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I will remain in “mourning” so long as Obama’s unworthy ass sits in the Oval Office.

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Joke of the day:

  Joe Biden sat down for an interview with the ladies of The View to convince young people to sign up for Obamacare.  Joe Biden’s appearance on The View fulfilled his lifetime dream of being the smartest person in the room.

My Top Stories For Today:

Media ‘reform’ schemes business as usual for some on FCC

columnist avatar Bryron York   by Byron York

Democrats on the Federal Communications Commission say they have absolutely no plans to censor the press.

“The commission has no intention of regulating political or other speech of journalists or broadcasters,” FCC chairman Tom Wheeler wrote to a group of House Republicans on Feb. 14, after controversy erupted over an FCC project to question journalists to determine whether their articles, commentaries, and newscasts meet government-determined “critical information needs.”

Likewise, FCC commissioner Mignon Clyburn, a key backer of the project, said during her Senate confirmation hearing back in 2009 that the FCC “is not in the business of censoring speech or content on the basis of political views and opinions.”

They no doubt believe what they say. So what explains the FCC’s — or at least the Democratic side of the FCC’s — willingness to embark on an effort that many journalists felt infringed on some of the nation’s most cherished First Amendment protections?

The answer lies in the firm belief among many on the Left, and that includes some in the FCC, that the media is in dire need of “reform.”

Angry and troubled by the continued success of Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and other conservative programs and personalities, media reformers say the press is under such tight corporate control that “independent” voices have been drowned out and many Americans receive a dangerously one-sided diet of information.


The Post-American and Post-Communist World

columnist avatar Daniel Greenfield   by Daniel Greenfield

Sixty years ago an uprising in the Ukraine would have been met with machine guns fired from behind the armor of Communist ideology. With the fall of the USSR, Russia didn’t have much of an ideology to deploy against Ukrainian nationalism.

Putin tried to replace Communism’s international agents of influence by cobbling together a crude network of leftist anti-imperialists, paleo-libertarians and assorted conspiracy theorists and exploited it with classic tradecraft. Assange and Snowden showed how damaging this could be to the United States, but Assange, Snowden and all the rest of the gang couldn’t keep the Ukraine in Putin’s hands.

The anti-government sentiments projected by RT can bring in useful idiots, Assange and Snowden are evidence of that, but they lack Communism’s power to influence millions through the medium of a comprehensive ideology whose followers were willing to lie and die for it in unending numbers.

If Russia had set out to suppress an uprising 60 years ago, its talking points would have been on the lips and printing presses of innumerable writers and papers. To see what that would look like today, just compare and contrast the coverage of protests in Ukraine and Venezuela.  Putin destroyed whatever goodwill he had left from the left by coming out against gay rights. Maduro however is a Socialist in good standing. The media coverage of Venezuela and the Ukraine reflect that ideological disparity.

Russia and China traded Communism for economic productivity, but they lost the ability to project their power through the network of ideological alliances that once bound the left together. While Russia and China have moved away from the left, the United States has moved toward the left, but Obama is no more able to rally the left internationally than Putin or Xi Jinping.


IMHO the best two paragraphs in the entire article:

Obama’s foreign policy is a Jekyll and Hyde monster with a split personality of Clintonites trying to steer it away from the rocks and leftist extremists with more ideology than experience from the Center for American Progress aiming for the rocks. Neither side really knows what it’s doing and instead of picking a side, the man at the top is often willing to sit back and let them fight it out while the Washington and New York papers decide which side is right.

That’s not a good way to run a banana republic consisting of two shacks and a donkey. It’s a truly terrible way to run a world power.

Obama’s Military Budget Is Delusional

    by Rich Lowry
The Obama administration says that we need to end what it calls “the era of  austerity” in Washington. Notably excluded from this admonition is the one  department of government that is actually experiencing austerity worthy of the  name.
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel unveiled a military budget that will reduce  the U.S. Army to pre-World War II levels. The spin is that this will be a  smarter force better suited to 21st-century challenges, but everyone knows that  it is all about accommodating the trillion dollars in defense cuts adopted  during the recent Beltway budgetary wars.
The Pentagon has been a bipartisan target of opportunity. Democrats oppose  defense spending because it’s defense spending; Republicans oppose it because it  is spending.
We obviously aren’t at the same point as the British in the 19th century,  when Bismarck scoffed that if the British army invaded, he’d have it arrested.  But 570,000 troops were barely enough to fight the Iraq and Afghanistan wars,  and the Hagel budget will take us to 450,000, or — if the defense sequester  isn’t further relaxed — even fewer.
Most defense secretaries aspire to be the next George Marshall. Secretary  Hagel evidently wants to be the next Harold Brown, who presided over the  Carter-era hollowed-out military.


NYPD bailing new mayor from serious controversies

columnist avatar Michael Goodwin   by Michael Goodwin

In their 20 combined years at City Hall, Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg routinely protected the police from political attacks and hucksters. Even when an officer was involved in questionable conduct, their first instinct was to remind New Yorkers that cops, like everybody else, are presumed innocent.

In his first months in office, Mayor de Blasio is reversing that relationship. Already, the NYPD has rescued him twice from serious controversies, with top cop Bill Bratton forced to use his credibility to protect the mayor from embarrassment and charges of hypocrisy.

It is a curious turnabout, not least because de Blasio based much of his campaign on an anti-police agenda. He attacked stop-and-frisk as racial profiling, and proclaimed that, under his administration, “we will not break the law to enforce the law.”

It’s a catchy phrase, but de Blasio’s actions in two remarkable incidents are mocking the promise of evenhandedness.

The first involved the sudden release of a de Blasio supporter from jail following a late-night mayoral call to the NYPD. Amid charges of special treatment, de Blasio defended himself but a strangely-silent Bratton ducked the controversy for as long as he could.

It wasn’t until a week after the Feb. 10 phone call became public that Bratton finally said he had “no problem” with his boss.

“He can call anybody he wants, any time he wants,” the commissioner added, with the mayor standing beside him.

The second rescue followed the WCBS video showing de Blasio’s police-driven SUV speeding and running two stop signs while he sat in the front seat. That was just two days after the mayor released his “Vision Zero” plan for cutting traffic deaths, where he declared that “it’s about each of us taking greater responsibility every time we get behind the wheel or step out on the street.”

For added measure, The Post photographed him jaywalking.


Deblasio should be a media dream while in office. He’s evidently going to present them with lots of things to write about.

“People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.”  ~  Søren Kierkegaard

Stuff like this:

Media Malpractice:

AP’s Tomlinson Hauls Out Tired ‘Heavily Edited’ Jab at O’Keefe as State Launches  Investigation of Battleground Texas

   by Tom Blumer

At the Associated Press on Friday, Chris Tomlinson wrote  a story of national significance (“State officials investigating  Democratic activists”) which the wire service appears not to have ever  carried at  its national site.

It is nationally significant because the establishment press, both in print  and over the airwaves, has chosen to make the Lone Star State gubernatorial  candidacy of Democrat Wendy Davis a national matter. However, continuing a  pattern going back several months (examples here  and here),  when negative matters relating to her campaign or to those assisting it surface,  all of a sudden we’re supposed to believe nobody outside of Texas cares.



Sen. Rubio Delivers Passionate Speech About Cuba And Venezuela


The Jokes on us:

    President Obama was in Fresno to bemoan the California drought Friday. Then he played golf in Palm Springs on courses that use up one-fourth of the underground water. The club members make up for all the millions of gallons of water they use by ordering their Scotch neat.

Worth a Read:

Bill Clinton tries to boost McConnell challenger


Like it or not, and believe me I do not, Bill Clinton is the most popular politician in the country. Why the American people idolize this sleezy dirtbag is beyond me, but they do.

In spite of the fact that Clinton “won” Kentucky, twice, he is not in the White House now. The economy was good back then, and still McConnell won his races.

Right now in a tough primary taking hits from left and right he is tied with Grimes. If he wins his primary, and I suspect he will, he should be able to pull away from Grimes. If not, choosing to primary him may not look like such a good idea. I don’t “like” McConnell. But I like the Senate being in the hands of Harry Reid even less.

Dingle Retiring. Finally.


Not to fear now that Dingle is finally leaving – his wife is running for his seat. Guess Michigan believes in dynasties. Although even the Dem idiots that kept voting for this old POS should be able to see that a “Dingle Dynasty” makes them just look and sound silly.

Rubio Gives Harkin a Lesson in History


This is the Marco Rubio that Republican fell in love with back in 2010. Then he fell in with McRino and Graham and the “Gang of Eight” and lost both the love and the respect they had for him.
Can he get it back? I guess it depends which Marco Rubio shows up.
One thing I’m sure of, the further he distances himself from McCain and Lindsey Graham the better off he will be.

Why Jan Brewer Will Veto Arizona’s Antigay Bill

The Republican governor’s decision is politically calculated and underscores the country’s sizable shift on gay-rights issues. And we’ve seen this from her before.


I don’t care what her motivation is, she should and must veto this law. I seldom agree with those on the left or with McCain but in this case I most definately do. This IS a Jim Crow lookalike law and decent people should vote against such blatent discrimination!

The Democrats Are Apparently Terrified of Scott Walker

by Stephen Kruiser

Last week, over 27,000 pages of private e-mails from one of Wisconsin governor Scott Walker’s convicted ex-staffers were released. As soon as the document dump hit the Web, Democrats began climbing over themselves to prove that the e-mails showed that during his time as Milwaukee county executive in 2010, Walker was part of a grand criminal conspiracy — despite the fact that prosecutors had the e-mails for nearly three years and found Walker had engaged in no criminal wrongdoing.

This is a lot like what happened with Sarah Palin a while back. Democrats think that a large number of emails are bound to reveal some criminal activity. Once they have access, they begin frothing and assuming they will unearth something criminal. This is probably because the same would be true if you were perusing thousands of the average Democrat’s emails.

What have they dug up on the good governor so far? Here’s one GAME CHANGER:

Perhaps the crown jewel of Walker attacks occurred on Monday, when Amanda Terkel at the Huffington Post tried to argue that Walker has a history of breaking campaign rules because he — wait for it — violated a rule while running for Marquette University student body president in 1988, when he was 20 years old.

Walker probably causes more sweating among Democrat elites as far as 2016 is concerned than any other potential candidate among the popular GOP governors (I have a separate theory about Christie that I won’t go into here).

All Walker does is make Democrats look bad. And beat their organized muscle, Big Labor. He is one of those politicians who accomplishes being remarkable by being unremarkable, which is odd in the hyper-media era. He just shows up at work and gets results for all of the people he governs, not only the ones who voted for him.

Who ever heard of such craziness?

Yet the Dems and their media lackeys tell us that bringing up old news about Hill and Bill is verboten. There they go with their old double standard again.

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