Thursday Mourning Thuggery

Witch’s Will For A Mourning In July

I will remain in “mourning” so long as Obama’s unworthy ass sits in the Oval Office.

Quote of the day:

 The  final proof of greatness lies in being able to endure criticism without  resentment.   ~ Elbert  Hubbard

 Nancy Pelosi had “A Conversation on Race and Justice” on July 30 on Capitol Hill. I see they didn’t go with the original title: “Agitating the Base for Fun and Profit”.

My Top 3:


Military Spouses Choir


CNN Report Slams WH on Benghazi: “Inconsistent, Conflicting, Inaccurate”

  by Guy Benson

Perhaps I spoke to soon in criticizing CNN’s John King for focusing so much of his Benghazi analysis on Republicans exploiting — or thinking of exploiting — the scandal for political purposes.  In a segment that aired as part of the network’s special report on the terrorist attack, King was harshly critical of the administration’s handling of the massacre and its aftermath:

And in saying “that’s not true” he basically called Carney a liar. I still think King’s an ass and a partisan and biased POS. But this was good work. Too bad it’s an exception not the rule at CNN.


RINOs in Wonderland

  by Michael Walsh

As the record shows, I was no big fan of Mitt Romney. On the 2011 National Review cruise, I predicted that if Romney was the Republican candidate against Barack Obama he would lose, and on the 2012 cruise I had to say: told you so. I took, and take, no pleasure in that; in fact, I even succumbed to an election-eve bout of irrational optimism (along with most of my PJ colleagues) that somehow the American electorate would see through the fraud that is Barack Obama and do the right thing. Oops.

But now that we’re well into the fifth year of the very slow slog known as the Obama administration, maybe Romney’s loss wasn’t so bad. Like John McCain, who’s all but gone over to the other side, Mitt would have driven us conservatives crazy. Deep down, we all knew his “severe conservatism” was just an act, delivered with Mitt’s trademark sincerity. And in any case, the thing that should have instantly disqualified Romney as the GOP nominee — Romneycare in Massachusetts — would have been the gift that kept on giving. Does anybody really think that Romney would have started dismantling Obamacare on Day One?

Of course not. And that’s why it’s not surprising to see Mitt pop out of his La Jolla mansion to warn against the campaign by Sens. Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and other radical conservatives in Congress to defund Obamacare. After all, that might mean (gasp!) shutting down the government should the Democrats call the Republicans’ bluff, and we can’t have that — because what would the United States of America do without the federal government? From the Washington Times:

“We need to exercise great care about any talk of shutting down government,” Mr. Romney said at a fundraiser in New Hampshire for the state’s Republican Party, according to prepared remarks. “What would come next when soldiers aren’t paid, when seniors fear for their Medicare and Social Security, and when the FBI is off duty?”

The former Massachusetts governor said that the GOP has better options for removing Mr. Obama’s health care law.

“I’m afraid that in the final analysis, Obamacare would get its funding, our party would suffer in the next elections, and the people of the nation would not be happy,” he said. “I think there are better ways to remove Obamacare.”

I can think of one right off the top of my head: running better candidates than the two RINOs who cost us the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, candidates who would have excited the party’s conservative base instead of taking it for granted. There are a lot of reasons Romney lost — narrowly but still decisively — to Obama last year, among them the customary Democrat willingness to bend or even break election rules in order to win; for them, as for Vince Lombardi, winning isn’t everything — it’s the only thing. The thought was that conservatives would have nowhere else to go once they got to the ballot box, but the flaw in that thinking was exposed when not enough conservatives bothered to show up at the polls in the first place. Contrast that with the Left’s relentless bush-beating; the Democrats managed the amazing feat of actually increasing black and minority turnout for the second Obama election, which proved to be their margin of victory. That’s how you play the game: to win.



Race Fatigue

   by Derryck Green

After gavel-to-gavel coverage of the George Zimmerman trial, I need a break.  After all the post-verdict anger, lamentations and inane discussions about what it is to be a black man in America, I’m exhausted.

After watching President Obama liken himself to Trayvon Martin, I’ve had enough.

All this talk about race seems intentionally shortsighted and disingenuous.  It simply implicates whites and infantilizes the black man.  And those needing to hear straight talk the most are shortchanged by the soulless profiteers of the racial grievance industry.

I’m tired of Trayvon Martin being compared to Emmett Till — which, by extension, projects a racial ethos similar to that of 1955 upon contemporary America.  Martin was no Till, period.

Martin was not some kind of martyr.  Please, already.

I’m tired of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. being photoshopped into a hoodie.  This is nothing short of repulsive, and it denigrates the memory of Dr. King’s contribution to racial justice.

Our nation shall forever be in debt to Dr. King.  The same cannot and should not be said nor insinuated about Trayvon Martin.  There is no comparison.


Don’t that just say it all?

  Good For Him!

RNC Chair Priebus To CNN: We’ll Take Our Debates To Salem Communications


Flashback: Bill Clinton Endorsed Filthy Filner For San Diego Mayor In 2012…

Before 13 women stepped forward to accuse San Diego Democratic Mayor Bob Filner of sexual harassment, Filner was not the political pariah he is now.

Prior to his election as mayor — and the recent, numerous sexual harassment accusations — former President Bill Clinton endorsed Filner, asking voters to join him “in supporting Bob Filner for mayor” in 2012.


Worth a Read:

Obama can’t remember Dr. Jill Biden’s name or where the Gulf of Mexico is


One can only imagine the furor, and the attacks, had Sarah Palin said something so stupid.

The Fort Hood attack was terrorism. The Army should call it that.


Calling it “workplace violence” was stupid and makes a horrible event seem trivial. Actually it makes the people that use the term look silly. Of course we get a whole lot of silly coming out of this administration and endorsed by a corrupt media.

Rand Paul vs. CNBC’s John Harwood On Former Aide’s Racist Past

I thought he handled Harwood very well. And Harwood showed his agenda very clearly.

The one who would reinvent Detroit

by George Will


New Media:

That Word vs. America

by J.R. Dunn

So Tim  Allen has decided to publicly defuse that most egregious of English words:  the six-letter one that starts with n and ends with r.

Allen  is not the first you’d guess would attempt such a thing. He’s a distinct example  of the nonaggressive type of comic — not quite the schmoe dumped on by the  entire universe, but not far from that either.  The kind of comic you’d  encounter in Disney films, Dagwood Bumstead in the flesh.

This  has been done before, but by edgy, wild-eyed types such as Lenny  Bruce and Richard Pryor. Neither  quite defanged the term — Bruce was operating in the midst of the cultural  revolution that would set the modern view of race in concrete, while Pryor, a  figure of the 70s, was transparently playing off of white guilt. The times just  weren’t right; you can’t run a railroad if the tracks aren’t laid down  first.

But  today in the new millennium, things are different. As the Zimmerman trial has  revealed, the race card has become frayed and tattered from continual overuse.  Whites don’t feel very guilty anymore, a full century and a half after the  demise of slavery and fifty years after the collapse of legal segregation. A  solution to the racial impasse of the past half-century, in which every last  American, white, black, or “other,” has been forced to act as if both those  historical inequities ended only last Tuesday — if in fact they’d ended at all  — is long overdue.  A solution to the n-word conundrum is a central  element of this.

Nothing  symbolizes American racial tensions more than this single word (if that’s  the actual term for it — see below). It’s the definition of a fighting word, a  word so radioactive it cannot be touched. It’s the word that destroyed Paula  Deen’s vast food empire, the word that played a large part in freeing O.J. The  Justice Department, under the wise and  judicious Eric Holder, is now spending vast amounts of government money in an attempt to discover whether a man found not  guilty in a court of law ever uttered it, under the supposition that it will  render him guilty again.

It  has been abused by race hustlers of all stripes for generations. Every few years  the debate churns up again, triggered by some loudmouth rapper or an unfortunate  honest grandmother. We get the bit lips and hurt expressions from black public  figures, the overeager apologies from white betas, the solemn processions of  blacks carrying coffins marked “the N-word”. Everybody wants to see it gone,  buried at the crossroads with a stake in its heart. But like a movie zombie, it  always gets up and goes shambling into town once again, looking for Paula Deens  to bite.

Why  all this effort? Because we all know that when that word is at last abolished,  we will look around and see that there is no more Klan, that no one is being  lynched any longer, that segregation has been overcome, that civil rights have  been guaranteed to all Americans.


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