Monday Mourning Muddle

Witch’s Will For A Mourning In July

I will remain in “mourning” so long as Obama’s unworthy ass sits in the Oval Office.

Quote of the day:

 “Some of the biggest cases of mistaken identity are among intellectuals who have trouble remembering that they are not God.”  ~ Thomas Sowell

  Leaked NSA documents reveal a system that allows analysts to search “nearly everything a typical user does on the internet.” Still unknowable: anything Obama did on Benghazi.

My Top 3:


Nudge off!

Why czars of suggestion — Eat better! Exercise more! Save don’t spend! — are doomed to inevitable failure

Unemployed? Underemployed? Working the register at Denny’s when you used to be on the management track? Just been informed you’ll be one of the ObamaCare “29ers” who gets that many hours of work a week, no more, to sidestep penalty costs? Don’t fret. Washington has just brought in a new behavior sheriff. She’s rounding up an encouragement posse to get you to live your life better. She’s 27. Her name is Maya Shankar.

You know how Best Buy can send a Geek Squad to your house to hook up your new gadgets? If a recruitment e-mail sent out by Maya Shankar is any indication, there will soon be a White House Nudge Squad. They’ll be there to hook you up with correct thinking and behavior, but you don’t have to call them and they don’t have to come over. They’re fine with redirecting your brainwaves from their comfy conference rooms in DC.

The White House’s new nudge czar, 27-year-old Maya Shankar (right), has a thin résumé and a strong belief that she, like former Obama appointee Cass Sunstein (right), knows what choices you, the lowly American, should be making to have a better, longer and happier life.

Shankar is a former violin prodigy who performed with Itzhak Perlman at Juilliard. Inflamed tendons caused her to put down her fiddle, and now the United States is her instrument. So get ready to be played.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Shankar went on to Yale (where she studied cognitive science), Oxford and Stanford.

It would appear that she has never had an actual job unless you count “post-doctoral fellow.”

Shankar is not without accomplishments, though. She is a Rhodes scholar with a killer sense for publicity. She’s been featured on NPR three times and in Glamour and USA Today roundups of the nation’s most promising college students.

In Glamour, in 2006, she said her dream job would be presidential science adviser. So it has come to pass: For her first job, she is now “senior policy advisor at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.”

That’s right. Senior. This person was a senior at Yale as of 2007, but now she gets to tell you how to live your life. Sorry: encourage you to make choices that will make you happier.

For a White House senior science advisor wielding the federal joysticks of citizen behavior modification, Shankar has somewhat thin credentials. The only published paper of hers I could find — I’m not making this up — was about whether the color of your juice affected its taste. It was called “Grape Expectations: The Role of Cognitive Influences in Color-Flavor Interactions.”

Useful! Now Shankar has grape expectations for you, America. According to her recruitment e-mail, “The federal government is currently creating a new team that will help build federal capacity to experiment with these approaches and to scale behavioral interventions that have been rigorously evaluated, using, where possible, randomized controlled trials.”

You just cannot make shit like this up!


Charlie’s crackers

Memo to Charlie Rangel: You’re in some pretty uncharted waters if former Gov. David Paterson — son of one of your closest friends and allies — is publicly taking you to task for your racially charged remarks.

The hoopla began with a Rangel slam against the Tea Party: “It is the same group we faced in the South with those white crackers and the dogs and the police,” the Harlem congressman told Politico. “They didn’t care about how they looked.” In other words, the Tea Partiers are the heirs of Bull Connor and the segregationists.

A few days later, as a guest on Mike Huckabee’s radio show, Rangel was treated to a thumping — not by an outraged Republican, but by Paterson. “I thought it was totally out of line for the congressman to lump what went on during the desegregation movement in with the people who just have honest political disagreements,” Paterson said.

Paterson went on to add that he didn’t find the Tea Party’s views on government spending and lower taxes “to be particularly strident.”

There’s an irony here that Paterson — the state’s first black and legally blind governor — may appreciate, even if Rangel does not. Far from being akin to the violent segregationists of the 1960s, the Tea Party has made today’s Republican Partymore diverse.

The Tea Party movement arose in 2009, played a key role in the 2010 and 2012 elections, and saw many of its candidates triumph. And who are these people?

They include Hispanic senators Marco Rubio in Florida and Ted Cruz in Texas; Indian-American Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina; Hispanic governors Susana Martinez of New Mexico and Brian Sandoval of Nevada; African-American Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina (elected to the House in 2010 before being appointed by Haley to fill retiring Sen. Jim DeMint’s unexpired term).

In fact, thanks in part to the Tea Partiers, Republicans now make up two-thirds of the Senate’s Latinos, and Scott is the only African-American in the upper chamber.

Hope you’re paying attention, Charlie.

On FOX’s “The Five” you often hear Bob Beckel rage about Muslim leaders who do not speak about against the extremists in their religion. About time responsible African American leaders speak out against the race-baiters in their community who have attempted to divide this country for political gain. Starting with the POS in the White House.


Schiff: 2/3 of America to Lose Everything Because of This Crisis

A record breaking stock market is distorting a frightening  reality:  The U.S. is being eaten alive  by a horrific cancer that will ultimately destroy the economy and impoverish  the vast majority of its citizens.

That’s according to Peter Schiff, the best-selling author  and CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, who delivered his harsh warning to investors in  a recent interview on Fox Business.

“I think we are heading for a worse economic crisis than we  had in 2007,” Schiff said.  “You’re going  to have a collapse in the dollar…a huge spike in interest rates… and our whole  economy, which is built on the foundation of cheap money, is going to topple  when you pull the rug out from under it.”

Schiff says that, despite “phony” signs of an economic  recovery, the cancer destroying America stems from a lethal concoction of our  $16 trillion federal debt and the Fed’s never ending money printing.

Currently, Bernanke and company is buying $1 trillion of  Treasury and mortgage bonds a year. That’s about $85 billion per month against  a budget deficit that is about the same level.

According to Schiff, these numbers are unsustainable. And  the Fed has no credible “exit strategy.”

Eventually interest rates will rise… and when they do,  Schiff says, stocks will tank and bonds dip to nothing. Massive new tax hikes  will be imposed and programs and entitlements will be cut to the bone.



Winning the Peace

by Daniel Greenfield

In our modern age, things no longer exist to perform their function. Washing machines aren’t designed to clean clothes, but to save water and energy. Food isn’t there to be eaten, but not eaten. And armies aren’t there to win wars, but to be moral. And the truly moral army never fights a war. When it must fight a war, then it fights it as proportionately as possible, slowing down when it’s winning so that the enemy has a chance to catch up and inflict a completely proportional number of casualties on them

much more:

I am just a knuckle-dragging, racist but I think if you are going to do something terrible, like waging a war, you should do it as hard and fast as possible. Flatten the enemy and end the carnage as soon as you can. That, at least to me, seems the most humane and the best way to win. Because if you don’t intend to win, why the hell would you wage war in the first place?

Don’t that just say it all?

R U Kidding Me?

No Joke: Obama’s Dog Flies Separately To Family’s Vacation Aboard Military Aircraft…

Our tax dollars hard at work.

Worth a Read:

Face Of SNAP: CA Surfer Who Buys Sushi, Lobster and Avoids Work

George Will: No Republican Believes “Anything In Immigration Bill Will Be Binding On An Unleashed President”


NYT CEO Gets into Shouting Match with British TV Crew


Maybe the NYT can report this as just another “phony” scandal.

Weiner raising much less cash since most recent scandal

Campaign finance records show that Democrat Anthony Weiner’s New York City  mayoral campaign is bleeding cash while donations are becoming much harder to  come by.

Weiner raised an average of $16,434 per day in the first 50 days of his  campaign, according to the New York Daily News,  totaling more than $820,000.

But between the day his latest scandal broke on July 23 and August 5, Weiner  raised only $1,897 per day, for a total of just more than $24,000.


Stick a fork in this Weiner – he’s done. And as we use to say back in my day – good riddance to bad rubbish! I was sure that even New Yorkers weren’t stupid enough to elect this pervert. But then I remembered that they elected Bloomberg 3 times.

Media Malpractice:

America’s Three Worst Pravda Press Organizations

Obsequious Obama lapdogs.

The competition for the most loathsome news organization in the U.S is fierce.

Based on their offenses against the basic tenets of journalism seen during just the past two weeks, some of which would have made the propagandists at the former Soviet Union’s Pravda blush, three lame losers — Politico, the Huffington Post, and the Associated Press — have emerged as leaders of the left agenda-promoting, Barack Obama keister-covering brigade.

Politico is the trailblazer in frequently tailoring and even altering its coverage to minimize Obama administration embarrassment. The practice makes a mockery of its “Our Story” page promise of “tough, fair and fun coverage of politics and government” while “delivering nonpartisan news, fast, fair and first.”

On August 4, the web site’s Kyle Cheney published an item headlined “Poor attendance at Obamacare event in Virginia.” The headline perfectly fit the story. At one such gathering orchestrated by the Obama agenda-promoting Organizing for Action in the Metro DC community of Centreville, “Just one volunteer stayed … and the event’s organizer bolted after 20 minutes.”

These three news organizations are likely among the cadre of supposedly legitimate “media outlets” to which Illinois Democratic Senator Dick Durbin, who believes that the government “must define a journalist” and determine their “constitutional and statutory protections,” would want to provide full First Amendment protections. Everyone else? You would apparently be at the government’s tender mercies.

A recent Investor’s Business Daily editorial asserted that if Durbin ever gets his way, “our republic and the liberty it guarantees are in trouble.”

Actually, thanks to the journalistic malfeasance at the three news organizations just discussed and at so many others imitating their Pravda-like practices, they already are.


I have never considered HuffPo or Politico to be “news” organizations.

As for the AP, it has lost all credibility and that’s a shame.

Good news that “The Blaze” and the “Daily Caller” have blown Politico out of the water. Both are undoubtedly right wing but both are more honest and have more integrity than the liars at Politico.

Barack Obama decamps to Martha’s Vineyard and thumbs his nose again at America’s middle class

Yet again it is the British press doing the job the American mainstream media chooses not to. The Telegraph has a story (prominently headlined on the highly influential Drudge Report) about the US president’s dog Bo, being specially airlifted to the exclusive Massachusetts resort of Martha’s Vineyard to join the First Family for their summer vacation. As The Telegraph’s Nick Allen reports:

Rooms have to be found for dozens of Secret Service agents, someone has to carry a selection of presidential basketballs, and of course the family dog needs his own state-of-the-art aircraft.

Arriving in the idyllic coastal retreat of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, Mr Obama left behind him in Washington DC high profile debates over the budget, government surveillance and his health care reforms. Instead, he will spend the next eight days playing golf, going to the beach, and buying books from the Bunch of Grapes bookstore.

… Bo, the president’s Portuguese Water Dog, arrived separately on one of two MV-22 Ospreys, a hybrid aircraft which takes off like a helicopter but flies like a plane. It was the first time the Ospreys have been taken on holiday by a US president.

As Allen notes, the Obamas are staying in a 5,000 acre $7.6 million “retreat”:

The Obamas are staying in Chilmark on the western tip of the island, an area that is dotted with multi-million dollar homes. The neighbours include actor Ted Danson and the singer Carly Simon.

On several previous visits the Obamas had stayed at the 28-acre Blue Heron Farm, but it has since been sold to Britain’s most celebrated architect, Baron Foster of Thames Bank.

The president has therefore had to downsize to a $7.6 million, 5,000-square foot retreat on nine acres which is owned by a businessman friend from Chicago. It includes a basketball court.

Why does a story about the White House dog being taken on holiday matter? Because the airlifting of Bo costs taxpayers money, as does the huge security operation for the Obamas’ extravagant vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, playground for America’s uber-wealthy liberal elites. Significantly President Obama chose not to vacation in Martha’s Vineyard last summer. Why? Because the optics would have looked terrible during an election year, and could have hurt him at the ballot box.

This year, Obama doesn’t need to worry about re-election, and is this week flaunting a “let them eat cake” image. He’s also aided by a docile liberal mainstream media that prefers not to make an issue out of profligate spending by the White House, even when the United States is nearly $17 trillion in debt.

You can be sure that if a British prime minister airlifted his dog at taxpayers’ expense for his summer holiday there would be hell to pay in terms of negative media coverage in the UK.


Really? Because according to punidiots like Greg Gutfeld complaining about Obama and his multitude of vacations, all on the taxpayer dime, is being a “baby”. If those on the right won’t complain about this, why the hell would the lefty media?

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