Monday Mourning Monstrosity

Witch’s Will For A Mourning In July

I will remain in “mourning” so long as Obama’s unworthy ass sits in the Oval Office.

Quote of the day:

  The  truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in  the end, there it is. ~ Winston Churchill

 To get people to show their support for Obamacare, a liberal group is offering people a free bumper sticker. Or as they call it off the record: “audit insurance”.

3 Of The Best  Stories:


A Plodding Goddess

   by Victor Davis Hanson

Like a broken record, for the last five years I have invoked the Greek concept of Nemesis, or divine retribution for unchecked hubris, to explain what was in store for the Obama administration.

Most readers have sighed,

“OK already, but where’s the divine retribution, given this president’s overweening arrogance and the damage that he’s doing to the economy, our social fabric, and foreign policy?”

Patience — Nemesis takes her time surveying human kind before figuring out the properly ironic punishment.

She must soak in vero possumus, the fake Greek colonnade, the “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” narcissism, the cooling the planet and lowering the rising seas riffs, the tingling legs, the “perfectly creased pant,” the Obama “as god,” the smartest president ever, and the Obama who is by his own admission better at each of the crafts of his specialized staff.

Then she must consider “punish our enemies,” “fat cat bankers,” “you didn’t build that,” “bitter clingers,” “spread the wealth around,” and dozens of additional slurs and banalities. To digest all that takes even the goddess some time.

The Non-Olympian

The young, inexperienced, but haughty Obama is a stereotypical figure right out of Greek mythology. Sometimes he is poor arrogant Icarus — flying too high on his frail and melting waxen wings. Or is he arrogant young Phaethon? The latter demanded the reins of his father’s sun chariot — only to end up in flames as his out-of-control divine car scorched the earth (unfortunately we are the earth). Often Obama seems a know-it-all Oedipus who believed that he was so smart that the far older world of chance and fate had to yield to his superior reason. Or is he vain Narcissus, so taken with his image in the reflecting pool that Nemesis allowed him to stare forever transfixed at himself?

Do we remember the bloody battle over health care in 2009: the Cornhusker Kickback, the Louisiana Purchase, the war against Catholic institutions, the advice to pass the bill unconditionally to learn what was in it — all at a time of massive deficits and high unemployment, when we could ill afford such a divisive and costly boondoggle?

Obama in hubristic fashion got his wish, as he sought his own “legacy” or “signature achievement” over what was good for the country.  Obamacare became the law of the land. Its freebies of wider coverage supposedly at first came at no cost.

Obama vs. Obama

Who, after all, was against putting their 24-year-old kid back on the family health plan? Then started the insidious new taxes, then the planned diversions from Medicare to pay for new humane coverage. Now looms the awful reality of its 2014 enactment and the burdens to come on small businesses that are desperately preempting the law by converting full-time positions into part-time jobs.

Once again comes the ancient warning: beware of what you wish for. Suddenly the 2014 election looms. Democrats in mixed districts are anxious. The new Obamacare rules are slated to hit voters right before most of the Congress seeks reelection. The signature achievement of the Obama administration is ending up as the proverbial albatross around its neck. When the author of the bill, Sen. Max Baucus, dubbed his own creation “a train wreck,” the description stuck.

Then Nemesis struck. Not Republicans in the House, not right-wing judges, but Obama himself tabled much of the most important parts in the implementation of the bill. For now he has almost killed off his own offspring, not in the promised most transparent fashion in the history of the presidency, but cheaply and perhaps cowardly on a little read website at the start of a long holiday. It is as if the president can pick and choose which laws he administers and which he simply ignores, but is terribly ashamed to admit such.

Nemesis warns us on the eve of the immigration debate that if Obama will ignore the legal requirements of his own bill, then he surely will be even bolder in subverting the legislative work of others. When shortly he will again lament that he is not a king or tyrant, remember that the disclaimer usually presages his attempt to act like one. Also remember that the best warning about Obama always comes from Obama: when he sermonizes to us about cheap photo-ops, endless campaigning and fund-raising, spiking the football, going after enemies, etc., then we expect that he is shortly to do all that and more.



More Gun Lies From Gabby Giffords

   by Kurt Schlichter

Gabby Giffords and her still-weightless astronaut husband are like a gun-grabbing Foghat, eternally playing the state fair circuit of American politics. Now they are literally going on tour again, hoping that their audience will forgo the old favorites and welcome a track off their new album.

She’s really just a one-hit wonder hoping to match the airplay of her power balladI Suffered a Tragedy So I Have Special Moral Standing (To Advocate Stripping You of Your Fundamental Rights).” The sad truth is that she is the Psy of liberal advocacy, far past her 15 minutes yet valiantly trying to recapture the glory of her gun control Gangnam Style.

Her new tune is apparently entitled “Patriotbecause her latest op-ed uses some form of that term four times in about 750 words. I guess it’s now “patriotic” to want to impinge on the constitutional rights of fellow Americans. She doesn’t explain why.

She also warbles about how gun rights come with “responsibilities,” using some version of that term eight times. Except the point of a “right” is that it isn’t contingent upon fulfilling “responsibilities.” It is a foundational element of our social contract and is not subject to infringement by leftists simply because they cloak their oppression with focus group-erriffic labels like “responsibilities.”

If you misuse a gun, the judicial system deals with you afterwards. But you have to misuse a gun before the government gets to limit your rights. Clichés about “responsibility” that sound like they were cribbed from Spiderman movie dialogue are not a meaningful statement of basic Constitutional principles.



How the House Should Handle Immigration        

Republicans should bear in mind conservative principles and beware Gang supporters.     

by Fred Bauer

This Wednesday, House Republicans are scheduled to hold a meeting on how to proceed with the immigration issue. Here are some points that they might want to keep in mind.

The Senate legislation won’t “fix” the nation’s immigration system. Like Reagan’s 1986 amnesty, it provides legalization before enforcement. It is larded with loopholes for executive discretion and abuse. It creates huge new government programs (such as the Bureau of Immigration and Labor Market Research) to oversee the economy. Its guest-worker programs undermine market principles and will put new pressures on the middle class. It will not end illegal immigration.

A House “compromise” bill that keeps most of these features would be a very small improvement over the Senate bill. Any plan offering legalization first would basically be saying “In Barack Obama We Trust,” at a time when Americans, in the recent string of scandals, are otherwise running up against new reasons not to.


That would be how “Republicans” not RINOs should handle immigration.


il – le – gal  ( ih – lee- gul) adjective

1. Not what you think it means.

2. see “Amnesty”

3. forbidden by law or statute, unless it is a  re-election years.

4. contrary to or forbidden by official rules, regulations, etc. unless illegal act results in larger Democratic voting base.

5. Racial epithet: “That guy is crossing the border illegally.”

Worth a Read:

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Ted Cruz would be a formidable 2016 presidential contender


On Egypt, Obama Still Winging It


San Francisco 777 Crash: Why Did So Many Passengers Evacuate With Bags?


Media Malpractice:

For the ‘Where Have You Been?’ File: AP’s Rugaber Discovers Temporary Hiring ‘Is  Exploding’

In a Sunday morning story which will likely have limited reach, and will then  probably be considered old news by the time the business week resumes tomorrow,  the Associated Press, aka the  Administration’s Press, finally got around to recognizing a trend on which yours truly  and others have been commenting for at least 2-1/2 years: the surge in  employment at temporary help services.

That the item’s author is Christopher “Gone  Are the Fears That the Economy Could Fall Into Another Recession” Rugaber  makes it especially rich, once he  explains to his readers some of the reasons why temp services is one of the  few sectors employing more people now than it did at its pre-recession peak  (bolds are mine):


From Wal-Mart to General Motors to PepsiCo, companies are increasingly  turning to temps and to a much larger universe of freelancers, contract workers  and consultants. Combined, these workers number nearly 17 million people who  have only tenuous ties to the companies that pay them – about 12 percent of  everyone with a job.

Hiring is always healthy for an economy. Yet the rise in temp and  contract work shows that many employers aren’t willing to hire for the long  run.

Uh, Chris, that’s because they don’t have any confidence in the long  run.

In fact, Rugaber found someone to admit — perhaps so he didn’t have to do  so himself — that employers are afraid, of all things, of a “downturn”:

The number of temps has jumped more than 50 percent since the recession  ended four years ago to nearly 2.7 million – the most on government records  dating to 1990. In no other sector has hiring come close.

Driving the trend are lingering uncertainty about the  economy and employers’ desire for more flexibility in matching their  payrolls to their revenue. Some employers have also sought to sidestep  the new health care law’s rule that they provide medical coverage for permanent  workers.

The trend towards temp hiring has been quite visible for over 2-1/2 years,  yet AP reporters until very, very recently never said a word about ObamaCare’s  impact on this growth, or its contribution to the related trend towards putting  more part-time people on the payroll instead of hiring full-timers.


Cockroach (s) Of The Day:

Joan Walsh

Joan Walsh Attacks Palin Friday, Whines Sunday About People Picking Twitter  Fights

The hypocrisy of Salon’s Joan Walsh knows no bounds.

On Friday she sent a hateful tweet  to former Alaska governor Palin. After she took some heat for doing so, Walsh  had the gall to tweet  Sunday evening, “Hm, the people who like to pick fights on Twitter picked a lot  of fights on Twitter this holiday weekend. Sad”.

I’ve always felt you must have selective amnesia to be a liberal these  days.

Walsh clearly does.

It’s critical when you’re one of the most hateful people in the media always  pretending to be the victim whilst complaining about the caustic tone in  politics.

At least she’s consistent.

see her tweets:

Once again POS Walsh lowers herself to the occasion.

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