Witch’s Will For A Mourning In April

I will remain in “mourning” so long as Obama’s unworthy ass sits in the Oval Office.

Quote of the day:

My Top 3 Stories:


Thatcher Saved Britain From  Socialism And Certain Decline

 by Mark Steyn

A few hours after Margaret Thatcher’s death on Monday, the snarling deadbeats of the British underclass were gleefully rampaging through the streets of Brixton in South London, scaling the marquee of the local fleapit and hanging a banner announcing, “THE BITCH IS DEAD.”

Amazingly, they managed to spell all four words correctly. By Friday, “Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead”, from The Wizard of Oz, was the Number One download at Amazon UK.

Mrs. Thatcher would have enjoyed all this. Her former speechwriter John O’Sullivan recalls how, some years after leaving office, she arrived to address a small group at an English seaside resort to be greeted by enraged lefties chanting “Thatcher Thatcher Thatcher! Fascist Fascist Fascist!” She turned to her aide and cooed, “Oh, doesn’t it make you feel nostalgic?”

She was said to be delighted to hear that a concession stand at last year’s Trades Union Congress was doing a brisk business in “Thatcher Death Party Packs”, almost a quarter-century after her departure from office.

Of course, it would have been asking too much of Britain’s torpid left to rouse themselves to do anything more than sing a few songs and smash a few windows. In The Wizard of Oz, the witch is struck down at the height of her powers by Dorothy’s shack descending from Kansas to relieve the Munchkins of their torments.

By comparison, Britain’s Moochkins were unable to bring the house down: Mrs Thatcher died in her bed at the Ritz at a grand old age. Useless as they are, British Socialists were at one point capable of writing their own anti-Thatcher singalongs rather than lazily appropriating Judy Garland blockbusters from MGM’s back catalogue. I recall in the late Eighties being at the National Theatre in London and watching the crowd go wild over Adrian Mitchell’s showstopper, “F**k-Off Friday”, a song about union workers getting their redundancy notices at the end of the week, culminating with the lines:

“I can’t wait for

That great day when

F**k-Off Friday

Comes to Number Ten.”

You should have heard the cheers.

Alas, when F**k-Off Friday did come to 10 Downing Street, it was not the Labour Party’s tribunes of the masses who evicted her but the duplicitous scheming twerps of her own cabinet, who rose up against her in an act of matricide from which the Tory Party has yet to recover. In the preferred euphemism of the American press, Mrs. Thatcher was a “divisive” figure, but that hardly does her justice.

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Investigation: Why did David Corn Run with a False McConnell Tape Transcript?

Why did David Corn bother releasing the McConnell Tape, the recording in which staffers to the senator are heard strategizing about running against actress Ashley Judd? By the time the tape was released, Judd was no longer a candidate.

Everyone who has ever worked on a campaign of any scale immediately knew after hearing the tape that the discussion it captured was typical of any brainstorming session on either side of the aisle, as candidate and staff determine their opponents’ strengths and weaknesses. The McConnell Tape was a nothingburger. Its release has, however, become a major problem for Progress Kentucky, the group believed to have recorded it, and maybe for Corn himself. The Federal Bureau of Investigations is on the case.

Yet despite its lack of sizzle, Corn ran with the tape as if he had a major blockbuster. Corn has been in the political news business a long time. He surely knew that nearly everything on the tape was a non-story, a conversation of the type common on campaigns.

The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics (CREW) in Washington filed a complaint shortly after the tape’s release, amplified by the liberal Huffington Post, claiming that it provided evidence that Sen. McConnell has used official congressional staff to conduct opposition research on Judd (who, not to belabor the point, is no longer even a candidate and never officially was one).

The blockbuster that Corn believed he had was encapsulated in a few words: “thank them three times.” Those words are the basis of the CREW charge that McConnell has used legislative assistants or legislative aides (“LAs” on the tape) for political opposition research. Corn transcribes that passage as follows:

Presenter: So I’ll just preface my comments that this reflects the work of a lot of folks: Josh, Jesse, Phil Maxson, a lot of LAs, thank them three times, so this is a compilation of work, all the way through. The first person we’ll focus on…

But what if no one on the tape ever said those words in bold?

The Louisville Courier-Journal took the noisy 12-minute audio and cleaned it up to determine what the speaker actually says on the tape. The newspaper determined that the legislative aide did not say “thanked them three times,” but instead said “on their free time.” So the transcript should read:

Presenter: So I’ll just preface my comments that this reflects the work of a lot of folks: Josh, Jesse, Phil Maxson, a lot of LAs, on their free time, so this is a compilation of work, all the way through. The first person we’ll focus on…


In the context of the sentence, “on their free time” makes more sense, and seems more like someone would talk than “thank them three times” does. But Corn and CREW aren’t looking for common sense, they’re looking for a way to smear McConnell. CREW’s bias leaves their search for “ethics” preposterous. They need only look in a mirror to find a lack of ethics.

I know BOTH sides love “gotcha” stories against the opposition. Unfortunately that’s SOP. Making shit up and smearing someone is not all right and should NEVER be SOP.

The left has lost it’s integrity and the right is close behind. Media? Most of this generation is beyond redemption.


Is easy money creating a new wave of bubbles?

Trillions of new dollars, euros, yen and pounds are sloshing around the global financial system, a result of extraordinary efforts by the leading central banks over the last several years to try to yank their economies out of their long slump. And it has to go somewhere. Will that somewhere wind up being a new set of financial bubbles that pop and send us back where we started?

That’s the fear of a wide range of financial commentators and some of the central bankers themselves. It’s one of the most crucial questions facing the generation of central bankers taking charge now, and one with consequences for everyone on Earth. With a new report out Thursday, the International Monetary Fund is wading into the debate.


Worth a Read:

Bravo: Nevada Governor Pushes School Choice Bill

Daniel Doherty by Daniel Doherty


Kirsten Powers Rips Virtual Media Blackout of Gosnell Trial


Planned Parenthood: This Gosnell case is “appalling”


Guess they could no longer ignore this horrific story.I’d say better late than never if their hypocrisy wasn’t so blatant.

RIP Jonathan Winters


Alleged McConnell eavesdropper has prior trespass arrest


Media Malpractice:

MSNBC Brings On Former Pa.. Gov. Rendell To Discuss Abortion, Doesn’t Ask About  Philly Abortionist Gosnell

One of the most blatant and disgusting blackouts of the Kermit  Gosnell murder trial occurred on MSNBC on April 11.  Appearing on Jansing & Co. on Friday morning, former Governor Ed Rendell (D-Pa.)  appeared with Republican strategist Chip Saltsman to discuss changing trends in  support for abortion, yet host Chris Jansing did not ask the former governor  (and former Philadelphia mayor) about the murder trial for the notorious  abortionist in his state.

Gosnell is currently on trial, charged with murdering seven babies and a  female patient at his abortion clinic in Philadelphia.  If convicted, he  could face the death penalty.  Despite the horrific nature of the crimes  Gosnell is accused of committing, including forcing women to endure labor and  then deliver live babies that were killed by staff with scissors, the liberal  media all but ignored the story altogether, although that may be changing with  CNN’s Anderson Cooper pledging to delve into the trial tonight.


Cockroach (s) Of The Day:

F*** For Forest: The eco-activists who make pornographic films of themselves  to raise money for the rainforests

  • F*** For Forest members film themselves  having sex and post it online
  • Charge subscribers to view it online then  put money towards eco projects

From living in trees for months on end to  lying in front of bulldozers, eco-activists are notorious for finding  attention-grabbing ways of getting their message across.

But members of the environmentalist group  F*** For Forest have taken green campaigning to new – and obscene – extremes, by  using porn to raise money for the world’s threatened rainforests.


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