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I will remain in “mourning” so long as Obama’s unworthy ass sits in the Oval Office.

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Well, I’ll Cry Tomorrow: Medea, Debo Get No R-S-P-E-C-T
By Clarice Feldman

This week President Obama, following a long string of bloopers that the media underplays or ignores, spelled respect “R-S-P-E-C-T'”.

It was a fitting blunder in a week in which he and America’s left wing took a series of pratfalls.

To start off, Medea Benjamin, master media manipulator and water carrier for countless leftist tyrants, winged into Cairo apparently to lend her inestimable support to the Moslem Brotherhood.

The Egyptian government treated her less courteously than did the Democrat legislators who regularly let her and her pinko buddies disrupt Congressional hearings. In one instance her team, which had certainly been invited in by Democrats on the Committee, even physically menaced Condolezza Rice, screaming “war criminal” and moving right up into her space with fake blooded hands.

The Egyptian police incarcerated Benjamin at the Cairo airport and perp-walked her to a plane destined for Turkey. She seethed at the outrage to her person, tweeted about her predicament, claiming her shoulder had been dislocated by the harsh treatment. She showed far less sympathy or concern for the women of Iran who were executed by being hung in public squares from cranes when she had earlier dropped in there to support the Mullahs. As to the rough treatment she received, I’ll cry tomorrow.

At the same time Medea was wailing, the IDF intercepted a shipload of missiles from Iran headed to Gaza and perhaps the Sinai as well. This might also explain why the Egyptians were particularly unimpressed with and intolerant about her stunt,

The incident — which is not the first time that a Hamas-bound Iranian arms shipment has been intercepted by Israel — has the potential to reverberate regionally. Jonathan Schanzer, vice president for research at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), quickly called attention to a potential Egyptian role in the operation. Iranian-born analyst Amir Taheri cited sources in Tehran suggesting that some of the missiles may have been bound for the Egyptian-controlled Sinai Peninsula. Cairo’s army-backed government recently escalated economic and political moves designed to limit Hamas’s capabilities. The Egyptians accuse the group of facilitating the transfer of jihadist personnel and materials into the Sinai.

I’ll cry tomorrow, too, for Debo Adegbile and Harry Reid. This week Harry Reid got a long overdue taste of his own nuclear medicine. If you recall, he pushed through a Senate rules change respecting the number of votes needed to confirm Presidential nominees for office, thinking it would block the Republicans from stopping Obama’s nominees .

It was in November that Reid and the Democrats invoked the so-called nuclear option, depriving the Republicans of their ability to block nominations on what is called a cloture vote — a vote to end debate and bring the nomination to the floor. Before the change, it took 60 “yes” votes to invoke cloture, so that a unified minority party with at least 41 seats could prevent nominations from coming to the floor. Democrats have held the majority throughout Obama’s presidency, but they’ve been below the 60-vote threshold for most of that time. Under the new practice, a simple majority is enough to break a filibuster, so that cloture is tantamount to confirmation.

That means that if the Democratic majority stays unified (or has few enough defections — currently five — to leave a majority in support), it can confirm any Obama nominee.


The IRS’s behavior taxes credulity

00 12 columnist avatar george will   by George Will

What’s been said of confession — that it is good for one’s soul but bad for one’s reputation — can also be true of testifying to Congress, so Lois Lerner has chosen to stay silent. Hers, however, is an eloquent silence.

The most intrusive and potentially most punitive federal agency has been politicized; the IRS has become an appendage of Barack Obama’s party. Furthermore, congruent with exhortations from some congressional Democrats, it is intensifying its efforts to suffocate groups critical of progressives, by delaying what once was the swift, routine granting of tax-exempt status.


The Job Market’s February Crumble

The raw numbers tell the ugly story.

columnist avatar Tom Blumer   by Tom Blumer

Friday morning’s monthly jobs report from the government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics showed a level of February job additions which the establishment press quickly portrayed as tremendous news.

The Associated Press described the results as “a welcome surprise,” achieved “despite a blast of harsh winter weather.” Bloomberg News claimed that “the U.S. economy is starting to shake off the effects of the severe winter weather.” Reuters heralded it as an “upbeat sign for weather-beaten economy.”

Opportunistic Obama administration Labor Secretary Thomas Perez crowed: “We’re moving in the right direction.”

Do not be fooled. Especially be wary of “the prevailing view of economists,” which is that “when the weather warms up, so, too, will the U.S. economy.”

All of the “surprise” in Friday’s employment report lies in how BLS could possibly have converted truly awful raw data into decent-looking numbers — 175,000 payroll jobs added overall, with 162,000 of them in the private sector — after performing its seasonal adjustment calculations. We had better hope that the raw numbers came in as weak as they did due to February’s rough weather. If they didn’t, we may be facing the worst year in the job market since 2010.

For those unfamiliar with the process, “seasonal adjustment” is “a statistical method for removing the seasonal component of a time series that is used when analyzing non-seasonal trends.” In layman’s terms, it’s an attempt to smooth out results which fluctuate throughout the year to present them in proper context.

For reasons which I have never understood, economists, analysts, and especially reporters seldom go beyond the seasonal adjustment calculations to look at the raw, not seasonally adjusted data, aka the report presenter’s best estimate of what actually happened. This has always been a negligent practice; but it’s especially dangerous now. That’s because, as I wrote last year, “five years of the Obama economy render the government’s seasonally adjusted numbers virtually worthless.” As we near six years since the Pelosi-Obama-Reid economy began, its erratic nature continues to disrupt normal seasonal patterns.


Sign Language

Media Malpractice:

Sarah Palin to ‘Objective’ Media: Declare Your Biases

   by Tony Lee

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said that mainstream media members who inject their anti-conservative biases while feigning objectivity should just declare their allegiances outright instead of claiming to be unbiased voices.

In an appearance on Fox News’ On the Record on Friday, Palin, when discussing what aspects of the media she despises, said, “I don’t like an unfair, biased media unless they declare that… they are biased and are opinion talkers.”

She said those who are supposed to be journalists and get the “who, what, when, where, why” for the American people often betray them by not declaring their point of view upfront and letting the American people judge for themselves.

That is a point Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow and Editor-at-Large John Nolte have regularly argued, that outlets like CNN and Politico that promote liberals and bash conservatives under the guise of objectivity deserve increased scrutiny.

“I don’t like those who so interject their own opinion that they become very unfair,” Palin said of those who present themselves as objective journalists.


Dr. Ben Carson Rips “PC Police” at CPAC: “Don’t Let The Left Shut You Up”

Worth a Read:

Meet ‘Oblasio’: De Blasio’s turning into Obama’s twin

By Michael Goodwin


Editorial: Politics drives serial Obamacare delays

President aims to protect Congressional Democrats from the consequences of the law they passed


NARAL President: “Anti-Abortion Is Anti-American”…

Everybody says something stupid and offensive at one time or another. But it takes a special kind of ideologue to turn it into a speech repeated over and over. And that ideologue is NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue.


To End IRS Abuses of Free Speech, End the IRS

The tax agency has a history of use as a bludgeon against enemies of sitting administrations and the IRS itself.


Real Education Reform: Deprogram Liberals

By John Ransom


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