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the absurdity of it  During a fundraiser last night, President Obama suggested that one or more Supreme Court justices may retire soon. Which got awkward when Ruth Bader Ginsburg said, “You can have this gavel when you pry it out of my even colder, deader fingers.” ~ Jimmy Fallon

Articles of Interest

Part One: The Problem With The Right

Derek Hunter  by Derek Hunter

I got a lot of feedback last year when I wrote a column entitled “The Problem With Libertarians.”

Seems they didn’t like anyone saying they had any problems at all, but they did, and they still do. The same problems, in fact. Many libertarian friends, including quite a few who work at the organizations I cited, privately thanked me for writing it because they felt the same way but couldn’t say it publicly. And many more conservatives and Republicans were glad someone said it as well. Well, that probably will change, maybe even flip, after this one.

There are major differences between the various factions of the political right – social conservatives, fiscal conservatives, national security conservatives, Tea Partiers, etc. – and all bleed into each other to varying degrees. Each has individual problems and strengths, and I understand that. But for purposes of brevity here, I will just refer to them all nebulously as “Republicans.” It may irritate some, but tough. This is about politics, not pandering.

Republicans are awful at messaging. I don’t care where you fall on the Republican spectrum, you are awful. It ranges from passionate people who say stupid things to stoic people who have a strong command of facts at their fingertips but can’t articulate the message. There are few people –a very few – in the middle.

Voters won’t follow someone who says stupid things (see the last round of elections) no matter what they may have meant. Nor will they follow someone who says all the right things in a way that makes the teacher Ben Stein played in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off sound like he’s tweaking on meth.

Without naming names – because that’s not the point – when was the last time a really smart Republican senator, congressman or activist, made you laugh? Not at them, but at an off-the-cuff joke or analogy they made? Months? Years? Never? When was the last time one made you cringe? Bet it was sooner.

We don’t need stand-up comics, but we do need people who not only know what they’re talking about, but can convey it in a way that is less painful than home dentistry.


The Song of Liberty in Full-Throated Crescendo at RedState Gathering in Ft. Worth, Texas

Scott Ott  by Scott Ott

“In Texas, gun control means hittin’ what you’re aimin’ at.”
— Sen. Ted Cruz

That reliable applause line was one of many that fired up an audience of more than 400 who came from around the country to hear, meet and question heroes of the conservative movement like Sen. Cruz, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and many less-known leaders. If the reaction from the faithful was any indication, most speakers hit what they were aiming’ at.

PJ Media, along with Heritage Foundation, FreedomWorks and others, helped to sponsor the event, organized by Eric Erickson’s I attended the sessions, interviewed participants, and consumed Texas-sized portions of barbecue. It was a weekend full of laughter, enthusiasm, and serious discussion of issues and values.

It may sound antiquarian or naive, but the annual event shows that there are still a lot of people who harbor a deep love for this country, for her Constitution and for the values that make America great.

Jim Pinnell, a retired financial advisor from nearby Fairview, Texas, probably best summarized why folks spend the time and money to come to RedState Gathering:

“These people care,” Pinnell told me. “Many of us were former Republicans. I think deep down we’re all conservatives. We’re all Constitutional conservatives. We believe in this country. We believe in the rule of law and freedom. And these people preach it and live it.”

Of course, the speculation about the next presidential cycle never stops, and Red Staters had a rich menu of options set before them.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, evangelist of red state principles, enthused about the policies he claims make the big state great — a magnet for business, a factory for jobs, a farmland of opportunity and a refuge for anyone who relishes the sweet aroma of freedom.

Sen. Ted Cruz encouraged brow-beaten conservatives with the “seven victories” he says they’ve achieved.


Race Riot Romance

columnist avatar Matthew Vadum  by Matthew Vadum

The fatal police shooting of a young black suspect in a Midwestern town last weekend has given the Left yet another opportunity to advance its destructive, racially polarizing agenda.

After 18-year-old Michael Brown, a black man was killed by police in Ferguson, a mostly black community in St. Louis County, Mo., the city and region surrounding it have been under siege. Not content to wait for the wheels of the justice system to spin, some view this tragedy as a license to riot.

Cries of “no justice, no peace” pierce the air as demonstrators hurl Molotov cocktails at law enforcement officials. Some say the police have been responding to the protesters and rioters with excessive force and have been mean by discouraging protests. Some blacks are reportedly randomly assaulting non-blacks as collective payback for what happened to Brown.

Looting and property destruction are rampant. Dozens of people have been arrested. The Federal Aviation Administration ordered aircraft to fly at least 3,000 feet over Ferguson airspace after police said their helicopters were fired on from the ground.

Witnesses give conflicting accounts of what happened to Brown. The young man was apparently walking in the street and then stopped by police. There was a scuffle over a policeman’s gun and Brown was shot. Local police are investigating as are federal officials and civil rights bureaucrats. Brown could be ultimately be found to be a would-be murderer or a murder victim himself. Time will tell.

The name of the police officer who shot Brown has been withheld for the time being by police who quite justifiably fear for his safety.

All this unrest over the death of Brown seems selective, for lack of a better term.

By contrast, when James Boyd, a mentally disturbed, homeless, white man was fatally shot in the back by Albuquerque, N.M. police recently, there were some protests but no riots. In some circles, white victims are apparently less valuable than black victims.

Regardless of what he may say publicly, all this racially motivated anger and violence is fine by President Obama, an extreme-left community organizer by profession.

The Left tells Americans that racist whites kill black people all the time. Blacks just can’t take it anymore and now it’s time to burn down buildings and convenience stores, the false narrative goes.



thinker 2 Think About It

Obama Admin. Admits Up to 310,000 Enrolled in ObamaCare Without Proof of Residency; Networks Yawn

Matthew Balan  by Matthew Balan

The Big Three networks’ evening newscasts on Wednesday failed to notice the Obama administration’s revelation about ObamaCare: that more than 300,000 people who signed up for health plans under the controversial law could lose them because they failed to prove they were legal residents of the U.S. Instead, ABC’s World News aired a full report on a “beauty queen’s” insurance scam, while CBS Evening News gave 19-second news brief on the Perseid meteor shower.


Watch This:

The Buck Stops There

New Ernst Ad Showcases Her Military Service

Karl: Why Won’t Obama Renounce Donors Who Profit From Practices He Condemns?

Hillary Clinton was for her own foreign policy, before she was against it

Hillary Clinton makes John Kerry look consistent

William A Jacobson  by William A. Jacobson

Forget policy positions, etc.

Hillary Clinton is just bad as a candidate.

She’s awkward, artificial, superficial, and awkward (but I repeat myself).

She proved it with the disastrous book rollout and insistence that she’s not really rich and struggled after she and Bill left the White House.

Now she decided to distance herself from Obama’s failed foreign policy by turning Obama into her George Bush — the guy who gets blamed for everything.

But now she’s backtracking after Obama’s team hit back at her, including bringing up her Iraq War vote.


thinker 2 Think About It

Worth A Look

Despite Dem Frenzy, Numbers Show Koch Brothers Lag Far Behind Big Money on Left


One more example of how the left lies and the media does not report it.With the advent of “new” media the old media, aka MSM is going to pay a heavy price for their bias and corruption.

House Democrats can’t figure out why Obama won’t talk to them  


Book Publisher Afraid That Bergdahl Book Proposal Will Harm Obama


Will someone tell me when it became the job of an “editor” to decide if they should publish a book based on whether it would “hurt” a politician or not? Good God these damn liberal activists are everywhere!

the absurdity of it  Since January, Colorado has made nearly $30 million in taxes from marijuana sales. That’s in addition to the $40 million they made taxing Doritos. It goes hand-in-hand. ~ Conan O’Brien

Last But Not Least…

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