Monday Mourning Mongeese

Witch’s Will For A Mourning In July

I will remain in “mourning” so long as Obama’s unworthy ass sits in the Oval Office.

Quote of the day:

   “It is one thing to rouse the passion of a people, and quite another to lead them.”  ~ Ron Suskind

 A new study shows that electric cars are actually no more environmentally-friendly than gasoline-powered vehicles. Turns out they’re also less safe in head-on collisions with Chihuahuas.

3 Of The Best  Stories:


President Obama’s New American Vocabulary

   by Victor Davis Hanson

Of all the many changes that the Obama administration has enacted over the last five years, the least remarked upon are the strange changes in our vocabulary. To fathom the shifting meaning of words, here is a guide to the new Obama lexicon.

Affordable Care Act: Mostly unaffordable, uncaring, and inactive.

Assault Weapon: Paint your .22 black and add a plastic handle.

Associated Press: Leakers who dared to challenge the White House monopoly.

Baby: Punishment for a mistake.

Benghazi: We won’t have any more because one video-maker is now in prison.

Berlin Wall: Analogous to the Cold War fence that kept out German illegal aliens from entering a free East Berlin.

Biden: Buffoonery after it becomes boring.

Buffett: He alone built that.

Carney: Ron Ziegler lives!

Cashing in: A practice finally ended when Hillary Clinton and Lisa Jackson left office.

Coal: A toxic rock that the crazy Chinese believe makes heat.

Corporate Jet Owners: Sort of like Air Force One.

Corpsmen: Zombies.

Courts: Revolutionary tribunals.

“Cowards”: Everybody but “my people.”

Debt: What debt?

Debt Ceilings: Only Senate cowards vote not to raise them.

Deficits: Ex-presidents incurred them.

Diversity: Endangered by locking up mass-murdering Maj. Hasan.

Drones: Sophisticated, humane military tools in the hands of the right commander in chief.

Enemies: Ours are to be punished at home, while courted abroad.

Erdogan: A valuable and trusted anti-Semite, racist, and religious bigot.

Filibusters: Unpatriotic obstructionism begun in 2007.

Genocide: An American crime unknown to the Germans, Hutus, and Turks.

Guantanamo: Virtually closed as promised.

Hawaii: Now in Asia.

Hope and Change: 2016.

Illegal Aliens: See undocumented workers.

Interest: It no longer exists.

Fast and Furious: More often a slow and methodical death.

Fat Cat: The new Al Gore.

Fifty-seven states: A trick question on Harvard Law School exams.

First Amendment: So long, glad to have known you.

Food Stamps: Never stamps and not always for food.

Fracking: Produces way too much unnecessary energy and money.

George Zimmerman: Does not look like the son Obama might have had.

George Zimmerman Trial: An indictment of white male America, when a female judge instructs an all-female jury in a case involving a Latino shooting an African-American — with pretrial input from an African-American president and attorney general.

Golf: A populist sport necessary to relieve the weekly tensions of average-guy presidents.

Global Warming: Along with rising seas, mostly ended by the president in 2009.

Green: Alternative sources of money.

IRS: Investigation of right-wing suspects.

Israel: A boring free-market democracy surrounded by rich cultural diversity.

Jihad: A sort of personal journey to be posted on Facebook.

Law: Can occasionally be enforced against the right people.

Leading from Behind: Or rather following from the front.

Lobbyists: Disappeared from government in 2009.

Lying: Speaking untruth except when doing so before the Congress and under oath.

“Make No Mistake About It”: Something neither “perfectly clear” nor “in point of fact.”

Media: The Ministry of Truth.



Injudicious Criminal Justice in Florida        

The prosecutorial misconduct in Zimmerman’s trial reveals a judicial system run amok.     

  by John Fund

The trial of George Zimmerman should be taught in law schools and elsewhere as a prime example of one of the most mishandled and politically motivated prosecutions in recent U.S. history. If we want to reserve the criminal-justice system for deciding guilt or innocence rather than for playing out social and racial grievances, it’s important to review the spectacle we just witnessed.

Recall that the investigation of Trayvon Martin’s shooting was taken out of the hands of local authorities and placed with an appointed special prosecutor named Angela Corey. She said her job was to rise above public pressure to indict Zimmerman, but within weeks she claimed her job was “to do justice for Trayvon Martin.” She quickly decided to charge Zimmerman with second-degree murder, a charge that may have satisfied public opinion but which required her to prove that the former Neighborhood Watch volunteer harbored ill will and spite against Trayvon Martin, whom he had never met until minutes before the shooting.

The Florida Bar’s rules state that the government’s attorneys shall “refrain from prosecuting a charge that the prosecutor knows is not supported by probable cause . . . [and] make timely disclosure to the defense of all evidence or information known to the prosecutor that tends to negate the guilt of the accused or mitigates the offense.”

Angela Corey flagrantly violated those standards. Her prosecutors waited months before giving the defense photos showing the extent of George Zimmerman’s injuries the night of the shooting. Ben Kruidbos, the information-technology director for the state attorney’s office, was shocked when he learned that prosecutors hadn’t turned over to the defense evidence of photos and text messages that Kruidbos had recovered from Martin’s cell phone. The photos included images of a pile of jewelry on a bed, underage nude females, marijuana, and a hand menacingly holding a semiautomatic weapon.



‘March for Jobs’ to Traverse D.C. in Protest Against Amnesty

A broad coalition of political activists from the left, right, and center plan to march through Washington, D.C., from Freedom Plaza to Capitol Hill on Monday morning in what is called the “March For Jobs”—a movement opposed to amnesty for illegal immigrants.

The group plans to convene at Freedom Plaza around 9:30 AM and march to the U.S. Capitol. At around 11 AM, a program featuring speakers like Sens. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Reps. Steve King (R-IA) and Mo Brooks (R-AL), among many other leaders throughout the country from all political perspectives. The Black American Leadership Alliance (BALA) is organizing the rally.

Leah Durant, the founder of BALA and a former U.S. Department of Justice immigration attorney, told Breitbart News the rally is aimed at making sure American jobs go to Americans.

“Our movement centers around making sure that America’s jobs are preserved for those poorest Americans who struggle to find work,” Durant said in an email.

At a time when nearly 22 million Americans are either out of work or underemployed, it is our strong believe that now is no time to engage in polices that would artificially add millions more workers to US labor markets, dramatically increasing competition for scare U.S. jobs. At 13.8%, black unemployment is nearly double that of the national average.  Our coalition – the Black American Leadership Alliance reflects the views of everyday middle-class Americans rather than the political elites and big business interests from both the right and left, that have championed large-scale immigration to the US. Our coalition speaks for the common man and woman in America.

The Black American Leadership Alliance stands on a storied history of leaders who have seen the value in enacting labor and immigration policies that buttress and support America’s labor interests. People like Coretta Scott King, A. Phillip Randolph, Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, Cesar Chavez, Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglass, and others, all of whom understood the importance of reducing immigration to tighten labor markets and protect the interests of American labor. We stand together with one voice, white, black, right, left to see to the enactment of immigration and labor policies that promote basic fairness for all workers and justice for America’s poor.

The Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, the founder and president of the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND), told Breitbart News that the event is important because it gives a voice in the immigration debate to thus far ignored Americans who are out of work.



Was Justice Carried?

by Rich Galen

We often hear  about a “miscarriage of justice” but rarely a “carriage of justice.”  Much as we call people inept, but never say someone is really, really,  ept.Ok, there is no such word as “ept” so that doesn’t count.

The  national news corps was all a-twitter – including being ON Twitter –  when the jury came back with its not guilty verdict in the George  Zimmerman trial for the death of Trayvon Martin.Too many of them expressed everything from disappointment to outright shock at the result.

I understand life is passing me by, and the notion of a reporter without  an agenda is as outdated as an 8-track player connected to a AM-only  radio in a car with bench seats and white walls. I get that.

But, what I don’t get is a bunch of people who were not in the  courtroom, who probably only watched snippets of the coverage on evening  cable news programs (if only because they’re supposed to be covering  their regular beat like the White House or Congress) deciding that they  knew how this was all supposed to turn out, and an acquittal was not it.

None  of these people would have been allowed on the jury because they had  made up their mind that Zimmerman was guilty before he was even arrested  and charged.

Speaking of the jury, the all-woman jury consisted  of five Whites and one Hispanic. This, according to Fox News legal  analyst Tamara Holder, was fraught with danger because the jury didn’t  match the racial makeup of Seminole County and “The George  Zimmerman prosecution and defense teams should have considered the  potential for such a response in this case, because race was at issue  from the outset.

” Everything I know about jury trials I learned  from watching Law & Order episodes and covering Municipal Court as a  young reporter in Marietta, Ohio 45750. But I know this: A defense  attorney that potentially damages his client’s chances for a fair trial  by choosing less than the best jurors he can is likely to lose his  license.

At the beginning of the trial, Zimmerman’s lawyer, Don  West told his infamous knock-knock joke about the difficulty in finding  jurors who had not already made up their mind because they’d read and  heard so much about the case:

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

George Zimmerman.

George Zimmerman who?

Alright good, you’re on the jury.

The legal geniuses on the cable chat shows called for West’s head because the jury didn’t laugh.Now  that Zimmerman has been acquitted on the charge of 2nd degree murder,  that same crowd is calling for the prosecutors’ collective heads because  they couldn’t prove 2nd degree murder.


Worth a Read:

Bravo Rep Huelskamp! applause applause

Zimmerman lawyer to move ‘asap’ against NBC News


I hope he sues for a bundle and gets it!

California Insurance Commissioner Warns of ‘Real Disaster’ from Obamacare

The California inusrance commissioner, a Democrat, is warning that Obamacare could be disastorous. “We can have a real disaster on our hands,” David Jones, the commissioner, tells the Associated Press.

“His department regulates more than 300,000 insurance agents and brokers statewide,” reports the AP.

“Starting Oct. 1, the state is embarking on an ambitious effort to enroll an estimated 5.3 million Californians who lack health insurance, about half of whom will be eligible for tax credit subsidies.”


Holder’s Hold on Office

by Scott Varland


At the same time they can “promote” some of the smelly movies they’re foisted on the public this summer.

Media Malpractice:

Guilty Until Proven Innocent: How the Press Prosecuted Zimmerman While Stoking Racial Tensions


 Cockroach Of The Day:

Joe Scarborough

Scarborough Condemns ‘Hyperbolic’ Reaction To Zimmerman Verdict–Ignores Having  Called Him A ‘Murderer’

Joe Scarborough might want to reflect on people in glass houses, casting the  first stone, beam in your eye–all the adages counseling people against  hypocrisy and condemning others for sins without considering their own  wrongs.

In a Politico piece brimming with self-righteousness, Scarborough has condemned the reactions of  others to the Zimmerman verdict. Scarborough wrings his hands over people’s  “hyperbolic political pronouncements” about the case.  Hyperbolic?  We  got your hyperbole right here.  Does  Joe not remember that in 2012,  long before all the facts of the case were available, he eagerly  condemned George Zimmerman as a “murderer“?


Last but not least:

Why the D.C. ‘Living Wage’ Fight Matters to Congress

  by David Hawkings

One of the summer’s hottest local stories has become the standoff between the D.C. Council and Wal-Mart over how much the big-box behemoth should have to pay its Washington workforce.

The dust-up could end up touching Congress in several ways, beyond the sudden uncertainty about whether Hill staffers will have a new place for lunchtime shopping by the end of the year. (One of the chain’s first stores under construction in the city is at First and H streets Northwest, right behind the Government Printing Office and no more than a 20-minute walk from the Russell Senate Office Building.)

Whether city leaders end up sticking with or backing away from the “living wage” measure approved last week — it would require big retailers to pay starting wages 50 percent above the District’s regular minimum — could help steer the fate of President Barack Obama’s moribund-for-now proposal to raise the federally guaranteed hourly wage floor.

Whether Republicans end up moving legislation to block the local ordinance would indicate how forcefully, if at all, they want to apply the congressional prerogative to trump local rule. Whether Democrats move assertively against such a GOP intrusion would reflect how enthusiastic they are about advancing the agenda of organized labor.

And whether Wal-Mart would even seek such intervention will offer insights into how the lobbying team for the world’s largest retailer plans to prioritize its interests at the Capitol.

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray has until the end of this week to sign or veto the measure. (The city’s regular minimum wage of $8.25, or $1 more than the federal floor, would go up to $12.50.)  The company doesn’t yet have any stores open in the city, but the one on H Street is among three nearing completion, and plans are well along for three more in neighborhoods clamoring for more connection to Washington’s vaunted economic renaissance.

Wal-Mart is vowing that, if the higher wage law takes effect, it will abandon preparations for that second group of developments immediately while pondering its legal and financial options for pulling out of the others.


Wal~Mart also has to know that if D.C. gets away with this that they will face it elsewhere. What is more cost effective, stepping back now or being blackmailed later? I would think given the way Wal ~Mart has operated in the past that they will step away. I hope so. Time to make these union supporting frakkers pay!

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