Friday Mourning Frazzle

Witch’s Will For A Mourning In July

I will remain in “mourning” so long as Obama’s unworthy ass sits in the Oval Office.

Quote of the day:

  “It is one thing to rouse the passion of a people, and quite another to lead them.”  ~  Ron Suskind

 The NSA says they have developed a robotic bird that looks and flies like a bird to use for surveillance. So if you see a bird outside your window tweeting with a BlackBerry, its spying on you.

3 Of The Best  Stories:


Obama’s Crisis of Competence

The White House seems more comfortable stage-managing the news than dealing with the uncomfortable crises that inevitably crop up.

 by Josh Kraushaar

President Obama returned last night from a weeklong trip to Africa, seeking to position himself as part of ailing Nelson Mandela’s legacy and generating strategic photo-ops. On the other side of the continent, Egypt is awash in revolution, with hundreds of thousands of protesters in Tahrir Square railing against the American-backed president, with some chanting slogans against the American passivity in the face of crisis. The Washington Post editorialized Tuesday: “For months, as the Morsi government has taken steps to consolidate power, quash critics and marginalize independent civil society groups, President Obama and his top aides have been largely silent in public. No effort was made to use the leverage of U.S. aid to compel a change of policy.”

While the president was in Africa, Secretary of State John Kerry spent time in Israel, using valuable political capital trying to jump-start peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians, at a time when few serious foreign policy analysts believe it has any chance of succes—beyond garnering favorable press for trying. (The Atlantic‘s Jeffrey Goldberg calls Kerry’s a “delusion of the foreignpolicy elite” in his column today.)

This, while the administration appears utterly feckless in neighboring Syria, where civil war worsens, chemical weapons-wielding dictator Bashar al-Assad strengthens his hold on power, and American influence dwindles. “The military situation in Syria is slipping away as the president ponders,” Washington Post columnist Jackson Diehl wrote last week.



Obama’s legacy on the line as healthcare implementation challenges mount

by Amie Parnes

The delay in the healthcare employers mandate has dealt the Obama administration  a black eye, at a time when the president desperately needs a political  win.

Political observers agreed that the decision to delay the mandate  until 2015, which the administration announced on Tuesday, is a setback for  Obama, who is currently attempting to shoehorn immigration reform legislation  through the House to secure one of his legislative priorities in his second  term.

It also casts a shadow on Obama’s one major legislative accomplishment and could  possibly put a dent in his legacy, observers said.

“If healthcare were to  be his one major victory and it is seen as flawed and resisted to some good  effect for the remainder of his presidency, that would be a hit to his legacy  and it might take him off the list of great Democratic presidents,” said Cal  Jillson, a professor of political science at Southern Methodist  University.

Jillson said the delay also highlights the problems some had  with the healthcare law and “feeds into the narrative that Obama is ineffectual  in dealing with Congress.”



The White House pushed dirt on Darrell Issa, book says

   by Rachel Weiner

In the summer of 2010, with Republicans poised to take over the House and Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) in line to lead the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, the White House started urging reporters to write negative stories about the congressman’s past, a new book says.

New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich describes what he says were the anti-Issa efforts in “This Town,” a condemnation of Washington self-obsession and self-promotion, a copy of which was obtained by the Washington Post.

According to Leibovich, former Obama deputy press secretary Bill Burton and suggested the reporter look into Issa’s past.

Other highlights from the book: Secretary of State John Kerry is not popular, according to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, when told the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner might conflict with the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound, responded, “[Expletive] the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.”

Some classy piece of work that Hillary. Bill Burton? Anyone with brains all ready knows he’s a scumbag.


Celebrating liberty as it slips away

  by Michael A. Walsh

‘It captures the spirit of our Founders, the spirit they wrote in the Declaration of Independence: life, liberty,and pursuit of happiness,” said Nancy Pelosi the other day. But the “it” she was celebrating wasn’t the country’s 237th birthday or the 150th anniversary of the Union’s bloody victory at Gettysburg.

No, the former speaker of the House was burbling with joy over the first anniversary of the Supreme Court’s stunning decision justifying ObamaCare as a “tax” — a law so unpopular that the Obama administration itself just quietly announced the delay of a key part for a full year.

Which kicks the can past next year’s congressional elections, a clear dodge aimed at avoiding a bloodbath at the ballot box.

But Pelosi’s still cooing:

“So we’ve had Social Security, Medicare and now health independence, and that’s something our members will take home to celebrate over this Independence Day,” she said.

Now, everyone can recall the stirring preamble to the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…” The entire American experiment in personal liberty is predicated upon them.

What’s often forgotten, though — especially by the likes of Pelosi — is what comes next: the bill of particulars against King George III that justified the colonial rebellion. And it’s helpful to recall how we got here — and what we must always be on guard against.

“He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance,” reads one of Jefferson’s indictments against the king. Today, those words nicely cover big government, the intrusive leviathan state and its army of unelected regulators and unaccountable bureaucrats who really run the country.

Recent and still unfolding scandals involving the Internal Revenue Service (now hiring some 16,000 new agents to enforce ObamaCare’s mandate that everyone buy health insurance or pay a “tax” for noncompliance) show just how much we have to fear from politicized agents acting not on behalf of the nation but of the government.

Throw in the National Security Agency’s warrantless snooping through the metadata of millions of Americans and foreigners in the name of “national security,” and you have a potential tyranny far more dangerous than anything the Hanoverian monarchs ever dreamt of.

Pelosi’s citing of two of big government’s most popular — and most expensive — programs neatly illustrates the moral divide facing our country. Initially sold to the American people as compassionate imperatives, Social Security and Medicare are nearly bankrupt, by their own trustees’ assessment.

As for ObamaCare, its nuclear effect on the nation’s finances will be so awful that its chief author, retiring Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.), has called it a “train wreck.”

No wonder the president is trying to lessen the blow by delaying the law’s job-annihilating pressures on employers.


Worth a Read:

Can Christians Live Freely in Obama’s America?

  by Terrence P. Jeffrey


Let me be perfectly clear, I don’t “like”  Terrence Jeffrey. I think he’s the worst kind of hypocrite. The kind that would foist his brand of religion on us while screaming like a stuck pig should anyone attempt in any way to prevent him from practicing his religion as he sees fit.

However, since Obama and his Administration seem determined to foist their brand of secular politics on our right to practice our religion as the Constitution guarantees, I find myself in agreement with Jeffrey. At times the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Or at least an ally.

Hillary Clinton: ‘F–k The White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner’


Way to stay “classy” Hillary! The Press, at least up to this point, hasn’t been all that fond of Hillary Clinton. Will this increase that dislike? Or will their liberal ideology trump their innate dislike of her? One thing I will bet on, there won’t be the slobbering love affair for her there was for Obama.

Rubio Rehab: Senator Proposes Popular Pro-Life Bill

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is revving up an effort to regain credibility among conservatives after his popularity took a nosedive over his stance on immigration reform, The Hill reports. Senate Republicans are aiding Rubio’s rehabilitation by allowing him to be the lead sponsor of a Senate bill that bans abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.


Cause we’re all so dumb we won’t remember that he was part of the “Gang of Eight” that is trying to foist amnesty on us. I am neither that dumb, naive or forgetful. I will NEVER trust Rubio again. His chances in 2016 would be good in a general election only because many conservatives would vote for him over Hillary Clinton. Once again, the lessor of two evils.

No pressure on House Republicans to tackle immigration reform


Media In The News:

MSNBC’s Ratings Still Dropping While Fox News, CNN, HLN Enjoy Second-Quarter  Boost

The ratings from April through June brought good news for the dominant Fox  News Channel, the resurgent Cable News Network and HLN — which was previously  known as the Headline Network — but that period saw MSNBC deliver its worst quarterly prime-time showing among total viewers and  adults from 25 to 54 years of age since 2007.

According to a report  released by Nielsen Media Research, CNN reclaimed the runner-up slot from MSNBC for the first time since 2010. Also, the “Lean Forward” network fell 16 percent to third place in prime-time ratings and nine percent to  come in fourth in its “total day” numbers.

The second quarter was an especially difficult time for Rachel Maddow, whose  show’s average audience of 774,000 was the smallest since its debut in September  of 2008. According to Joe Flint of the Los Angeles Times, a  large part of the problem is All In With Chris Hayes, which airs  before Maddow’s show and has  yet to click with viewers.

During its first full three-month period  on the air, All In generated the lowest-rated 8 p.m. hour in the 25-54  demo for MSNBC since the first quarter of 2006.

In addition, the network’s 10  p.m. program — The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell — also had  the lowest rating for that important demographic since the  fourth quarter of 2006.


Last But Not Least:

America is NOT Doomed

   by Michael Ledeen

Independence Day is an epic holiday. It commemorates the actions of revolutionaries who rebelled against the world’s superpower in the name of individual God-given rights, somehow won the ensuing war, and somehow stumbled through a series of blunders and created a model for the whole world.  It’s a heavy burden, and many Americans have run from it.  Lots of our intellectuals yearn for the status and stability of the Old World, the “realists” deplore our revolutionary energy and creative destruction, and the collectivists thrash to get free of “individualism,” a word Tocqueville invented to describe Americans.

If you look around today, you’ll find these defeatists and counterrevolutionaries in full moan.  They tell us we’re doomed.  We’ve lost our faith, they say, we’re badly led, they whine, our problems overwhelm us.  Woe are we, woe are we.

The defeatists and counterrevolutionaries have been around since the beginning.  If you sail around the Bahama Islands, you’ll find picturesque little towns with names like “Hope,” founded during the Revolution by Tories who “knew” it was only a matter of time–and not much time–before the silly revolutionaries were brought to heel by their proper lords and masters, and the faithful Tories could go back home.  Ozymandias has a winter home just outside Hope.

The Tories are still in the Bahamas, and Great Britain may well be a failed state, and while we have problems galore, and leaders who don’t seem to have the talent or even the inclination to get out of our way so that we can get on with the remedies, we’ve been through worse than this.

I was born a few months before Pearl Harbor, and my parents–who had survived the Great Depression–feared they’d brought a child into a nightmare world.  Events reinforced their fears, as the Japanese moved across the Pacific, and the Nazis wiped out our would-be continental allies.  Our armed forces were pitiful.  And yet…and yet, we defeated our enemies, who were real enemies with real armies led by brilliant generals and admirals.  We overwhelmed them with our incomparable energy and resolve.  Two generations later, we presided over the Soviet Union’s collapse, the life force squeezed out of it by American superiority and their own failures.


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