Wednesday Mourning Weariness

Witch’s Will For A Mourning In July

I will remain in “mourning” so long as Obama’s unworthy ass sits in the Oval Office.

Quote of the day:

  “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”  ~  Albert Camus

 President Obama said the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage won’t affect “how religious institutions define and consecrate marriage”. This from Mister “if you like your insurance, you can keep it”.

3 Of The Best  Stories:


The Ingenious Stupidity of Barack Obama

   by John Ransom

It’s almost as if the administration wears the conundrum like a badge of honor, like it’s an encomium. And perhaps it is.

But at some point the American people need to hear directly from Obama himself, so that he can answer the questions that reside in the back of all of our consciousness.

And the questions are these: Are you really this stupid or is this part of some devious plan?

I’ve never before seen the opposition so paralyzed before missteps, blunders, gaffes, scandals, admitted incompetency, greed, overreach, mismanagement, lies, outrageous crimes and…did I say greed?

I hope I did, because I meant it.

What got me thinking about this was an interview I did with Cato’s Dan Mitchell- my favorite economist by the way- who thought perhaps that when Obama postponed the implementation of the big company mandate, requiring companies to provide healthcare coverage for employees under Obamacare, that Obama got what he really wanted.

“It’s going to have the perverse effect of throwing more people into these heavily subsidized, unworkable exchanges,” said Mitchell on our Tuesday broadcast of Ransom Notes Radio, “which may indeed be what the White House wanted all along, to create more dependency and more government spending.”



Rubio-Schumer and the Republican Future

  by Ross Douthat

Today’s attention-grabbing entry in the immigration debate is the joint editorial by Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol and National Review editor Rich Lowry urging House Republicans to just say no to the Schumer-Rubio approach to immigration reform. Along with a critique of the Senate bill’s substance, the piece includes this passage, offering the G.O.P. political-cum-policy advice:

At the presidential level in 2016, it would be better if Republicans won more Hispanic voters than they have in the past—but it’s most important that the party perform better among working-class and younger voters concerned about economic opportunity and upward mobility. Passing this unworkable, ramshackle bill is counterproductive or irrelevant to that task.

Which prompts Michael Tomasky to snark, on behalf of many liberals:

I like the way they allude to “working-class and younger voters.” They had the sense not to be so crass as to put the modifier “white” in front of those nouns, because that would have eaten up all the discussion oxygen, but we all know by simple process of elimination that that’s what they really mean.

I think I have enough knowledge of Lowry and Kristol’s views on the Republican Party’s prospects to say, quite emphatically, that this isn’t at all “what they really mean.” What they do mean is that it makes much more sense for the G.O.P. to think about its political problems in terms of class and economics rather than ethnicity, and for the party’s leaders to first attack its economic vulnerabilities — particularly the perception, often earned, that the party has nothing to offer wage-earning Americans — rather than starting with an issue, immigration, that has the potential to just highlight the G.O.P.’s disconnect from voter priorities, and confirm the impression that the party’s Wall Street wing calls all the shots.

The core of the Lowry-Kristol thesis isn’t that the G.O.P. should necessarily resign itself to a Romney-esque performance among Hispanics in 2016 and beyond; it’s that a conservative party with an appealing, populist-inflected economic agenda will ultimately probably win more white votes and more Hispanic votes (and, for that matter, black votes and Asian votes) than a conservative party whose idea of rebranding is just a headlong rush to put President Obama’s signature on an immigration bill.



Freedom for Me, Not for Thee

by Michael Walsh

That would be First Amendment freedom. And, to listen to Dick Durbin talk about it, the senator from Illinois — you know, the one who didn’t become president five minutes after he won his seat — the First Amendment applies to real journalists, not you unwashed lot, with your grubby blogs and your cell-phone cameras and your Twitter accounts. Sen. Dick means real journalists — you know, like David Gregory. The kind who can get away with breaking the law because they’re Journalists and you’re not — which is apparently why they need shield laws and you don’t. Folks employed by big-time news organizations (although most of them aren’t as big-time as they once were). You know, the kinds of reporters and editors the Founders had in mind when they wrote the words:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Except, of course, they didn’t.

In the freewheeling media environment of the mid/late 18th century, just about anything went. True, there were newspapers aplenty, frankly partisan affairs that advocated instead of reported. But there was also the contemporary equivalent of modern bloggers — rabble-rousers like Tom Paine, the British-born troublemaker and pamphleteer who provided much of the intellectual fodder for the American Revolution in works such as Common Sense. Like bloggers today, Paine was a pain in the ass, forever complaining about how underpaid and overworked he was, and mad at the world that his genius was not better appreciated and remunerated:

Often tactless, Paine provoked considerable controversy. He was invariably hard-pressed for money and had to depend upon the generosity of his American friends and the occasional reward from the French envoy in America. When the War came to an end, his financial position was so precarious that he had to campaign to obtain recompense from the government. Congress eventually rewarded him $3.000. Pennsylvania granted him £500 in cash, while New York proved more generous and gave him a confiscated Loyalist farm at New Rochelle.

After American independence had been won, Paine played no part in the establishment of the new republic. Instead, he busied himself trying to invent a smokeless candle and devising an iron bridge.

And when that didn’t pan out, Paine hied himself off to France, where he threw himself into another revolution, in which he almost lost his head. He died, penniless, on his farm at New Rochelle.

Would Durbin consider Paine a journalist? Of course not; he’d consider him an enemy of the state. Here’s how the guy Rush calls Little Dick defines journalists:

Here is the bottom line – the media shield law, which I am prepared to support … still leaves an unanswered question, which I have raised many times: What is a journalist today in 2013? We know it’s someone that works for Fox or AP, but does it include a blogger? Does it include someone who is tweeting? Are these people journalists and entitled to constitutional protection?


Damn here I am finding myself almost agreeing with Rush Limbaugh again. Except I don’t think of Durbin as a “little dick”, just a dick.


Restoring plain and civil speech to politics

Breaking speech taboos reinforces the power of  persuasion

  by Dr. Ben Carson

I retired this month after 40 years of medical endeavors. There is little  that can compare to the joy of being able to intervene in the lives of fellow  human beings and in the vast majority of cases, save or improve those lives.

For a long time, I thought that retirement would mean learning to play golf  well, learning to play the organ and learning a variety of new languages. Maybe  my second retirement will include those things, but as a physician, I could not  walk away and forget about patients who were suffering, and by the same token, I  cannot now embark upon a life of leisure and watch my beloved nation and fellow  citizens suffer from many self-inflicted wounds.

I revel in the opportunity to discuss many of the important issues of today  even though many detractors will continue to try to put me in a box and say that  I can only comment on things relevant to the field of neurosurgery. They are  fond of saying “the good doctor is a terrific medical practitioner, but he can’t  possibly know anything about issues outside of medicine.”

Five doctors signed the Declaration of Independence. Doctors were involved in  framing the Constitution and in a host of our early legislative endeavors. It is  totally untrue that only lawyers and politicians know how to conduct the affairs  of the nation and, in fact, one could legitimately argue that this class of  individuals is responsible for much of the turmoil that characterizes our  current national psyche.


No Shit Sherlock Department:

UK’s National Health Service Going Broke, British Docs Say It’s Worse Than Communist China 

( — As the U.S. government takes its first faltering steps to implement Obamacare, doctors in Britain are complaining that their country’s £5.6 billion publicly funded National Health Service (NHS) is “worse than Communist China.”

Physicians attending the British Medical Association’s annual conference in Edinburgh said they were fed-up with NHS bureaucrats overriding their medical decisions, “bullying” doctors, and putting money concerns before patient care, according to a June 25 story in the UK Telegraph.

“Not even in Communist China did they have managers overruling doctors in the operation of hospitals and health services,” Dr. Peter Holden, a member of the BMA, is quoted as saying.

But even though British physicians say that NHS bureaucrats are compromising patient care to save money, the government-run healthcare system is about to run out of funds, the Telegraph reported July 5th.

And by 2020, the largest single-payer healthcare system in the world will be running a deficit six times larger than its annual operating budget, forcing the closure of up to 20 percent of Britain’s hospitals, which are already inundated with patients seeking free care.

A recent Telegraph investigation found “ambulance patients waiting up to eight hours” to be transferred to emergency rooms, adding that “the numbers forced to wait at least two hours outside A&Es (Accident & Emergency Centers)  “has risen by two thirds in just one year.”


Worth a Read:

Brit Hume: Obama “Over-Interpreted His Mandate”


Ahead of GOP conference meeting, conservatives unite against Senate immigration bill


Krauthammer: Obama Ignoring Parts Of Obamacare “Unconstitutional,” “Absolutely Lawless”


Obama is faulted on leadership


Media in the News:

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Leaving ‘The View’ for Fox News Channel

After several years of being the lone conservative voice on “The View,” co-host  Elisabeth Hasselbeck will be leaving the daytime talk show.

According to  the New York Post, Hasselbeck will be joining Fox News as a co-anchor of the  morning program “Fox and Friends” in mid-September.


Cockroach Of The Day:

Chicago Teachers’ Union President Karen Lewis

Chicago Teachers Union president spews racial hate speech, ignores truth about  minority parents

by Juan Williams

As the school year ends one of the year’s most powerful lessons in racial  hate speech comes from Chicago Teachers’ Union President Karen Lewis.

“Rich white people,” she proclaimed in a speech two weeks ago, “think they  know what’s in the best interest of children of African-Americans and Latinos,  no matter what the parents’ income or educational level.”

Lewis’ outburst is her reply to persistent calls for school reforms to  improve student performance in Chicago.

The pressure is coming from the political left and right.

It is pure bigotry to say that minority parents are indifferent to  their children’s education.

Mayor Rahm Emmanuel is calling for tougher teacher assessments, longer school  days and closing schools with shrinking student enrollment.

He is also a big supporter of charter schools that are achieving better  results than the traditional public schools. Charters, with flexibility to get  around rigid union rules, held nine of the top ten rankings for all public  schools in 2012.

Conservative school reform groups are also backing charter schools and even  vouchers to give parents choices outside of the city’s troubled public  schools.

The latest statistics show only 63 percent of Chicago public school student  graduating in 2013 and that is an increase over recent years. Among the city’s  8th grade students 79 percent are not at reading level. Meanwhile, Lewis’ union  has made Chicago’s public school teachers among the highest in the nation at an  annual average of $74,839.

But the only school reform Lewis advocates is higher taxes on Chicago’s  property owners and she describes it as a tax hike on upper-income whites. She  also wants new taxes on all financial transfers as well as a commuter tax, which  she concludes will principally impact, once again, the target of her anger,  well-to-do whites.

Lewis, a black woman and highly educated Dartmouth graduate, also argued that  the city’s white, Jewish mayor, Rahm Emanuel, his aides and the city’s “venture  capitalists” are guilty of using “little black and brown children as stage props  at one press conference while announcing they want to fire, layoff or lock up  their parents at another press conference.”


The author of this piece surprised me. I have long thought that Juan Williams could find a “racist” in any statement that touched a black person negatively. Especially Obama. And especially coming from a Tea Party member.

That he is taking the despicable Karen Lewis to task for her racist rant is commendable. 

He posted this on July 2nd. Media seems to be strangely silent about it. And about her vile words. No surprise about that for me.

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