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I will remain in “mourning” so long as Obama’s unworthy ass sits in the Oval Office.

Heading towards St. Patrick’s Day

My Pick of the Litter Today

New Pope, Old Media

As a lifelong, practicing Roman Catholic, there are few things I find more enjoyable than a papal conclave. Love us or hate us, we do ritual and pageantry better than anyone. As a conservative who writes often about media bias, I knew there would be some ridiculous coverage of this one, especially in the social-media era.

It began with the conclave in 2005, the first in the 24/7 cable news era. Then and now, the MSM weighed in with what it thought the Church needed to do to be more like a modern church, which, thankfully, the cardinals blissfully paid no attention to whatsoever. Listening to and reading the media coverage of this current conclave in the days leading up to it made it seem to me as if the average American journalist thought the pope would be chosen from a fraternity during rush week and not the College of Cardinals.

Because it’s the MSM and it can’t help itself, identity politics also had to come into play.

Immediately after Pope Francis gave his first blessing, even Matthew Dowd, a former Bush-Cheney consultant, wandered far afield by unequivocally stating that by choosing the name “Francis” this pope would be all about social justice. At that point it hadn’t even been made clear whether Francis Xavier or Francis of Assisi had been the inspiration for the historical choice. This was lazy not only for that reason, but also for the fact that “social justice” as the Church means it is very different from the American interpretation, as stated by one of the most talked-about favorites of this conclave, Cardinal Peter Turkson.

The press reaction was mind-numbingly awful, full of “reporting” that the man chosen to lead more than a billion Roman Catholics was–SHOCKER!–against abortion and same-sex marriage (here is a link to the Google results for “new pope abortion same sex marriage”). It’s as if they’re living in an alternate reality where, because they really, really want it to happen, they think the pontiff of their dreams will appear on the balcony and declare that his first order of business will be to invalidate Canon law, all the while tossing condoms to the crowd.

The Church endures because the Church isn’t whimsical or a slave to the social quirks of a given era. This frustrates many. Yes, it has had some less-than-savory episodes in its history, most recently with the pedophile-priest scandal. It survives the darker periods because it will often make institutional adjustments to address serious issues like that. It doesn’t, however, take the pulse of those in society who have largely forsaken God to find out what it needs to do to be more popular.

And that is why it will be here long after the New York Times and its ilk are forgotten.

Habemus Papam: Pope Francis I Ascends the Throne of Peter

Kate Hicks by Kate Hicks

The white smoke and ringing bells announced to the world that the cardinal electors had chosen a new pope, and about an hour later, Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio took St. Peter’s balcony as Pope Francis I. He has the distinction of being the first pope from the Americas, as he is an Argentinian of Italian descent. He formerly served as the head of the Jesuit order, as well as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, and is currently 75 years old. Pope John Paul II named him a cardinal. He is said to be known for his humility and devotion to simplicity, which includes taking the bus. He came in second to Benedict XIV eight years ago, but was not among the frontrunners named ahead of the voting this time.

Francis now must lead the Church through a host of challenges, from managerial obstacles to the crucial task of evangalization. Prior to the voting, cardinals commented that they were seeking a pope who would understand the Church’s needs, especially at so critical a time, and when those needs are so diverse.

Ahead of the election of a new pope, cardinals said they were looking for “a pope that understands the problems of the Church at present” and who is strong enough to tackle them, said Cardinal Miloslav Vlk, the archbishop emeritus of Prague who participated in the general congregations but was not eligible to vote in a conclave.

He said those problems included reforming the Roman Curia, handling the pedophilia crisis and cleaning up the Vatican bank, which has been working to meet international transparency standards.

“He needs to be capable of solving these issues,” Cardinal Vlk said as he walked near the Vatican this week, adding that the next pope needs “to be open to the world, to the troubles of the world, to society, because evangelization is a primary task, to bring the Gospel to people.”

For Catholics worldwide, including me, this is a beautiful day, and I know I’m not alone in praying for Francis as he takes up this incredible new mission. Indeed, when giving his first Urbi et Orbi (“To the City and the World”) blessing, he requested that we pray for God’s blessing on him, even as he did the same for us. Below, his first address (h/t NRO), in which he noted that the cardinals had “gone to the end of the world” to find a pope, but that there he was.


Amen, Ms. Hicks, Amen! Now we must needs just wait until the liberal press begins to attack this good man. Because you know they will. He offers hope to billions of Catholics around the world and in their secular minds, that it dangerous. Only government must offer hope, and freebies to the people. Else how will they know who to vote for?

More Stuff:

Empty charm offensive

  by A.B. Stoddard

Last week, it was bipartisan fine dining, optimism and hope for change. This  week, forget about it.

Sarah Palin and Donald Trump are swooping into town for the annual  Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), President Obama’s top donors  have assembled for a high-priced meeting to learn how to “advance his agenda” and unseat GOP lawmakers through Organizing for Action, and both sides have  issued budgets premised on policies that drive the other party up the wall. Is  this really how you get to a grand bargain?

Obama, just days ago, hosted dinner at D.C.’s Jefferson Hotel for a dozen  Republicans critical to a fiscal deal who have demonstrated not only the most  knowledge of the federal budget but a willingness to compromise. There he not  only listened to their pleas but made his own about the timing and necessity for  a deal. Then Wednesday morning, he told ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos that  none of this is a big deal. “We don’t have an immediate crisis in terms of  debt,” he said. “In fact, for the next 10 years, it’s gonna be in a sustainable  place.” Really? Just ask anyone familiar with the trajectory for Medicare  solvency.

Obama said in the interview that while he is willing to do “some tough  stuff,” he made it clear that “ultimately it may be that the differences are  just too wide.” He would reject, he said, GOP demands in exchange for new  revenues that would “gut” Medicare, Social Security or Medicaid. “If that’s the  position, then we’re probably not gonna be able to get to a deal.”

So their four-star food has barely been digested, no one has held any serious  meeting with numbers on the table and already Obama sounds as if negotiations  have blown up once more. It’s enough to make burned-out voters even more  cynical, and forget the earnest Republicans like Sens. Bob Corker, Lindsey  Graham, Saxby Chambliss and others he would need to get any proposal to be taken  seriously.

It is stunning Obama is already so dismissive, given that Americans  are souring rapidly on his second-term performance. The latest ABC  News/Washington Post poll shows voters’ approval of President Obama has dropped  5 points since January and that his 18-point advantage over Republicans on who  the public trusts more to manage the economy has dropped to just 4 points since  December.


On Eve of Papal Election, NBC Hypes ‘Bad Time’ for Church ‘Out of Step’ With  Liberal Catholics

On Tuesday’s NBC Nightly News, on the eve of the Wednesday election of  Pope Francis, anchor Brian Williams proclaimed to viewers: “…this is a  decidedly bad time for the Catholic Church. There are hopes among many  that the new pope will signify a new direction.” [Listen to the  audio or watch the video after the jump]

In the report that  followed, correspondent Lester Holt hyped the divide between the Vatican and  some liberal American Catholics: “It’s roughly 4,000 miles between Vatican City  and the nearest shores of the U.S., but for American Catholics who often find  themselves out of step with the Church here, it can seem a lot  farther….Abortion, the role of women, and attitudes about  homosexuality have been at the heart of much of the disconnect between American  Catholics and the Church.”


Same old hype, same old demonizing and same old liberal crap. The more these cockroach liberal media types attack the church the more I remember things that I loved about it. Some of us Catholics may bitch and moan about the church but when lice like this attack her we are more inclined to support the church and loathe the detractors. The church has survived for 2 thousand years. It can, and will survive these cockroaches.

As for having women as clergy, I simply no longer care. I sure as hell don’t want the loud-mouthes POS women like those who are shooting off their mouths at this time. They didn’t even have the decency to give Catholics, especially Argentinian and other South American Catholics , time to rejoice.

Shame on disgusting Brian Williams and all his kind. I wouldn’t watch NBC “News” if someone paid me.

In fact, I can think of damn few programs of any kind I watch on NBC. Perhaps because they have so few good ones.


LifeNews supplies some thoughts from the new Pope on the subject of abortion:

In an October 2, 2007 speech Bergoglio said that “we aren’t in agreement with the death penalty,” but “in Argentina we have the death penalty.  A child conceived by the rape of a mentally ill or retarded woman can be condemned to death.”

The remarks came during the presentation of a document called the Aparecida Document, a joint statement of the bishops of Latin America.

In the document, the new Pope referred to abortion and communion, saying “we should commit ourselves to ‘eucharistic coherence’, that is, we should be conscious that people cannot receive holy communion and at the same time act or speak against the commandments, in particular when abortion, euthanasia, and other serious crimes against life and family are facilitated.  This responsibility applies particularly to legislators, governors, and health professionals.”

Archbishop Bergoglio said then that “the most mentioned word in the Aparecida Document is ‘life’, because the Church is very conscious of the fact that the cheapest thing in Latin America, the thing with the lowest price, is life.”

That ought to allow the libs to have a dandy little hissy fit!

Intellectuals and Race: Part III

  by Thomas  Sowell

The disastrous consequences of genetic determinism.

The desire of intellectuals for some grand theory that will explain complex patterns with some solitary and simple factor has produced many ideas that do not stand up under scrutiny, but which have nevertheless had widespread acceptance — and sometimes catastrophic consequences — in countries around the world.

The theory of genetic determinism which dominated the early 20th century led to many harmful consequences, ranging from racial segregation and discrimination up to and including the Holocaust. The currently prevailing theory is that malice of one sort or another explains group differences in outcomes. Whether the lethal results of this theory would add up to as many murders as in the Holocaust is a question whose answer would require a detailed study of the history of lethal outbursts against groups hated for their success.

These would include murderous mob violence against the Jews in Europe, the Chinese in Southeast Asia, the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, and the Ibos in Nigeria, among others. Class-based mass slaughters of the successful would range from Stalin’s extermination of the kulaks in the Soviet Union to Pol Pot’s wiping out of at least a quarter of the population of Cambodia for the crime of being educated middle class people, as evidenced by even such tenuous signs as wearing glasses.


What’s Up With the Democrats?

The Democrats’ Budget
It’s bad, and it gives the GOP an opportunity.

Senate Democrats on Wednesday officially unveiled a budget resolution for the first time in nearly four years. It presents a stark contrast to the latest offering by House Republicans, which achieves balance within a decade without raising taxes. The Democratic proposal never balances, and calls for a $1 trillion tax increase, at least $100 billion in stimulus spending, and a smattering of nebulous spending cuts, most of which can be chalked up to accounting gimmicks.

Now that Senate Democrats have finally put their plan on paper, it is not hard to understand why they have been so reluctant to do so. For one, it is far easier to demagogue an opponent’s proposal without a serious plan of your own to defend. In almost all respects, the Democratic budget is a political testament to President Obama’s insistence that “we don’t have an immediate crisis in terms of debt.”



Pennsylvania May Not Be Site of Next War on Women

The “war on women” meme was a useful tool for Democrats in 2012. It probably wouldn’t have had as much impact on the voting had not Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin’s comments about rape and pregnancy encapsulated the stereotype of a misogynist GOP that liberals had labored so hard to publicize. But even without Akin, whose idiotic statement helped drag down many another Republican last fall, the Democratic effort to try to brand their opponents as hostile to women was a potent factor. Having worked once, it is no surprise they will be trying to duplicate that success in 2014, but assumptions of that sort when applied to individual state races may not always work out. Hence, Politico’s preview of next year’s Pennsylvania gubernatorial contest may not hinge as much on women’s issues as readers might think.

On the surface, the race for the executive suite in Harrisburg has the potential to be a repeat of what happened in Missouri when Akin’s case of hoof-in-mouth turned liberal Claire McCaskill from a certain loser to an easily re-elected incumbent. Republican Governor Tom Corbett has not only had a rocky first two years in office but has also been credited with some particularly obtuse quotes about women seeking abortion that will be easily exploited by the Democrats. His likely opponent is Representative Allyson Schwartz who has the smarts and the ability to raise the money needed to fund a campaign that will paint the otherwise dull-as-dishwater Corbett as a Keystone State version of Akin.

But there are two problems with this scenario that may turn the war on women routine on its head. First is the very real possibility that Corbett will not survive a primary challenge next year. The other is that the assumption that a pro-choice woman will be more than a match for a pro-life man in Pennsylvania is far from certain. Particularly when the women is not just an advocate for reproductive choice but someone who made a living at what her opponents will call an abortion mill. Under these circumstances, there’s really no telling what may happen next year in Pennsylvania.


 Rand Paul: Tea Party is like the American Revolution – The Occupy movement more like the French Revolution

Speaking yesterday at a National Review breakfast, Sen. Rand Paul R-Ky. explained what he thought about the Tea Party movement vs. the Occupy Wall Street movement, as Jon Ward reports in the Huffington Post.

“The Tea Party, I always say, is more like the American Revolution, and Occupy Wall Street is more the French Revolution,” Paul said.

Paul explained that the Tea Party looked back to the rule of law.

“We hearken back to sort of rules,” Paul said, identifying with the Tea Party. “We weren’t unhappy with people just because they were rich; we weren’t happy with you if you were making money off of our taxes and we were bailing you out. If you were making $100 million, your bank goes bankrupt and all of a sudden we bail you out and you’re still making $100 million — that upset us.”


The Battle Against School Choice in New Hampshire

A program that would help low-income students attend any private or public school they want, or to be homeschooled, is under fire

Last year New Hampshire enacted a tax credit to the tune of 85 percent for businesses donating toward K-12 scholarships for low-income students. (There are annual caps of between about $3 and $5 million in total credits statewide.) The scholarships can be used by parents to send their children to any school, public or private, or to homeschool them. Now the program is under attack in the state legislature and in the courts.

Such tax-credit-funded scholarships have been established in 11 states and are estimated to benefit more than 150,000 students. The scholarships are generally successful; in Florida, one studyshowed the presence of students receiving such scholarships improves the performance of public schools in those students’neighborhoods. The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice tracks the performance of all variety of school choice programs. Its 2013 report [pdf] notes that the nascent New Hampshire program “has considerable room for growth,” pointing out that the scholarship is capped at 19 percent of what New Hampshire spends per public school student, and that the annual cap (which does grow automatically) limits the scholarship’s availability to less than 1 percent of students in the state.

Yet even this is too much for opponents of the program. “The attack is really driven by the teachers unions who don’t want to have to compete,” the law’s senate sponsor, James Forsythe, tells “They have a ton of money and lobbying influence.” A bill to repeal the law passed the state House last year, though Forsythe argues that “the partisanship is turning,” pointing out that five Democrats in the New Hampshire house voted against the repeal. In the Senate, one Republican who opposed the bill when it was first passed, Nancy Stiles, this time testified against the repeal. According to Forsythe, this splits the Senate 12–12, where a majority is needed to repeal the bill.


Liberal Cockroach

Keith Olbermann Settles Lawsuit With Al Gore, Gets Just 10 Percent of Original  Contract

Keith Olbermann, the whiney, deranged former MSNBC anchor has settled a  lawsuit he had filed against his former employer Current TV, taking home far  less than he had been asking for.

According to the New York Post, Olbermann and attorneys representing the  former owners of Current TV, which was sold to the Qatari-government-owned Al  Jazeera network earlier this year, reached a deal to give him a $5 million  payout instead of the $50 million he had sued for.

The lawsuit was a classic example of a liberal-on-liberal fight with  Olbermann pitting himself against former U.S. vice president Al Gore and could  have gone on for years according  to the Post’s Michael Shain:

Current  claimed the big-ego anchor had “sabotaged” the struggling new network by  refusing to work with people there and not showing up for work. […]

Papers filed by Olbermann’s lawyers — which were making the rounds of media  Web sites all year — offered a rare (and sometimes hilarious) glimpse into the  workings of a new news network

“Keith Olbermann was disheartened to discover Al Gore, Joel Hyatt and the  management of Current are no more than dilettantes portraying entertainment  executives,” the papers claimed.

Current, which quickly counter-sued, and the ex-anchor were locked in a  legal stalemate that might have lasted years if not for Gore’s startling  decision last December to sell the money-losing Current to Al Jazeera.

Olbermann’s settlement will come out of the seller’s end of the Current  deal — meaning Gore and Hyatt, who each pocketed a reported $100 million, will  have to pay.

While we’re always glad to see another lawsuit not clogging the courts up,  this one sure would have been entertaining had it been allowed to continue. Of  course, there’s always the next time Keith Olbermann gets fired.

And speaking of cockroaches…

Demoted: MSNBC Boots Schultz to Weekends


The Market Economy and Spiritual Qualities

By Sam  Mikolaski

In  a market economy, productivity leading to wealth entails spiritual qualities of  life.

The  materialists’ fallacy game has ended.  They have lost.  But either  they don’t yet acknowledge the facts or they perversely deny their  loss.

It  is the mantra of the deluded, held by the old Materialists, European Socialists  and, more recently, Maoists in China — by Trudeauists in Canada and  Progressivists in America, capped by Barack Obama’s egocentric, progressivist  willfulness and manipulated crises.  That tons of resources and stimulus  cash poured into the economy from an invented, mythical supply of money (the  national debt) is the right path to economic prosperity has been shown for what  it is: an illusion.  “Fair” redistribution by taxing the rich has left the  underclass worse off.


  Sudan To Prosecute Doctors Who Refuse To Carry Out Sharia Court Mandated Amputations…

“We cherish the book of Allah and not the Hippocratic Oath.”

KHARTOUM, Sudan, March 12 (UPI) — Judges can receive special training to perform court-ordered amputations if doctors refuse to carry out the sentences, a Sudanese justice said Tuesday.

Deputy Chief Justice Abdul Rahman Sharfi added that any doctors who refuse “the rule of Allah” will themselves face prosecution, the Sudan Tribune reported.

He made the comments at a news conference in response to strong criticism from human rights groups concerning last month’s amputation of the right hand and left foot of a man found guilty of armed robbery.

“We cherish the book of Allah (Koran) and not the Hippocratic Oath,” said Sharfi.

He said if doctors refuse to follow Islamic law the government is prepared to train and qualify some judges to perform court-ordered amputations.

It is hard to believe that this could be happening any where in the world in the year 2013.

Media Malpractice:

MSM Finally Discovers Obamacare’s Flaws

Now that Obamacare is a fait accompli, the mainstream media is discovering what the rest of us have known for years: Obamacare is a bureaucratic mess, unlikely to solve the nation’s healthcare woes. Senator Mitch McConnell’s office recently released a photo showing just how complicated the regulations for the bill have become. Sadly, the photo depicting a tower of regulatory paperwork seven feet tall isn’t even the final product of what will become the backbone of Obamacare; more regulations are on the way.

The Associated Press got the scoop on the latest bad news for Obamacare supporters with an incredibly amusing headline for any conservative who saw this coming from a mile away: “AP Exclusive: Applying for health care not easy.” The AP’s story described the forms involved with applying for Obamacare, which “could be as daunting as doing your taxes.” The forms the AP are referencing are only the first step in applying for the health insurance which requires applicants prove their financial need.

Understandably, demand for the plan has been meager at best. Roll Call reports that some government agencies are so desperate to increase enrollment that they’ve been reduced to gimmicks to promote the insurance:

When a California county wanted to encourage residents to buy health insurance earlier this year, officials employed a time-tested tactic for generating interest: nudity.

The Alameda County Social Services Agency’s ad campaign featured bare-skinned people who held up signs in strategic spots that read, “Cover your family.”

For those Americans feeling daunted by the process, the Department of Health and Human Services has produced a video to explain the process in more detail. The video runs 12 minutes long and instead of clarifying the process, it ends up muddying the waters considerably.

Thanks to Obamacare and its regulatory red tape, there may be a lot more of that financial need for low-cost insurance programs in coming years despite the bill being named the “Affordable Care Act.” The AP also reported today that

Some Americans could see their insurance bills double next year as the health care overhaul law expands coverage to millions of people.

The nation’s big health insurers say they expect premiums — or the cost for insurance coverage — to rise from 20 to 100 percent for millions of people due to changes that will occur when key provisions of the Affordable Care Act roll out in January 2014.

If only the mainstream media had come to these realizations before the bill was voted on and passed.

If it took them this long to wake up they are of no earthly use to us as a nation as a source of informations.

  Ted Cruz praises Paul, responds to McCain in speech about ‘principle’

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) encouraged conservatives to never abandon their principles and “win the argument” in a Wednesday night speech that lauded Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s recent filibuster and jabbed at Arizona Sen. John McCain’s labeling of the Texas senator as a “wacko bird.”

“I think 2014 has the potential to be a very, very good year at the ballot box,” Cruz said in a keynote speech at Coalitions For America’s Weyrich Awards Dinner, the conservative group’s annual event named for founder Paul Weyrich. “But let me tell you right now, the number one way we can screw it up is if Republicans fail to stand on principle.”

The freshman senator, who was elected with strong tea party support, quickly took aim at McCain, who recently called him, Paul and Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) “wacko birds” in an interview. Without mentioning McCain by name, Cruz told the crowd he was happy to be among friends, or “as some might say, fellow wacko birds.” He continued: “If standing for the Constitution, standing for liberty, standing for conservative values makes one a wacko bird … then I am pleased that birds of a feather flock together.”

Cruz held up Paul’s recent marathon filibuster of CIA Director John Brennan’s confirmation as an example of a principled stand. “What happened during those nearly 13 hours was incredible,” said Cruz, who went on to detail the support Paul received as the hours went on.


Worth a Read:

Pope Francis: A Disappointment for Catholics Who Don’t Like Being Catholic


From Affirmative Action to Diversity

Victor Davis Hanson by Victor Davis Hanson



GOP Aide: Obama’s ‘Using Us As Props’




  1. It doesn’t matter to me whether Ed Schultz’s show is on the week-end or during the week. I wouldn’t watch that big mouthed baboon if they paid me to do so. IMO, he is one of the most repulsive examples of homo sapiens that I have ever seen. His insane blatherings would drive a sane person crazy. It’s lucky that only the insane watch his show , and since their minds are alredy scrambled, they don’t have anything to worry about.

    • I wouldn’t watch him if someone paid me either. Loud-mouthed, lying POS isn’t the kind of person anyone with any decency or integrity would listen to. I just like to see people like him get their comeuppance.


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