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My Pick of the Litter Today

What Obamacare Isn’t

If you would like to know what insurance really is, and why Obamacare (and much private “medical insurance”) is not insurance at all, but an economic and humanitarian disaster waiting to happen, you cannot do better than Megan McArdle’s delightfully jargon-free article in The Daily Beast.

Insurance began in the 17th century when merchants wanted to protect themselves against the loss of a ship and its cargo. By paying a small amount upfront, they each protected themselves against the loss of a huge amount. This is called risk pooling, one of the truly great economic ideas. By spreading risk, it made it much easier to assume risk, and assuming risk is one of the prime drivers of an economy.

Thus insurance, properly understood, is meant to protect against a catastrophic loss that would be financially ruinous, such as a lost ship. It didn’t pay for a parted topsail halyard. And that’s why if your grandson throws a baseball through a living room window, you call the guy who fixes windows, not the insurance company. It’s when the roof blows off in a storm that you call the insurance company.

But most medical insurance covers everything from hangnails to heart transplants. Have a sniffle? Your insurance company pays the doctor’s bill. This not insurance at all, it’s a prepayment plan.

Megan McArdle likens it to “grocery insurance”:

If you expect to buy $10,000 worth of groceries next year, [the insurance company] will not charge you less than that for a “grocery policy.”  And if we all drive up the costs of grocery insurance by consuming more, the insurer can do one of two things: raise everyone’s “insurance premiums” to cover a filet mignon budget, or create a list of “approved groceries” that it will cover, and start hassling anyone who tries to file an excessively expensive claim.

Sound familiar?

This is why Obamacare cannot and will not work: it flies in the face of economic reality and human nature. As Milton Friedman explained, “nobody spends someone else’s money as carefully as they spend their own.” So if the doctor is “free,” people will go to the doctor more often. If it’s not coming out of their pocket, they’ll opt for the filet mignon test rather than the Hamburger Helper test.

As the costs rise, political opposition to tax increases and bureaucratic inability to control costs will force the alternative, rationing of health care. Sorry, Grandma, but you’re too old to be treated for that disease. But don’t worry, we’ll make you comfortable.

The greatest tragedy is that it is all so avoidable.

More Stuff:

Union Greed Drives California to Bankruptcy

The Stockton example could encourage cities to view bankruptcy as something other than a last resort.

Few non-local people pay much attention to the goings-on in Stockton, a hard-pressed Gold-Rush-era industrial city of 300,000 that sits in the agriculturally rich San Joaquin Valley at the eastern edge of the California Delta. But bond-holders, taxpayers and government officials throughout the country will be listening to U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Klein’s expected ruling on Monday as he decides whether the city may remain in bankruptcy and pursue a plan that stiffs its bond-holders.

If Klein sides with the city, then municipalities will face a disturbingly low bar for pursuing bankruptcy. They will be emboldened to choose Stockton’s course—i.e., using bankruptcy as a strategic policy tool to offload debts without having to confront the main reasons that they went bankrupt in the first place, such as lush pensions. Bankruptcy will no longer be a policy of last resort. This should have an impact on bond markets.

If the city wins the case, argued March 25-27 in the Sacramento federal courthouse, then the public-sector unions and the scandal-plagued California Public Employees Retirement System are right. No matter what problems befall a city, public services and taxpayers suffer first while union members and public retirement systems are protected.

Granted, no one should feel too sorry for the lenders (and their insurers) who provided the pension-obligation bonds to the city. They knew the risks when one lends money to a city—especially one controlled by the unions. But their argument is strongest. A city shouldn’t use bankruptcy as a means to get rid of uncomfortable debts. It should use this tool only when it has slashed its costs but still can’t get out from under the load.

On Tuesday, a Stockton management consultant called at the trial stated that the city would have a $100 million budget deficit in a decade if it does not take the bankruptcy route, in an attempt to show that it had no choice but to declare Chapter 9. But how hard has the city tried to deal with its debts?

As the attorney for the bond insurer noted in his closing comments on Wednesday, the city intended, from the outset of this process, to shortchange the bond holders. It has refused to address its biggest debt—the payments that it owes to CalPERS to pay for its pension obligations. It only modestly pulled back compensation from rates far above the market to somewhere near the average for public-sector workers in California.

Essentially, the city plan has put pension debt off the table, arguing that pension payments and benefits cannot legally be touched. A bankruptcy would be the place to challenge that assumption, but Stockton officials have no interest in doing so, figuring it’s easier to go after Wall Street than the unions. If Stockton gets its way, then cities can spend anything on pensions and there is no way to ever get out from under that debt.


Media Malpractice:

Skipping an Abortionist’s ‘House of Horrors’

Brent Bozell by Brent Bozell

The liberal media know an abortion outrage when they hear it. Sadly, they only seem to hear them from the mouths of Republican candidates, and it only takes a statement to outrage the press. Can’t they find a single abortion outrage inside an abortion clinic? Such is their radicalism that nothing, absolutely nothing regarding this gruesome procedure raises their eyebrows, never mind their ire.

One emerging story proves the degree to which our “objective” media’s views on abortion are dogmatic and extreme. Abortionist Kermit Gosnell is on trial in Philadelphia, and not just for killing babies outside the womb, but also for killing a mother through reckless use of anesthesia. Network TV coverage of the trial? Zero on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NPR and PBS. CNN’s entire coverage seems to be one sentence from Jake Tapper on March 21.

The New York Times wrote one story before the trial began on March 19 (buried on page A17). The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and USA Today couldn’t be “national” newspapers and report this trial.

They’re not unaware of it. CBS aired one story after the initial clinic raid in 2011. NBC offered 50 words. CBS even passed along that Gosnell’s clinic was described as a “house of horrors.” Now it’s in court, and the networks can’t find any horrors.

Take the Associated Press report, which appeared on “The amount of drugs given to Karnamaya Mongar — at least as suggested by the nearly illegible clinic note — was likely to put her in a coma,” said Dr. Andrew Herlich, a medical school professor.

Mongar was a very sympathetic figure. A native of Bhutan, she weighed less than 100 pounds, spoke no English and had lived for decades in refugee camps in Nepal before coming to America four months before her death. But the storyline wasn’t lining up with the media’s feminist prejudices. Their “war on women” narrative didn’t include her.

I’ll give you a story that falls in line with the media’s narrative supporting the plight of women: On Nov. 14, 2012, NBC News aired a report from Ireland, where Indian immigrant Savita Halapanavar died of blood poisoning after seeking an abortion. NBC blamed the government because the woman and her husband “pleaded for an abortion but were refused, because the fetus still had a heartbeat. This is a Catholic country, they were told.”

NBC never returned to the story as hospital officials reported previous “terminations” to save the mother’s life and denied a “Catholic ethos.” To listen to this network is to conclude that abortionists don’t kill women. Catholics do.

You can also see the anti-Catholic animus determining which trials are newsworthy in Philadelphia. On May 23, 2012, the “CBS Evening News” began with the trial of Monsignor William Lynn, accused of covering up child sexual abuse in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Scott Pelley wasn’t shy about letting the prosecutor speak as she compared the Catholic Church with the Nazis at Nuremberg.

But when a pro-lifer uses Holocaust metaphors for an abortion clinic, he is condemned.

The trial testimony is graphic and should make “choice” advocates sick to their stomachs. Again, see the AP: “A medical assistant told a jury Tuesday that she snipped the spines of at least 10 babies during unorthodox abortions at a West Philadelphia clinic, at the direction of the clinic’s owner.”


I have been “pro-choice” my entire adult life. While I knew that I would never personally have an abortion I didn’t feel that it was my right to decide that for other women. Especially those who were the victims of rape or incest.

But there has to come a time when decent human beings say that a woman’s “reproductive rights” end when it comes to “snipping” the spine” of babies born alive after an abortion. How can this ever be considered anything other than infanticide.

IMO and I know I have broken with many women on this issue, any woman too stupid or irresponsible to have an abortion within the first 12 weeks of her pregnancy has lost the right to abort. I also wonder why abortion remains such a large contraceptive option when there are so many cheap and readily available contraceptives. Media doesn’t “report” on this and other abortion houses of horrors because they know that it might make some of these women rethink their position. And God knows we can’t have that because then the “War on Women” meme might be slightly tarnished. Or perhaps replaced with a meme directed at feckless women and the Dem party as a war on infants.

Why Freight Rail Pays and Passenger Trains Flunk

Michael Barone by Michael Barone

Forty years ago, American railroads were in trouble. The Penn Central, the largest railroad, had recently gone bankrupt.

American freight rail was technologically obsolescent and hamstrung by union rules and government rate regulation. American passenger rail was unprofitable and unreliable.

Freight rail was losing business to trucking firms. Passenger rail was losing out to cars on the new interstate highways and airplanes on long routes.

The past 40 years have seen a laboratory experiment on how to revive railroads. Government has gotten out of freight rail, while passenger rail has become largely a public sector function.

We’ve had a chance to see which works better and to understand why.

It took a while for the government to get out of the freight rail business. In 1973, Congress created Conrail, which took over the lines of the Penn Central and other Northeast railroads.

Despite rosy projections, Conrail racked up big losses, with the federal government picking up the tab.

Fortunately, the idea of transportation deregulation — pushed by Ralph Nader as well as market-oriented think tanks — was picking up steam.

In 1980, Congress passed and Jimmy Carter signed the Staggers Act, ending the rigid rate regulation by the 1887-vintage Interstate Commerce Commission. Conrail began making profits and was sold to private investors in 1987.

The following quarter-century has seen a renaissance of American freight rail. As a March 27 Wall Street Journal story relates, rail companies have been investing in rail yards, refueling stations and new tracks.

They are building new bridges, widening mountain tunnels and “turning their networks into double-lane steel freeways.” The Association of American Railroads says it will invest $14 billion this year, up from $6 billion in 2003.

But doesn’t this mean higher costs? No, freight rail rates are less than half what they were in the early 1980s. That’s because freight rail faces aggressive competition from trucking, which was also deregulated in 1980.

Each mode has its advantages. Freight rail is far cheaper per mile over long hauls. Trucks can deliver goods right up to the door. Train-truck and rail-rail competition has squeezed out huge amounts of cost.

That means cheaper goods and services for consumers. And a bottom line that prompted super-investor Warren Buffett to pay $44 billion to acquire BNSF (formerly Burlington Northern Santa Fe).

Passenger rail, alas, is a different story. It was a big money loser for railroad companies under the old regulatory regime, and they were happy to slough it off to the government-created Amtrak in 1971.

Amtrak was supposed to be a profit-making enterprise but would receive government subsidies, uh, just temporarily. It’s still getting them 42 years later.


I love traveling by train. I would prefer it over air any time. But it simply isn’t financially realistic. It is a great solution in some countries, Japan for instance. Here? Not so much.

What I hate about travel by rail is someone trying to shove it down our throats and spend inordinate amounts of taxpayer money on something that simply doesn’t work in this country. At least in the here and now.

What’s Up With the Democrats?

To Hold Senate Majority, Democrats Target the Most Conservative States in the Country

With races concentrated in Republican states, party officials are aggressively courting  moderate candidates.

When Ashley Judd announced she wasn’t running for the Senate, Republicans greeted the news with glee, sending out a list of 10 other Democratic recruits uninterested in running against Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. But privately, leading Democratic officials were also cheering. Most viewed the liberal actress’s decision as good news for their chances in Kentucky, allowing a more-moderate candidate, such as Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, to run instead.

The efforts to woo a moderate Democrat to defeat McConnell are part of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s plans to compete in the most inhospitable territory for Democrats — for open seats in Georgia, South Dakota, West Virginia, and possibly, even in Kentucky against the powerful and well-funded Senate minority leader. Facing a challenging political landscape in 2014, the party is close to landing credible candidates in all of those states.

The DSCC doesn’t divulge details about its recruitment strategy, arguing that many of the media reports about its preferred candidates are hogwash. But it’s clear that, in the spirit of former Chairman Chuck Schumer, it is playing an active role behind-the-scenes to ensure that electable Democrats emerge as nominees.

Already the committee is boasting that Georgia is their best pickup opportunity; the field of Republican candidates there for the seat of retiring Sen. Saxby Chambliss currently looks underwhelming. Moderate Rep. John Barrow, one of the few Democrats who could put the seat in play, now sounds as open as ever to running.


What Up With Republicans?

GOP seeks to benefit from Sebelius admission on healthcare cost hikes

Republican campaign officials are claiming new momentum for 2014 after the  Obama administration admitted that some consumers could see their health  insurance premiums rise under healthcare reform.

This week’s surprise  concession from federal Health secretary Kathleen Sebelius played into the GOP’s  No. 1 message against the Affordable Care Act — that it will raise healthcare  costs.

The  remark triggered a rush of campaign messaging against vulnerable Democrats who  supported healthcare reform.
“ObamaCare is becoming more unpopular by the  day as more Americans experience the disastrous consequences of higher insurance  premiums,” said Tyler Houlton, a spokesman with the National Republican  Congressional Committee (NRCC).

“It’s a very big deal that President  Obama’s top healthcare official finally admitted that ObamaCare will drastically  increase health insurance premiums on middle class families,” he said.


It concerns me that a lying POS like Sebelius is admitting that premiums might rise. It suggests that she’s admitting a “rise for some” as a pre-disclosure that they will rise for all. A POS like Sebelius doesn’t give unless it’s for some nefarious reason. Not a cockroach like her. Lord how I loathe liberal females!

One sentence that says it all:

 “A pen in the hand of this president is far more dangerous than a gun in the hands of 200 million law-abiding citizens.”

The Obamas live the 1 percent life

Being president of the U.S., the most powerful man in the world, is often  most about perception. The man (or, one day, woman) in the job takes actions  large and small every day, but it is the perception of the man that seeps into  the everyday lives of working Americans.

That’s why presidential candidates always hit Philadelphia for a cheesesteak during campaigns (Democrats to Pat’s, Republicans to Geno’s).  Sure, they’re running billion-dollar operations trying to win the White  House, but one picture of them wolfing down a Cheez Whiz-covered glob of  meat on a Philly street hits home with millions of voters: “Hey, that guy’s just  like me! He loves him a Pat’s [or Geno’s] cheesesteak, too!” (Unless you’re John F. Kerry and order Swiss cheese — then  everyone hates you.)

Sometimes, that perception cuts to the core. Like when President George  W. Bush stopped playing golf in 2003, at the height of the Iraq War.

“I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal,” he said  years later. “I don’t want some mom whose son may have recently died to see the  commander in chief playing golf. I feel I owe it to the families to be in  solidarity as best as I can with them.”

That’s also why Mr. Bush did two other  things, without fanfare or praise. First, he never headed home to his Texas  ranch until after Christmas, instead going to  Camp David for a few days. That way, the hundreds of people revolving around him  at all times — White House staff, Secret  Service agents, reporters, photographers, all the others — could spend the  holiday with their families in and around Washington, D.C. No one ever reported  that — until this column.

Second, he rarely attended sporting events, although he once owned a baseball  team and was a self-confessed stats junkie. His thinking there was the same: If  he went to a baseball game (right down the street from the White  House), his mere presence would mean hours and hours of extra security for  fans. He once stopped off at the Daytona  500 and the metal detectors through which every fan had to pass left  thousands outside in line when the green flag fell; he didn’t attend many  sporting events after that.

But something remarkable has happened with these occupants of the White  House: Neither President Obama nor first lady Michelle appear to give a damn about perception.  They won the White House and, by God, they’re  going to enjoy their time there, no matter the cost. And who cares what you  think, anyway?

How else to explain the nonstop vacations the pair keep taking during what  Mr. Obama calls the “worst financial crisis since the Great Depression”? In  2013, the First Family has already enjoyed three vacations — that’s one a month.  (Sorry, Joe America, you might have to forget your week at the beach  again this year, but make sure you get those taxes in on time!)

The Obamas ended 2012 and kicked off 2013 in an $8 million, 6,000-square-foot  house in Hawaii (they left well before Dec. 25, by the way). There, the president played five  rounds of golf (breaking the 100-rounds-as-president threshold). Scarcely a  month into Term 2, Mrs. Obama headed off for Aspen, taking along the couple’s  daughters. Vice President Joseph R. Biden also hit the Colorado slopes. While  the girls (and Joe) were gone, Mr. Obama nipped down to Florida for a four-day  boys weekend of golf, teeing it up with his buddies — and Tiger  Woods. He hit the links again this weekend, then dropped in for an NCAA  tournament game in Washington.

Jumpin’ Joe, for his part, spent New Year’s in the Virgin Islands and popped  off over the Easter weekend for a golf outing at the glorious Kiawah Island,  S.C. (where rounds of golf on the spectacular Ocean Course run $353 — nearly $20  a hole). His third vacation of the year came the same week as reports that he  and his entourage spent $460,000 for a single night in London and $585,000 for a  night at a five-star hotel in Paris.

Then, last week, reports emerged that the Obama girls were kicking it in the  Bahamas for spring break. Days later, a Colorado news station, KMTV, reported  that the girls were now skiing in Sun Valley, Idaho. The White  House flacks didn’t like that one bit.

“From the beginning of the administration, the White House has asked news outlets not to report  on or photograph the Obama children when they are not with their parents and  there is no vital news interest,” said Kristina Schake, communications director  to the first lady. “We have reminded outlets of this request in order to protect  the privacy and security of these girls.”

At their demand, the station scrubbed the report without explanation. What  losers.

To be clear, this has nothing to do with the daughters. Never has. They are  wonderful girls. The issue is use of taxpayer money, especially since Mr. Obama  has shut down the White House to visitors,  citing the cost of security. All these trips  cost millions for Secret Service  protection; couldn’t they just skip a few vacations so taxpayers could visit “America’s House”?

But no, the Obamas don’t care a whit about that, or the perception of them  living high on the hog while many hardworking Americans are struggling to get by — and hoping to save enough for just one vacation this year.

And that perception, juxtaposed with reality, more than nearly anything else,  tells you an awful lot about this president.

The End Is Near and There’s Nothing We Can Do About It

I’ve read a lot of doom-and-gloom analysis from financial experts over the last couple of years, but this one by former Reagan OMB Director David Stockman takes first prize for scaring the holy living beejeeses out of me.

A few highlights:

Since the S.&P. 500 first reached its current level, in March 2000, the mad money printers at the Federal Reserve have expanded their balance sheet sixfold (to $3.2 trillion from $500 billion). Yet during that stretch, economic output has grown by an average of 1.7 percent a year (the slowest since the Civil War); real business investment has crawled forward at only 0.8 percent per year; and the payroll job count has crept up at a negligible 0.1 percent annually. Real median family income growth has dropped 8 percent, and the number of full-time middle class jobs, 6 percent. The real net worth of the “bottom” 90 percent has dropped by one-fourth. The number of food stamp and disability aid recipients has more than doubled, to 59 million, about one in five Americans.

As the federal government and its central-bank sidekick, the Fed, have groped for one goal after another — smoothing out the business cycle, minimizing inflation and unemployment at the same time, rolling out a giant social insurance blanket, promoting homeownership, subsidizing medical care, propping up old industries (agriculture, automobiles) and fostering new ones (“clean” energy, biotechnology) and, above all, bailing out Wall Street — they have now succumbed to overload, overreach and outside capture by powerful interests. The modern Keynesian state is broke, paralyzed and mired in empty ritual incantations about stimulating “demand,” even as it fosters a mutant crony capitalism that periodically lavishes the top 1 percent with speculative windfalls.

Soon Americans stopped saving and consumed everything they earned and all they could borrow. The Asians, burned by their own 1997 financial crisis, were happy to oblige us. They — China and Japan above all — accumulated huge dollar reserves, transforming their central banks into a string of monetary roach motels where sovereign debt goes in but never comes out. We’ve been living on borrowed time — and spending Asians’ borrowed dimes.

This dynamic reinforced the Reaganite shibboleth that “deficits don’t matter” and the fact that nearly $5 trillion of the nation’s $12 trillion in “publicly held” debt is actually sequestered in the vaults of central banks. The destruction of fiscal rectitude under Ronald Reagan — one reason I resigned as his budget chief in 1985 — was the greatest of his many dramatic acts. It created a template for the Republicans’ utter abandonment of the balanced-budget policies of Calvin Coolidge and allowed George W. Bush to dive into the deep end, bankrupting the nation through two misbegotten and unfinanced wars, a giant expansion of Medicare and a tax-cutting spree for the wealthy that turned K Street lobbyists into the de facto office of national tax policy. In effect, the G.O.P. embraced Keynesianism — for the wealthy.

THE state-wreck ahead is a far cry from the “Great Moderation” proclaimed in 2004 by Mr. Bernanke, who predicted that prosperity would be everlasting because the Fed had tamed the business cycle and, as late as March 2007, testified that the impact of the subprime meltdown “seems likely to be contained.” Instead of moderation, what’s at hand is a Great Deformation, arising from a rogue central bank that has abetted the Wall Street casino, crucified savers on a cross of zero interest rates and fueled a global commodity bubble that erodes Main Street living standards through rising food and energy prices — a form of inflation that the Fed fecklessly disregards in calculating inflation.

These policies have brought America to an end-stage metastasis. The way out would be so radical it can’t happen. It would necessitate a sweeping divorce of the state and the market economy. It would require a renunciation of crony capitalism and its first cousin: Keynesian economics in all its forms. The state would need to get out of the business of imperial hubris, economic uplift and social insurance and shift its focus to managing and financing an effective, affordable, means-tested safety net.

Politicians in the industrialized West have become quite adept at kicking the can down the road to avoid facing what Stockman so presciently describes. The last three years in Europe have been spent avoiding calamity by hoping that eventually something will turn up to save them. Patching together temporary fixes doesn’t solve anything.

In America, we are doing an excellent job of pretending as well — except our rich and varied fantasy life involves arguments over cutting miniscule amounts from a budget that has been running annual deficits of a trillion dollars.

Wall Street has us by the throat and Washington has us by a body part further south. Stockman’s advice of what to do is both frightening and depressing:

The United States is broke — fiscally, morally, intellectually — and the Fed has incited a global currency war (Japan just signed up, the Brazilians and Chinese are angry, and the German-dominated euro zone is crumbling) that will soon overwhelm it. When the latest bubble pops, there will be nothing to stop the collapse. If this sounds like advice to get out of the markets and hide out in cash, it is.

The Gospel According to Don

Mike Adams by Mike Adams

I have an old friend named Don who graduated from college twenty years ago. He has tried every get rich scheme in an effort to retire early and enjoy the good life. Now that he’s in his forties and has nothing to show for it, he’s decided to take the biggest shortcut in life: he’s joined the Democratic Party.

Don started smoking pot every day in college. Unlike most pot smokers he never grew out of it. So he suffered the side effects of pot including laziness and inattention to personal hygiene. These are among the reasons none of his get rich schemes worked. In every business venture, no matter how temporary, one must be on time, responsive, and well kempt. Pot interferes with all of these objectives.

Daily pot use led him to failure, which, in turn, led him to liberalism as a means of rationalizing his personal failure. In 2009, Don came by my office to discuss the TARP bailout. I told him why I opposed the bailout in principal and in accordance with my concerns over its long term economic consequences. Don told me we needed TARP because ultimately the government had to take over the banking industry. He spoke of the evils of greed, insider trading, and crony capitalism. It’s the kind of thing I heard every day in academia. So I just changed the subject.

Failure in business can cause someone like Don to jump ship and become an economic liberal. The motivation for that switch is obvious. Desperate people crave handouts. But at some point the former conservative who joins the Democratic Party must make peace with the radical social policies of the Democratic Party. For a while, I’ve wondered how Don would make that transition. Last week, I found out when he decided to show up after four years of silence and bomb my Facebook page. That’s why I love Facebook. It’s been reuniting me with psycho ex-girlfriends and frenemies for years.

Don the ex-con (that’s short for ex conservative) went right to one of my status updates, which criticized the homosexual rights movement. In addition to a few personal insults, he left a comment I am hearing with increasing frequency from the so-called Christian Left. He said “Jesus never said anything about homosexuality. EVER!” And so we are supposed to assume that anything Jesus was not recorded as saying in the Bible is fair game.

First, as a matter of clarification, Jesus did condemn homosexuality. In the first chapter of Romans, homosexuality is very specifically condemned. That book was written by the Apostle Paul. But those weren’t his words. He was speaking the word of God. And Jesus is God. So the words belong to Him. Second, and perhaps more importantly, things may not have been mentioned by Jesus because they were obviously wrong, not because they were right. Furthermore, consider the ramifications of assuming that things Jesus never specifically mentions are therefore permissible:

Jesus never mentioned child pornography. Does that mean it is moral and therefore fair game?

Jesus never mentioned female genital mutilation. Does that mean it is moral and therefore fair game?

Jesus never mentioned insider trading. Does that mean it is moral and therefore fair game?


Liberal Cockroach Chris Matthews

Sneering at Witchy Michele Bachmann

“With me now is Caroline Kennedy to discuss her new book of poems she loves.  You know, Caroline, we all remember the poet Robert Frost reciting one of his  best works at your father’s inauguration of 1961. It was a signal to the country  that we had arrived at a new frontier of intellect. Tell me, when you think of  Frost’s poem ‘The Witch of Coos,’ do you often think of Michele  Bachmann?” — Chris Matthews on Hardball, April  1.


Matthews sets back the “new frontier of intellect” about 100 years with just that last line. He is so damn clueless it’s painful.My first question would be what was “classy’ Caroline Kennedy’s response.

Joe Biden struck again Tuesday, telling an anti-gun rally that Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was shot and mortally wounded. She’s alive and speaking out against guns. A key aspect of Joe Biden’s entertainment value is that he could trip over a cordless phone. 

Democrats Are Increasingly Divided but MSM Focuses On GOP Woes

By Jack  Kelly

The news media has been focused on the woes of the Republican Party. But Stanley Kurtz thinks it’s Democrats who are more likely to tear themselves apart.

The often-bitter disputes within the GOP between Tea Party insurgents and the “Establishment” tend to be over how far and how fast to travel down a particular road. Among Democrats, there is sharp disagreement over which road to take.

• Unions want the Keystone XL pipeline — which has now been “under review” by the Obama administration for longer than it would have taken to build it — because it means thousands of well-paying jobs. It’s opposed by environmentalists such as California billionaire Tom Steyer, who threatened to run negative ads against a Democrat running for the Senate in Massachusetts if he didn’t recant his support for Keystone.

“Our economy runs on fossil fuels, yet an ever-growing number of Democrats at the heart of Obama’s base are literally convinced that the world is coming to an end because of it,” Mr. Kurtz said. “This rapidly proliferating movement of Democratic voters has a near-religious determination to choke off the fuel that drives America’s economic engine. Each side of the Democratic split apparently sees the other as Dr. Evil.”

• Liberals exploded in outrage last week when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said he wouldn’t schedule a vote on a bill to reinstate the “assault weapons” ban, forcing him to back down.

Gun control is supported enthusiastically by liberals in wealthy urban neighborhoods, but by hardly anyone else. The “assault weapons” ban “couldn’t get 40 votes” among the 55 Democrats in the Senate, Sen. Reid had said, in part because he knows gun ownership is rising fastest among women (23 percent say they’re gun owners, up from 13 percent in 2005), and Democrats (40 percent, up from 32 percent in 2010).


Stephanopoulos Features Atheist on Easter Sunday Discussing…Religion?

You think that’s what Christians all over the country wanted to hear on  Easter Sunday?

As the Media Research Center’s Tim Graham commented to me via email, it’s  like having a football-hater participate in a Super Bowl pregame show!


Worth a Read:

 Obama Administration Gears Up “Mass Marketing” Campaign To “Sell” Obamacare…


Since I loathe anyone advertising “at” me this will only make me dig in my heels on my revulsion of obamacare more.

A load of crap sold to the public by a bunch of liberal jackasses with no honesty, integrity or intellect. Yeah, I can see where all the little obots will buy into this b.s.

The Gun Rights of the Inbred, Snaggle-Toothed Alabamans


Hello, Alison Grimes? Why McConnell Isn’t That Worried



  I  read in the newspapers they are going to have 30 minutes of intellectual stuff  on television every Monday from 7:30 to 8. to educate America. They couldn’t  educate America if they started at 6:30. ~ Groucho  Marx

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