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Ryan, Rubio lay out vision for future of GOP

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio – two men at the center of the discussion of potential 2016 Republican presidential candidates – tonight laid out their vision for the party’s future in remarks seemingly designed to move the party away from Mitt Romney’s controversial “47 percent” remarks during the presidential campaign.

After stressing that he was “proud of the campaign Mitt Romney and I ran,” Ryan, the 2012 Republican VP nominee delivering his first speech since he and Romney lost on election night, focused on the importance of giving Americans the opportunity to “escape from poverty” and move up the socioeconomic ladder.

“When 40 percent of all children born into the lowest income quintile never rise above it, what does it say about our country?” the chairman of the House Budget Committee asked at the Kemp Foundation Leadership Award Dinner at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. He argued that schools, families and communities are not doing a good enough job in providing a path out of poverty and that the economy “is failing to provide basic security, much less rising wages.”


The only problem with Mitt Romney’s “47%” remark was that it’s the truth. Truth in politics? That will never do. I respect Mitt Romney more in defeat than most pols.

I understand that Ryan and Rubio, two of the men who are the future of the party must move away from that truth. I find it sad, but understandable. You can’t call parasites what they are and get any of them to vote for you. That’s just reality. I don’t think you can get any of them to vote for Republicans anyway but what they hell, it’s worth a try. Pandering worked so well for Oblahblah that the GOP might as well give it a try.

Problem is they may alienate the base that they need. What a conundrum!

    Stories/Articles You Might Find Interesting – or not

The Truman Doctrine

“Answered Prayers” was the title of the much-discussed and never-completed last novel of Truman Capote, based on his notion that having one’s dearest wish granted can be even more painful that having it never come true.

This new Truman Doctrine is about to be tested in the next months and years for the Democrats. They had their prayers answered in seeing Obamacare pass, seeing it given a pass by John Roberts and then given reprieves anew by the recent election. They now face the ordeal of seeing this huge, complex and unpopular act carried through in the face of its own contradictions, 30 unhappy Republican governors, and the sullen resistance of much of a public that never embraced it and likes it now less than it did before.


How Western Civilization Lost it at the Movies

“Movies really have become awful, haven’t they?” Ace writes. And who can argue with him?

I don’t mean politically; sure, there are a lot of liberal zingers put into movies for no very good reason, except to make the filmmakers think they’ve done something positive with the piece of shit project they’re foisting on people.

Hollywood has always made most movies for a juvenile crowd. A producer, I think his name was Zanuck, worked out the logic like this: Girls will see anything boys will see, but boys will not see most things girls will see. Younger kids will see anything that older kids will see, but older kids will not see things made for younger kids. Adults will see most things that older teenagers will see, but older teenagers will not necessarily see things that adults would see. Therefore, the correct money-making demographic to make a movie for is a 17 year old boy.

Read the whole thing, and follow Ace’s link to screenwriter Eric Heisserer, at the appropriately named industry blog The Bitter Script Reader.

So is the real problem the declining intelligence and taste of the average 17-year-old male, or is it the declining intelligence and taste of Hollywood, or do the two — along with the declining intelligence and taste of the American education system — combine to form the complete Red Queen’s Race to the bottom? I’d blame the latter scenario, especially after contemplating what the average 17-year-old male likely dug when he went to the movies over the years:

  • 1950s: Alfred Hitchcock’s best decade, and loads of war movies, both pro and con (Strategic Air Command, The Bridge on the River Kwai, Paths of Glory, et al).
  • 1960s: The birth of the James Bond movie franchise, plus big-budget middlebrow epics like Spartacus, Lawrence of Arabia, and Dr. Zhivago, plus the rise of the counter-culture, with Dr. Strangelove, Blowup, Bonnie & Clyde, 2001, and the Beatles’ movies.
  • 1970s: More Bond, rock movies (Woodstock, Gimme Shelter), B-movies/exploitation/violence galore (Easy Rider, Clockwork Orange, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, Taxi Driver, Death Wish, Dirty Harry), the Godfather movies, and then the rise of Spielberg and Lucas, which led to…
  • 1980s: The Empire Strikes Back, ET, Jedi, Blade Runner, the Star Trek movies, Platoon, Wall Street, Full Metal Jacket, and the SNL movies (Stripes, Trading Places, Ghost Busters, et al). Plus plenty of horny teenager movies (Fast Times, Risky Business, etc.)
  • 1990s: T2, the Batman movies, and the omnipresent summer action movie with Arnold, Bruce, Tom, Harrison, et al. Plus the 1998 digital mind-f*** movies: The Matrix and Dark City. And Titanic,  which brilliantly combined the chick-flick with an ending filled with plenty of digital FX and carnage for the boys.
  • 2000s: Brit-lit such as the Lord of the Rings and Narnia, the horrible but exceedingly profitable Star Wars prequels, and wall-to-wall superheroes.
  • 2010s: Avatar and even more superheroes. Did I mention the superheroes?

Sense a trend here? And don’t forget — a tiny percentage of the most aggressive of those moviegoers in the ’70s and ’80s are the ones who headed to Hollywood to write today’s drek. Their idea of deep and complex middlebrow culture aren’t the books that inspired Hollywood’s golden age, but the actual movies themselves. Or as John Podhoretz wrote at NRO on the eve of 9/11, “A century dominated by movies has left the movies starved for inspiration.”

Even beyond that mammoth dumbing down of the average hit movie’s writing when middlebrow culture was nuked and paved by the new left, after 9/11, the combination of PC and fear of failure completely numbed Hollywood, resulting in the Big Screen’s current malaise.


See me cringe as I admit to being addicted to many of the movies listed here. I have watched the Lord of the Rings so many times I know most of the dialogue. Was a giant fan of the Matrix movies as well as Star Wars. And I still watch Avatar several times a year. I am a giant Sci-Fi/Fantasy fan. I read dozens of books of the same type. When I ask people who “like” the Lord of the Rings trilogy if they read “The Hobbit’ most did not and many didn’t even know what I was talking about. Oh well.

 Did not like Titanic very much. Many of the others listed here are not among movies I watch more than once.

Shrek is another favorite although I know that “infantilizes” me. I don’t know why, Shrek is a better movie, IMO that most of the porno crap presented as entertainment these days. At least I’m not embarrassed to watch it with my granddaughters or my MIL. And I love cartoons as anyone who has seen how I highlight them on every post knows. And just to be perfectly clear, I believe Daffy Duck would make a far better POTUS than the clown we have. Although I can understand how clowns might resent that comparison.


Benghazi Storytelling

Too many answers, not enough truthfulness.

 by Steven F. Hayes
The White House has had quite enough of the controversy over ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice, the misleading talking points she used in TV interviews about the jihadist attacks in Benghazi, and the Obama administration’s contradictory narrative about those attacks. “There are no unanswered questions about Ambassador Rice’s appearance on Sunday shows and the talking points that she used for those appearances that were provided by the intelligence community,” asserted White House spokesman Jay Carney at his briefing on November 27.
Jay Carney is wrong. The administration has not answered even the most basic questions about Susan Rice, the talking points, and the misleading narrative top officials pushed in the days after 9/11/12.

Tweet of the day for Liberal asshat Piers Morgan:

2nd amendment tweet


Liberal Lunacy

The Costas Anti-Gun Lecture Series

by Brent Bozell

We know the news flash: On Saturday morning, Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher shot and killed his girlfriend, then drove to Arrowhead Stadium and shot himself in the head in the parking lot in front of his coaches. To liberals like NBC sportscaster Bob Costas, this was not just a crisis. It was also an opportunity.

During the halftime of the Dec. 2 Sunday night game between Dallas and Philadelphia, Costas unfurled a wholly unexpected and condescending lecture about how gun owners who harm America with their “gun culture” never learn.

He began by saying he didn’t want to hear “mindless” clichés about how this crime puts sports in perspective. Then Costas turned to Kansas City-based sports columnist Jason Whitlock, quoting how he found that our “gun culture” inevitably leads to senseless and violent confrontations. It is apparently alien to these pundits that a gun can save a life or defend a home. They only serve evil ends.

“Handguns do not enhance our safety,” Costas quoted from Whitlock. “They exacerbate our flaws, tempt us to escalate arguments and bait us into embracing confrontation rather than avoiding it. In the coming days, Jovan Belcher’s actions, and their possible connection to football, will be analyzed … If Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and (girlfriend) Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.”

      Right off the bat, a couple of observations:

1. Does the name O.J. Simpson ring a bell?

2. Had Nicole Simpson been carrying a gun, might she be alive today? Ditto Kasandra Perkins.

      Two more observations:

3. Why do so many in the entertainment world believe they are qualified as polemicists?

4. Why can’t we just watch football?

Really, who asked Bob Costas to offer his very one-sided “perspective”? When liberals get arrogant like this, they assume they speak for all humanity. It is not surprising that there was an uproar in response. People are fed up with liberal pontificating.


The Ecological Incorrectness of 54 Christmas Trees

by Jeannie  DeAngelis

The  thing about liberals that never ceases to amaze is how the high standards they  espouse never apply to them.  Take the president and first lady for  example.  How can you call yourself a green  president, allow a group to call themselves “Environmentalists  for Obama,” rail on and on about climate change…and then, while planning to be  away for 21 days in Hawaii, commission 54 Christmas trees to be displayed in the  White House?

In the meantime, America is starring in a breathtaking fiscal cliffhanger.  With that in mind, is it appropriate to waste taxpayer money on the merciless slaying of 54 oxygen-producing trees?  Maybe Mr. and Mrs. Obama should be more like Al Gore; at least Al’s concerned about “rising tree mortality” and habitat destruction.

Way back in 2009, Michelle addressed the Environmental Protection Agency and expressed the following sentiments: “Your work will not only save our planet and clean up our environment; it’s going to transform our economy and create millions of well-paying jobs.”

This year, as unemployment hovers around 8 percent and clearly oblivious to the ecological impropriety of chopping down trees, the first lady told White House visitors, “We have 54 trees in the White House — 54!  That’s a lot of trees.”  Yeah, and in a recession, four million are a lot of dollars to spend on a three-week Christmas vacation that could salary 80 unemployed Americans at $50K for one year.


Wintour Ambassadorial Nomination Would Not Be Vogue

Rumor has it that President Obama is considering Vogue editor Anna Wintour to be his second-term nominee to be U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom. After World War II, well-known public figures and intellectuals such as W. Averell Harriman, Walter Annenberg, and Kingman Brewster, Jr., have held the post. In recent decades, however, presidents have transformed the top slot into a plumb reward for top donors. Leading the London Embassy has become more about style than diplomacy. George W. Bush, for example, chose Robert Tuttle, who had raised more than $200,000 for the president. For his first term, Obama chose Louis Susman, a top fundraiser.

Wintour may be pushing pay-for-position rewards a bit too far. The problem isn’t her fundraising, but rather her judgment. Syria remains a top foreign policy concern for the United States and, should Bashar al-Assad’s forces use chemical weapons, it could be the source of the 3 a.m. phone call Obama fears most. As editor of Vogue, however, Wintour published the infamous and groveling profile of Asma al-Assad, Bashar’s wife. She defended the piece for months, even as Assad’s forces committed the most grizzly abuses against Syrian men, women, and children, refusing to distinguish between combatants and non-combatants. In recent months, Wintour sought to distance herself from the profile, and removed it from the Internet.

Dictatorships should never be chic. Judgment matters. Wintour lacks it, and if Obama nominates her for any post, he will signal to Syrian dissidents and those suffering under dictatorships the world over that the United States does not take their plight seriously.

Aren’t Ambassadors supposed to be good at diplomacy? And isn’t the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” based on Ms Wintour? Is that the kind of arrogant elitist that should be an Ambassador? To even consider this woman is one more sign of Obama’s poor judgement.

What Are The Cockroach Liberals Saying Now?

Former NYT Reporter: Jeremiah Wright Is a Christ-Like Figure, and ‘White’ Romans Killed Jesus ‘Who Was a Person of Color’

Chris Hedges, author and former New York Times writer for fifteen years, had some interesting  references to make about President Obama’s former minister, Jeremiah Wright.  Hedges, who is a friend of Wright, spoke to an audience in Chicago last month.


Just when you think they can’t get worse than Lawrence O’Donnell and Rachel Maddow, in comes a lunatic like this. Jews are “people of color” now? Who knew?

ACLU sues to block Georgia’s fetal pain abortion ban

ATLANTA, December 3, 2012, ( – The Georgia chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed suit on Friday to block enforcement of the state’s fetal pain-based abortion ban.

The law, which is set to take effect January 1, forbids abortions after 20 weeks gestation, with limited exceptions for medical emergencies.

The only late-term abortions approved under the law would be to save the life of the mother, to prevent “irreversible physical impairment of a major bodily function” in the mother, or if the baby has a congenital or chromosomal defect that means almost certain death after birth.

The lawsuit, filed in Fulton County Superior Court, was filed on behalf of three doctors by the ACLU.

Debbie Seagraves, executive director of ACLU Georgia, said they are suing because they believe the law is a violation of Georgia’s constitutional privacy protections, and will limit doctors’ ability to provide women with abortions in serious but non-emergent situations.

“It’s unconstitutional on its face,” Seagraves said. “It sets a pre-viability date that’s an arbitrary date. There’s no reason for it. It requires a doctor to make a judgment call that may or may not be in the best interest of their patient.”

Dan Becker, president of Georgia Right to Life, welcomed the ACLU’s lawsuit.  “We would welcome a (court) challenge simply because this provides the opportunity to place additional restrictions on abortion,” he said. “It would be a challenge to Roe v. Wade.”

Roe forbids all restrictions on abortions prior to viability, which is later than 20 weeks.

But Dana Cody of Life Legal Defense Foundation told  she was less certain about the law’s potential national implications.  “Abortion proponents act like any sort of protection measure is going to overturn Roe,” she said.

Supporters of the ban deny the 20-week limit is arbitrary.  The law was written based on medical research showing that the body’s pain network — the spino-thalamic pathway — is formed by 20 weeks gestation.  Many doctors, including the late renowned neurosurgeon Robert White, maintain that babies in the womb begin to feel pain as early as 20 weeks into their development.


This is where I run into problems with my own conscience as far as being “pro-choice” goes. I don’t know, am not sure, that life begins at conception. I therefore can, in my own mind, regard the “baby” as a fetus for the first 12 weeks. That’s my own criteria, that or until the mother feels “life”. That’s just me. And personally I felt the “baby” was a “baby” from the moment I knew I was pregnant and would never have had an abortion. That too is just me and not my right to inflict my belief system on others.

I am now and always have been against late-term abortion and idiot women using abortion as a form of birth control. If you haven’t decided to have an abortion by 20 weeks, and there is no medical reason for an abortion, tough luck toots. Have the child and do it and the world a favor and put it up for adoption.

Aides: Obama ‘Genuinely Conflicted’ Between Rice and Kerry

The president is still considering both for secretary of State. Kerry, Hagel, and Flournoy are leading candidates for Defense.President Obama is said to be “genuinely conflicted” about whether to nominate his favored candidate, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, or Sen. John Kerry as his next secretary of State, two aides said. Rice faces stiff resistance from some Republican senators — as well as grumbling among some foreign-policy elites who question her suitability — yet the GOP objections may backfire, making the president even more likely to nominate her so as not to be seen as backing dow


Hmm, I can see where this would be a perplexer. Does he nominate cockroach one or cockroach two. Rice is the better choice because they can always scream “racist” or “sexist” at the top of their tiny lungs if she is critisized. And isn’t John Kerry one of those evil, old, rich, white men?

Media Malpractice:

Poisoned Pens, Poisoned Lenses

The ever-obnoxious Paul Krugman wrote this on October 15:

Mitt Romney doesn’t see dead people. But that’s only because he doesn’t want to see them: if he did, he’d have to acknowledge the ugly reality of what will happen if he and Paul Ryan get their way on health care…. A literal description of their plan is that they want to expose many Americans to financial insecurity, and let some of them die, so that a handful of already wealthy people can have a higher after-tax income.

Krugman is literally a menace to decent society. Then again, so is his New York Times colleague Charles Blow(hard), speaking on MSBNC (gee, notice a pattern at that network?):

This is the kind of man that Mitt Romney is. This man does not have a soul. If you opened up, you know, his chest, there’s probably a gold ticking watch in there and not even a heart. This is not a person. This is just a robot who will do whatever it takes, whatever he’s told to do, to make it to the White House. And he will take whatever push in the back from whatever nasty person is pushing him and move him further in that direction.


This one article offered many reasons why I have come to loathe the liberal media. Their vile rantings are simply beneath contempt.

The Deadly Israeli House

by Daniel Greenfield

There are few weapons as deadly as the Israeli house. When its bricks and mortar are combined together, the house, whether it is one of those modest one story hilltop affairs or a five floor apartment building complete with hot and cold running water, becomes far more dangerous than anything green and glowing that comes out of the Iranian centrifuges.

Forget the cluster bomb and the mine, the poison gas shell and even tailored viruses. Iran can keep its nuclear bombs. They don’t impress anyone in Europe or in Washington DC. Genocide is equally not worthy of attention when in the presence of the fearsome weapon of terror that is an Israeli family of four moving into a new apartment downwind from Jerusalem.

Sudan may have built a small mountain of African corpses, but it can’t expect to command the full and undivided attention of the world until it does something truly outrageous like building a house and filling it with Jews. Since the Sudanese Jews are as gone as the Jews of Egypt, Iraq, Syria and good old Afghanistan, the chances of Bashir the Butcher pulling off that trick are rather slim.


Wisconsin Judge Orders Deadbeat Dad Of Nine (With Six Women) To Stop Procreating

Meet Corey Curtis.

The Wisconsin man, who has fathered nine children with six women, was ordered yesterday to cease procreating until he can support his numerous offspring.

At Curtis’s sentencing yesterday for bail jumping and failure to pay child support, Circuit Court Judge Tim Boyle told the 44-year-old Racine man that his frequent breeding was to be curbed as a condition of his three-year probation term.

Curtis owes about $90,000 total in back child support and interest to the mothers of his children. Pictured in the above mug shot, Curtis will have to wipe out that debt before he can add heir number ten, ruled Boyle.

Court records show that Curtis has been arrested and charged with failure to pay child support on numerous occasions over the past 11 years. His rap sheet also includes convictions for passing bad checks, criminal damage, and burglary.


Time before the ACLU rushes in to defend this cretins right to inflict the product of his sperm on society and force us to pay for them? 3 2 1…

Not to mention the sluts that sleep with him and produce his progeny. Because this slime ball has a “right” to screw them and us at the same time. Not to mention how little we need his DNA polluting the gene pool.

God how I HATE these parasites!

Worth A Glance:

Report: FOX News shelves Rove


Now if they would just “shelve” Beckel and Juan Williams, FOX News might be worth my turning on again.

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi Blasts Bill Nye and Piers Morgan for Their Global  Warming Opinions


Chicago Shootings Spike 49% In November Despite Country’s Strictest Gun Laws….


Quote For Today:

Sorin Cerin  “How many consuming fires can there be in the words: freedom, peace and democracy and how easy they can be extinguished by ignorance, stupidity and arrogance?”~ Sorin Cerin

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