Witch’s Will For A Mourning In June

I will remain in “mourning” so long as Obama’s unworthy ass sits in the Oval Office.

Quote of the day:

 A new poll shows that 72% of Americans think the country’s moral values are “getting worse”. 25% said “getting better”, the other 3% said “I don’t know” – mostly Obama appointees.

My Favorite 3 Stories:


Influential Senate Republicans weigh in against immigration reform measure

Four influential Senate Republicans have sent a letter to colleagues voicing  strong opposition to comprehensive immigration legislation headed to the Senate  floor, warning it will not secure the nation’s borders.

Sens. Ted Cruz (Texas), Chuck Grassley (Iowa), Jeff Sessions (Ala.) and  Mike Lee (Utah) said in a June 4 letter the immigration bill repeats the  mistakes of the 1986 immigration reform law.

“In 1986, the American people were promised that, in exchange for granting  legal status to illegal immigrants, the border would be secured and the law  enforced. Washington broke these promises,” they wrote. “Unfortunately, the  so-called ‘Gang of Eight’ immigration bill, S. 744, repeats these mistakes.”

Cruz is a fast-rising Tea Party star, Grassley is the ranking Republican on  the Judiciary Committee, Sessions is the ranking Republican on the Budget  Committee and Lee is another Tea Party favorite.

The group, all members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said the panel’s  markup of the legislation last month made it worse.

Notably, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), who voted against the bill in Judiciary,  did not sign the letter. Some Democrats think he may ultimately support the  legislation.

Four members of the Gang of Eight on Judiciary, including Sens. Lindsey  Graham (R-S.C.) and Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), often voted in unison to defeat  changes Republicans proposed to strengthen enforcement provisions.

For example, the panel rejected an amendment sponsored by Lee to require  illegal immigrants to pay back taxes before receiving legal status; a Grassley  amendment to require the implementation of the new employment verification  system within 18 months; and another Grassley proposal to require effective  control over the southern border for six months before granting legal status to  11 million illegal immigrants.

“The bill’s already serious flaws were exacerbated by the adoption of several  amendments that significantly weaken current law, hamstring law enforcement, and  further complicate our legal immigration system,” Cruz, Grassley, Sessions and  Lee wrote.


The Dems are about to serve the American people another shit sandwich and Rubio, Flake and McCain are helping them.They didn’t keep their word in 1986 and they won’t keep it in 2013. You can trust the word of men of integrity. Dealing with Schumer, Menendez and Durbin you are dealing with corrupt, lying politicians who do not keep their word. And as for integrity from those  scumbags… FUGGEDABOUTIT!


Kerry and the Peace Idiots Ride Again

by Daniel Greenfield

Few figures in American political life have been as consistently wrong as often as John Kerry. The former Senator bet on every Communist leader and Middle Eastern tyrant he could find only to watch the wheels of history roll over his mistakes. And now as Secretary of State, Kerry is at it again.

In between peddling a Syrian peace process that no one but him believes in, he took a break to peddle the even more discredited peace process between Israel and the terrorists.

In a speech to the American Jewish Committee, Kerry invoked the litany of failures, “Madrid to Oslo to Wye River and Camp David and Annapolis”, but urged his audience not to pay attention to history and “give in to cynicism”.

“Cynicism has never solved anything,” he said. But then again neither has the Peace Process. And while cynicism isn’t likely to usher in an era of peace or grow money on trees, it offers you the power to extract yourself from bad situations instead of taking refuge in more of the same wishful thinking that got you into them.

If you find yourself mailing your tenth check to that Nigerian prince, cynicism won’t get you a 200 percent return, but it will keep you from losing more money.

“Why should any Israeli start giving in to that cynicism now?” Kerry asked. Perhaps because it’s been twenty years. Or because thousands of Israelis have been killed and wounded. Or because there isn’t a single piece of supporting evidence to show that the other side is interested in any kind of final peace agreement.

The only sure things that have come out of the Peace Process in two decades are terrorist attacks and increased demands by the terrorists. There has been no final status agreement for the simple reason that the terrorists can only get the best possible deal by never coming to an agreement. The longer they hold out, the better the offers that the likes of John Forbes Kerry extract from Israel are. And the offers keep getting better so there is never any reason to actually make a deal.

Picture a desperate rug merchant dickering with a customer. The rug merchant always lowers his prices. The customer always lowers his bids. The deal can never happen until the price of the rug reaches zero or until the rug merchant decides that the price isn’t worth selling at. And that is the thing that men like Kerry will never allow Israel to do. Israel can never stop bargaining and the Palestinian Authority never has to stop bargaining until the entire rug, all of Israel, is on the table.



Tea Party Leader Becky Gerritson Tells IRS, Congress, Government: ‘You’ve Forgotten Your Place’

Today, Wetumpka Tea Party leader Becky Gerritson delivered a thumping to the Internal Revenue Service and to politicians in Washington. Gerritson explained how she came to be an activist, then told members of the House Ways and Means Committee that her group of Americans had come together because “our representative government had failed us.” The IRS abuse of her group provided proof, if more was needed.


Ms. Gerritson was amazing. I listened with pride as an “ordinary” American told that bunch of politicians exactly what most of us think. Well those of us who can still think. Brava Becky! Brava!


Media Didn’t Worry About Dems Overplaying ‘GOP War on Women’ or ‘GOP Culture of  Corruption’

You can’t swing a dead cat these days without hitting some liberal media  member cautioning the Republicans to not “overplay their hand” concerning the  various scandals now plaguing the White House.

Do you remember the press being concerned that the Democrats would overplay  2006’s “Republican Culture of Corruption” or last year’s “Republican War on  Women?”

Hearken back to 2006 and recall how everything any Republican did in any  state was indicative of that Party having a “Culture of Corruption.”

When Virginia senatorial candidate George Allen called someone an unknown  word that had no English meaning whatsoever, it was part of the “Republican  Culture of Corruption.”

When a little known Florida Congressman named Mark Foley was caught sending  sexually-charged emails and text messages to male pages, it was part of the  “Republican Culture of Corruption.”

Heck, the media even made President Bush’s handling of Hurricane Katrina  part of the “Republican Culture of Corruption.”

Now if you’re getting fed up with me repeating the phrase “Republican  Culture of Corruption,” it’s because virtually every day in 2006 you couldn’t  turn on your television set without hearing some Democrat or media member – as  if there’s a difference! – contemptuously uttering those words.

But seven years later, when the White House is plagued by three – count  ’em…three! – serious scandals, the press are concerned that the GOP are  overplaying them.

Funny how that happens!


Worth a Read:

Jon Stewart “Audits” The IRS, Asks “Where’s Your Receipts, A**holes?”


Sen. Marco Rubio: Immigration bill does not have votes to pass

Sen. Marco Rubio said Tuesday that there aren’t 60 votes to pass the  immigration bill he wrote and that the Senate will have to embrace even stiffer  enforcement in order to win voters’ confidence and sway lawmakers reluctant to  repeat the mistakes of the 1986 amnesty.

The Florida Republican’s acknowledgement comes as both sides of the debate  are preparing for the bill to hit the Senate floor next week. After weeks of  discontent simmering beneath the surface, conservatives and liberals have begun  to publicly take shots at the bill, leaving immigrant rights groups to circle  the wagons ahead of what’s expected to be a bruising floor fight.


Reid will bring the bill to the floor, knowing it doesn’t have the votes to pass, only to try to use their “nay” votes against Republicans.

I believe that Rubio honestly wanted to find a solution. But when working with the likes of Schumer, Menendez and Durbin he should remember that “when you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.”

Rubio is reportedly a smart man. Therefore my question is, why would you trust or believe anything those three corrupt individuals say? Or expect us to? 

Kathleen Sebelius at center of storm over child’s lung transplant


As much as I loathe Sebelius, and I do, I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes on this issue. If one child is moved up, another child is moved down.

There is NO good answer or no answer that will satisfy everyone.

GOP rep: If the left cares so much about tax exemption being abused, why is Obama’s OFA group seeking exemption?

ObamaCare and the Young and Healthy

By Ben  Domenech

The true moral case for Obamacare was about universal coverage; but instead, it  was sold to the American people as a solution for higher premiums. The  conversation shifted from “everyone’s premiums will be lower” to “well, you  can’t expect lower premiums when you’re getting better coverage – whether you  wanted or needed it or not.”

As the WSJ  editorializes today: “The Affordable Care Act was sold as a tool to lower  health costs. In case you missed it, the claim is right there in the law’s  title. The new Democratic position is that the entitlement will do the opposite  but never mind, which is at least more honest. But we wonder how long this new  candor will last.

If the public reacts badly to these higher premiums, the  authors of ObamaCare will soon be back to blaming insurance companies and  Republicans.”


Media Malpractice:

TitleAuthor: Obama Asked for Softball ’60 Minutes’ Interview with Hillary to Soothe a  Furious Bill Clinton

The New York Post offered an op-ed on Monday adapted from the new paperback  edition of Ed Klein’s book The Amateur.

Klein says Team Obama and Team  Clinton made a deal last summer: Bill Clinton would give the key nominating  speech at the Democratic convention in Charlotte endorsing Obama. In exchange,  Obama would endorse Hillary Clinton as his successor. But after he won his  second term, Obama had second thoughts about endorsing Hillary in 2016.

“Bill Clinton went ballistic and threatened retaliation. Obama backed down,”  Klein asserteed. “He called his favorite journalist, Steve Kroft of ’60  Minutes,’ and offered an unprecedented ‘farewell interview’ with departing  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”

Klein  said “The result was a slobbering televised love-in — and an embarrassment to  all concerned.”


So Obama called his “favorite” jounalist lap dog, Steve Kroft, and arranged for the Obama-Clinton love-in. Does Steve Kroft have any credibility as a journalist anymore? Any at all?

Cockroach (s) Of The Day:

Jay Carney

Of course Carney is pretty much a cockroach everyday!

President Transparency’s Spokesman: No Comment on Secret White House Email Accounts

Carney wants you to remember that White House internal correspondence isn’t subject to FOIA requests (which isn’t the case re: Jackson/Sebelius/Perez), so it’s a moot question.  Fox’s Ed Henry follows up anyway, and Carney declines to answer.  Why?

If White House honchos are immune from truth-seeking FOIA requests, shouldn’t they have no use for secret emails identities, and shouldn’t Carney’s lay-up answer be “no”?

Plus, if worst comes to worst, the president could always toss the executive privilege blanket over any potential fire on this front, as he did to thwart the Fast & Furious investigation.

Nevertheless, Carney wouldn’t or couldn’t answer the direct question — which might lead a cynic to conclude that actually yes, some White House officials are using secret email accounts for reasons they believe to be useful to their interests.

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