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Hillary Joins the Ferguson Lynch Mob

columnist avatar Matthew Vadum by Matthew Vadum

Breaking her calculated silence on the issue, Hillary Clinton said young Michael Brown was a victim of police brutality in Ferguson, Mo., the latest in a long line of helpless black victims mowed down by racist cops who are part of America’s corrupt criminal justice system.

It’s just more left-wing sloganeering, staples of which are knee-jerk cop hatred and making excuses for black criminals.

Clinton, wife of the man some used to call America’s “first black president,” has a long history of race-baiting and race-based pandering. She patronized black Americans in her insultingly awful mock African-American accent when she gave her infamous “I don’t feel no ways tired” speech.

The all-but-declared candidate for the 2016 Democratic nomination for president’s media-hyped public epiphany about Ferguson and Michael Brown comes days after 18-year-old Brown was laid to rest following a grotesque political rally led by the abominable racial arsonist Al Sharpton.


Obama’s 5 Worst Foreign Policy Decisions

John_Hawkins_Updated  by John Hawkins

Since Barack Obama has been the Hindenburg of Presidents on the domestic front, there hasn’t been as much commentary as you’d expect about the fact that he has been the Titanic of Presidents on foreign policy.

George W. Bush certainly made his mistakes as President, primarily in Iraq, but you did at least get the sense that his administration was full of capable, serious adults sincerely grappling with a new strategic problem for the country. On the other hand, when it comes to foreign policy, Obama comes across like a bored kid playing war because his mother won’t let him come inside and play with his Xbox.

He doesn’t care very much, he’s not prepared, and he doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking things through. It’s like Obama just ponders the issues in-between shots on the golf course, formulates his policy by shooting from the hip, then gives a speech about it and thinks his work is done.

We may have laughed at the incompetence of the Obama Administration when it gave a “reset” button to the Russians that actually said “overcharge” or when the POTUS bowed to a foreign leader like he was his butler instead of the President of the United States, but there are real consequences to Obama’s buffoonery on the world stage.


Rasmussen Poll: Most Think DOJ Motivated by Politics

 by Amy Miller
Surprising absolutely no one, a new Rasmussen report released today reveals that the majority of Americans believe that the Department of Justice is motivated by a political agenda, as opposed to upholding justice:

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 38% of Likely U.S. Voters have at least a somewhat favorable opinion of the Justice Department, while 53% view it unfavorably. This includes only nine percent (9%) with a Very Favorable view and 26% with a Very Unfavorable one. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Just 35% think the Justice Department is more concerned with making sure justice is done when it decides to investigate a local crime independent of local police. But 54% think instead that the Justice Department is more concerned with politics when it makes those decisions. Eleven percent (11%) are undecided.

This distrust of the feds carries over into views of a planned new federal database to track “misinformation” and hate speech on the social media site Twitter. Thirty-five percent (35%) believe the federal government will use the database to go after real criminals, but 53% believe it will be used to monitor law-abiding citizens instead. Twelve percent (12%) are not sure.

Attorney General Eric Holder’s recent intervention in Ferguson, Missouri has shone a light on problems with the way the DoJ approaches its duty. Problems within the DoJ—especially those involving racial issues— are nothing new, but the increased news coverage on the scandals surrounding the DoJ appears to be doing its job.


Black voters voted for Obama believing he would concentrate on black issues. That and the fact that he is black. At least half of him is. Blacks have shown time and again that they will vote for any fool with the right amount of melanin in their skin no matter what is between the ears or in the heart.
Liberals voted for Obama because they wanted to show they sympathized with blacks and to show that “they” weren’t racist like those evil conservatives.
If there were some who actually thought that Obama would be a good president based on his resume’ they were/are so stupid its a wonder they could find their way to the voting booth.
Anyone who no longer sees the “Justice Department” as a political arm of the White House, under both left and right, just has no understanding of history or politics.

thinker 2 Think About It

Washington Post Covers Voter Fraud Inaccurately and Incompletely

J. Christian Adams by J. Christian Adams

Sometimes voter-fraud deniers are forced to discuss the truth of voter fraud. This happened today at the Washington Post (“Fairfax officials say some people may have crossed Va.-Md. line to vote twice in 2012“). While the Post deserves credit from emerging from its cocoon of voter-fraud denial, it deserves scorn for bungling the emergence.

Reporter Susan Svrluga notes that “tens of thousands of voters” were registered to cast ballots in both Virginia and Maryland. That’s true, and it is a big problem nationwide. Hundreds of thousands of people are registered to vote in multiple states, and many of them have voted.

It wasn’t Eric Holder’s Justice Department that discovered the problem. That won’t happen because as I reported at PJ Media in 2010, Obama political appointees expressly shut down the efforts at DOJ to detect this sort of fraud and inadequate voter-roll maintenance.

Hans von Spakovsky notes who deserves the credit for detecting the problem:

It was the VVA — along with another citizens’ group dedicated to election integrity, Election Integrity Maryland (EIM) — that did the research on the voter files in Virginia and Maryland to find these illegal voters. And this may be only the tip of the iceberg: VVA and EIM turned the names of 43,893 individuals who appear to be registered in both states over to the State Boards of Elections in Virginia and Maryland. Fairfax County alone has more than 10,000 such duplicate registrations. These 17 voters are only a subset of at least 164 voters their research showed voted in both states in the 2012 election.

Naturally the Washington Post makes no inquiry as to why the Eric Holder Department of Justice has failed to do anything about the scourge of double registration. It’s in DOJ’s job description. DOJ isn’t doing the job. Instead, groups like the American Civil Rights Union, Judicial Watch and True the Vote have had to bring the cases Eric Holder has refused to bring to clean up voter rolls.

Those who create and manage the left-of-center election narrative ignore entirely this DOJ history, as does the Washington Post.


 White House does damage control


Another day, another Obama foot in mouth moment. Lucky for him and his administration that he has a friendly, aka biased, media to minimize and/or cover-up his constant stream of gaffes. Must be too much time spent with Biden. Or perhaps he never was as smart as advertized. bell ringing smiley

Liberals Will Never Fulfill Dr. King’s Dream Of A Race-Blind Society

History shows leftist policies, not racism, have decimated the African-American community.

by Willis L. Krumholz

Over the weekend there was a short “debate” between Jesse Jackson and Ben Carson. Within the exchange lies the real issue behind Ferguson.

According to the Left, the economic hardships blacks face are largely due to latent racism. According to Ben Carson, and many other conservatives (Larry Elder also comes to mind), big-government policies, not racism, are the primary force suppressing black advancement.

History shows Ben Carson is right, and Jesse Jackson is wrong. Let’s go back 50 years.

The Joseph Gantt Era

Joseph and Clara Gantt married in 1948. Soon after, Joseph Gantt went off to Korea to fight and never came home—until last week when his remains were finally identified. Joseph Gantt was a good man. Even though Joseph asked Clara to remarry if anything were to happen to him, she never could bring herself to do so.

Gantt, a black man, lived in a time where much of America was not kind to him. Segregation, open bigotry, and lack of employment prospects were widespread. Yet during Gantt’s time on earth, despite the oppression, blacks were making laudable advancements.

According to economist Walter Williams, “[f]rom 1900 to 1954, blacks were more active than whites in the labor market. Until about 1960, black male labor force participation in every age group was equal to or greater than that of whites … As early as 1900, the duration of black unemployment was 15 percent shorter than that of whites; today it’s about 30 percent longer.” According to economist Thomas Sowell, “[t]he poverty rate among black families fell from 87 percent in 1940 to 47 percent in 1960, during an era of virtually no major civil rights legislation or anti-poverty programs … In various skilled trades, the incomes of blacks relative to whites more than doubled between 1936 and 1959.”

Most important, back in Gantt’s day, his and Clara’s devotion to each other was the norm. In fact, from 1890 to 1940, the black marriage rate was slightly higher than that of whites. In 1950, only 9 percent of black families with children were headed by a single parent (today, roughly two-thirds of black children are now raised in single-parent families).


Liberals will never fulfill Dr. King’s dream of a race-blind society, at least from the blacks and the liberals, because that is the last thing they want.

Constitutional Crisis

thinker 2 Think About It

Worth A Look

Why Obama’s “We don’t have a strategy” gaffe stings

By Aaron Blake

Big surprise to find an article that is this honest in the Washington Post. Must have slipped past the editors when they were genuflecting in the direction of the White House.

Are Stock Prices Headed for a Fall?

Long-run equity returns from today’s price levels are likely to be considerably lower than their 10% long-run average.

By Burton G. Malkiel


Feds’ Plot to Stop Small-Town Cookies Backfires Into International Demand


With all the failures of the Federal Government why on earth would they try to triumph over a pink cookie? I would think they had more important things to do. Nanny state gone wild!

the absurdity of it  According to an anthropologist from the University of Hawaii, who spent years studying this, Hello Kitty is not actually a cat. I hope the anthropologist was studying other stuff, too.  ~ Jimmy Kimmel

Last But Not Least…

Another government shutdown? Not gonna happen

  by Byron York

A few weeks ago Washington was buzzing with predictions that Republicans will impeach President Obama.

Now, Washington is buzzing with predictions that Republicans will shut down the government.

Both have come mostly from Democrats facing long odds in November’s midterms, hoping the GOP might do something suicidal before voters go to the polls. For them, sheer ecstasy would be Republicans shutting down the government while keeping House offices open to draft articles of impeachment.

The only problem is, well-connected Republicans insist it’s not going to happen.

House Speaker John Boehner appeared to settle the impeachment question last month when he called all the talk a “Democratic scam” and added, “We have no plans to impeach the president. We have no future plans.”

So the subject changed to a shutdown. It’s a more substantial accusation; after all, House Republicans have never impeached Barack Obama, but they have shut down the government. But it appears there’s little or nothing to the shutdown talk, either.


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