, Earnest replied, “I think the president would have a different view which is to say that this is good business and I think there are any number of examples I can site for you where businesses have chosen to put in place these policies and it’s served to reduce the turnover associated with their employees, but also increase their employees productivity.”

In his State of the Union next Tuesday, Obama will call on Congress to pass new legislation mandating that all employers give all employees seven paid sick days a year.

Also on Thursday, Obama also signed a Presidential Memoranda, directing all federal agencies to give federal workers six weeks of paid paternal leave for parents with a new child. Obama’s own Council of Economic Advisers estimates that this policy will cost taxpayers at least $250 million in just the first year.

Obama also will call on Congress to pass similar legislation forcing all American companies to offer the same six weeks of paid paternal leave, although the White House did not say how much money this would cost the nation’s employers.

Obama’s humble view of his own skills at running other people’s businesses is perfectly in line with his assessment of his political skills. Obama famously told his speechwriter Patrick Gaspard in 2008, “I think that I’m a better speechwriter than my speechwriters. I know more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors. And I’ll tell you right now that I’m gonna think I’m a better political director than my political director.”

The absurdities that dribble from  the lips of Obama and his minions are so frequent and  on such a range of subjects its difficult to even get outraged. This one, once again, highlights the giant ego stuffed inside a mediocre man.
Obama is not a humble man and that’s odd since there are so many reasons for him to be humble.

Branco cartoon from Legal Insurrection

Conservatives Battling Comcast Turn to Left-Wing Pressure Tactics

 Activists target Comcast’s bottom line in campaigns against a perceived left-wing behemoth

by Lachlan Markay

As Comcast pursues an acquisition of competitor Time Warner, some conservatives are adopting corporate pressure tactics pioneered by the left designed to punish the cable giant for what they regard as its support for a liberal policy agenda.

Generally averse to targeting businesses over their political affiliations, conservatives are increasingly attempting to exact an economic toll on companies that they see as enablers of their political adversaries and the policies they favor.

A right-leaning super PAC called Conservative War Chest PAC is taking out a five-figure ad buy in five battleground states criticizing Comcast for its ownership of NBC and its liberal cable news arm MSNBC.

“Media giant Comcast-NBC Universal is becoming America’s most powerful and militant leftwing political force,” the two-minute ad states, rattling off a list of objectionable coverage and corporate decision making by Comcast’s media arm.

Conservative War Chest spokesman Mike Flynn criticized the proposed merger, which is currently awaiting approval by the Federal Communications Commission, in a statement accompanying the video.

“The last time Comcast needed a government favor we got Al Sharpton five nights a week,” Flynn wrote. “What will we get in exchange for a deal worth billions to [chairman and CEO] Brian Roberts and other owners of Comcast?”

Roberts is President Barack Obama’s golfing buddy and a high-dollar donor to his campaigns, and Comcast enjoys a wealth of political connections that observers expect will grease the federal bureaucratic wheels as it seeks approval for the merger.

In his statement, Flynn alleged “potential collusion between Comcast and the Obama Administration” in the former’s pursuit of FCC approval. He called on Republicans “to respond with full mobilization to halt a Comcast/Time-Warner merger.”


“Potential collusion between Comcast and the Obama Administration”, what a surprise. Not. Having 90% of media in their pocket isn’t enough for the Dems. Never chance that some truth, some facts just might seep into the public consciousness.

Jerry Holbert


The Good the Bad and the Bullshit

Even Liberal Media Can’t Believe John Kerry Bringing James Taylor Apology to the French

Tim Graham by Tim Graham

In the kind of response that sounds like a joke — even to liberal journalists — Secretary of State John Kerry brought Seventies pop star James Taylor (now almost 67) to sing his old chestnut “You’ve Got a Friend’ to the French as a show of support after President Obama blew off the “historic” rally of world leaders last Sunday.


Political Cartoons by Ken Catalino

 For the first time since 2007, the FDA Has approved a new device to treat obesity. The amazing breakthrough is called a vegetable.  ~ Conan O’Brien

Dem Rep: Obama Right Not to Call Terrorists ‘Islamic Extremists’ Because It Would Anger Them

 Oh right, let’s by all means not piss them off. Because if we’d just not call them names they would go home and quit killing people. Another airhead from California.

Political Cartoons by Steve Breen

The Last Stuff:

Obama to Take Questions from Imbecilic YouTube Stars

Keith Koffler by Keith Koffler

President Obama will avoid the glare of harsh questioning and incur a grilling instead from inane stars of the YouTube BoobTube following his State of the Union speech.

It’s clear that Obama counts as one of his signature achievements the diminishment of the presidency, whether by smacking gum around at world leader summits, slow jamming the news with Jimmy Fallon, and so on. Being interviewed by people who post viral videos on YouTube advances this accomplishment another step.

From the Washingtoin Times:

Mr. Obama will meet with meet YouTube creators Bethany Mota, GloZell and Hank Green. None of the YouTube personalities appear to have any experience in the media world or in interviewing political officials, though each has millions of subscribers.

Ms. Mota, for example, has more than 8 million subscribers. Her last three YouTube postings involve tips on how to host a great party.

One of GloZell’s recent postings is titled, “My push-up bra will help me get my man.”

Maybe with her focus on her bra, Glozell has been staying a breast of the news and will have some good questions.


What a circus.

Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley



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