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Tone-Deaf President

President Barack Obama’s critics are having fun with his lawyerly equivocation during an interview on CBS’ “60 Minutes” on Sunday, when he said that as president he bears responsibility “for everything. . . to some degree.”

But the bigger gaffe came in the first part of that response, when the president said his “biggest disappointment” has been the failure to change “the tone” in Washington.

“If you ask me what’s my biggest disappointment, it’s that we haven’t changed the tone in Washington as much as I would have liked,” he told CBS.

No doubt partisan sniping isn’t helping the nation solve its most pressing problems.

But his “biggest disappointment” is that people who live and work inside the Beltway aren’t being nicer to each other?

Is he serious?


I liked this one too…

O’s missing word: ‘terror’

by Michael Goodwin

That was a perfectly fine speech Barack Obama gave at the United Nations yesterday. Perfectly fine, except that he has been president for the last four years.

Perfectly fine, except that terrorists murdered our ambassador in Libya on the 11th anniversary of 9/11. And perfectly fine, except that the head of al Qaeda released a videotape urging that murder and others during what he called a time of “American weakness.”

Mr. President: The video didn’t do it. Terrorists did. Say it, for God’s sake!

Facts, bloody facts, take all the shine off Obama’s speech. His teleprompted rhetoric no longer inspires because reality keeps interrupting the swoon. Even if you try, you can’t drift off into a dreamy vision of utopia while the corpses pile up and the hate burns red hot.

Unless you’re one of the bad guys , “Death to America” doesn’t make you want to get up and dance.

Give the president some credit. He tried, to a certain degree.

He brought his best scolding, patronizing tone for the day, as though the Turtle Bay club dominated by thugs, theocrats and cowards would be moved by his earnest pleas and frowns. It was an appeal better directed at third-graders than the Third World.

His boldest declaration, that “the United States will do what we must to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon,” was met with silence. Then again, he has said similar things before, and nobody believes him, so there’s no sense either cheering or hissing.

It’s just words. See, they’ve already evaporated.

Much of those words were aimed at Ohio and Florida. A president who has put campaigning above governing for nearly two years should never be accused of neglecting his real goal for even a moment this close to the election.


    Stories/Articles You Might Find Interesting – or not

Obama Versus Obama: Part II

by Thomas Sowell

Nowhere is the contrast between Barack Obama, as defined by his rhetoric (“Obama 1″) and Barack Obama as defined by his actions (“Obama 2″) greater than in his foreign policy — and especially his policy toward Israel.

What if we put aside Barack Obama’s rhetoric, and instead look exclusively at his documented record over a period of decades, up to and including the present?

The first thing that is most striking about that record is the long string of his mentors and allies who were marked by hatred of the United States, and a vision of the world in which the white, Western nations have become prosperous by oppressing and exploiting the non-white, non-Western nations.

The person most people have heard of who matched that description has been Jeremiah Wright, whose church Barack Obama attended for 20 years, and was still attending when he began his campaign for the presidency. But Jeremiah Wright was just one in a series of mentors and allies with a similar vision and a similar visceral hostility to the West.

Barack Obama was virtually marinated in that vision from childhood. His mother clashed with her Indonesian husband when he began to move away from his earlier anti-Western radicalism and to work with Western businesses investing in Indonesia.

As a counterweight to whatever ideological influence her Indonesian husband might have on her son, she extolled the virtues of his absent Kenyan father, who remained a doctrinaire, anti-Western socialist to the end.

After Barack Obama was sent back to Hawaii to live with his grandparents at age ten, his grandfather introduced him to a black man named Frank Marshall Davis, who had a long career of anti-American, anti-white propaganda that included a stint as a member of the Communist Party. Davis was Obama’s mentor on race throughout his adolescent years, until Obama left for college.


A bogus defense of Obama’s intelligence briefing record

By Marc A. Thiessen

The Post’s Fact Checker, Glenn Kessler, takes issue with my report that since taking office President Obama has skipped his daily intelligence meeting more than half the time. So let’s fact check the Fact Checker.

The facts

After hearing from sources in the intelligence community that President Obama was not attending his daily intelligence meeting on a daily basis, I asked researchers at the Government Accountability Institute, a nonpartisan research group headed by Peter Schweizer (who is also my business partner in a speechwriting firm, Oval Office Writers) to examine at Obama’s official schedule. We found during his first 1,225 days in office, Obama had attended his daily meeting to discuss the Presidential Daily Brief (PDB) just 536 times — or 43.8 percent of the time. During 2011 and the first half of 2012, his attendance became even less frequent — falling to just over 38 percent. By contrast, Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, almost never missed his daily intelligence meeting.

After Islamist radicals stormed our embassy in Cairo and terrorists killed our ambassador to Libya on Sept. 11, I further reported that Obama also skipped his daily intelligence meeting every day in the week leading up to the attacks. The day after the attack, he scheduled but then canceled his daily intelligence meeting, while finding time to go to Las Vegas for a campaign rally.

These facts are not in dispute. Indeed, before publishing both of my columns, I specifically asked National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor if there were instances where the president had, in fact, held his daily meeting on the PDB that did not appear on the official public calendar. He offered no examples, and not once did he challenge the numbers I presented. Neither has any White House official challenged them in the weeks since this controversy erupted. So, as a factual matter, Kessler offers no evidence that the information I presented on Obama’s PDB meeting attendance is wrong.

What Kessler and the Obama White House do argue is a matter not of fact but of opinion — that it does not matter if Obama attends a daily intelligence meeting because he reads his PDB every day. Kessler compares Obama to former presidents going back to Reagan and Nixon and finds that “many did not have an oral briefing” — and that this means Obama has simply “chosen to receive his information in a different manner than his predecessor.” There are several problems with this.

First, Kessler ignores one giant difference between then and now: Sept. 11, 2001.


Perhaps someone should start “fact-checking” these bogue “fact-checker.” Can no liberal, at any time, simply tell the truth?

Dumb Jews

by Andrew Klaven

There used to be a saying that “Jews earn like WASPS and vote like Puerto Ricans,” the idea being that no matter how successful Jews become they still retain a sense of themselves as minority underdogs and vote accordingly.

Today, however, I think that saying needs to be changed to “Jews think like Einstein and vote like fracking idiots.” Because while Jews are widely viewed as an intelligent race of people who hold learning in high regard, a recent poll still shows a majority of them planning to vote for Barack Obama’s re-election — and that’s just plain stupid.

Here are three reasons.

1. Obama’s policies are actually bad for the underdogs and minorities.

The notion that big government helps the poor is a false one. Some government programs may help some poor people in the moment, but the long-term effect of such programs is well proven to be disastrous. Look at Detroit, New Orleans, and Chicago — all Democrat strongholds since forever. Why do you think blacks are moving out of the northern cities and back to the south?

Under Obama, the poverty rate has swollen, real unemployment (including those people who have despaired of finding work) has skyrocketed, and government dependency has increased a stunning 23 percent. All these numbers are worse for black people. Conversely, the supposedly greedy and racist policies of Ronald Reagan brought poverty down every year for the last five years of his presidency and improved the economic lives of blacks more than any other group.

Dumb people vote for what looks good. Smart people vote for policies that work. Assuming Jews truly care about helping minorities and underdogs, Jews who vote for Obama are dumb Jews.


 Obama’s Orwellian economy

We’re moving backward, not ‘forward’

How is it possible that Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney on who can better  handle the economy when it has been in decline all year?

Economists on both sides say this is one of the weakest recoveries since the  Great Depression. New York Times economic columnist Paul Krugman, one of  President Obama’s early supporters, said, “This is still a terrible  economy.”

The overall economy barely grew by 1.7 percent in the second quarter, down  from 2.0 percent in the first three months of 2012. Business economists have  lowered their forecasts to 1.5 percent or lower for the year. The Federal  Reserve Board says it will keep its interest rates near zero for the foreseeable  future because they expect the economy to remain in a weakened condition for  several years to come.

Most Americans do not follow the economic data that diagnose the economy’s  ups and downs. They know what their economic circumstances are. Yet political  pollsters and reporters doing voter canvassing tell of interviews with people  who say they have been out of work for months still say they are voting for Mr.  Obama.

Most get their economic news from the nightly network shows, but the people  who produce these programs bend over backward to report as little as possible  about the levels of economic deprivation that characterize Mr. Obama’s  presidency.

Did you see the story on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams last week about  how unemployment rose in more than half the states in August? Of course not,  because he didn’t report it.

Nevertheless, in the fourth insufferable year of Mr. Obama’s term in office,  the unemployment rate climbed in 26 states, according to the U.S. Bureau of  Labor Statistics. Five were battleground states that probably will decide this  election and where Mr. Obama, improbably, is leading Mr. Romney.

Unemployment was unchanged in the battlegrounds of Ohio, Virginia and in  Florida, where the jobless rate nears 9 percent.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also reports that the number of working  Americans shrank last month as payrolls fell in 21 states, the result of tens of  millions of discouraged workers who have stopped looking for a job and are no  longer counted.

Yet there was Mr. Obama still telling CBS’ “60 Minutes” on Sunday that the  economy was moving in the right direction. “We’re moving forward,” he repeatedly  says on the campaign trail. But by virtually every major economic measurement,  we have been falling backward over the past four years, not moving forward.


Addicts in America

by Daniel Greenfield
Some nights ago I sat in an emergency room while a 19-year-old heroin addict was brought in. It was after midnight, the witching hour, on a weekend when the zombies and ghosts of the city’s party circuit begin drifting in dressed in their best clothes, escorted by police officers, clutching bloodied rags to their faces or lying on stretchers and always at their articulate best.
The girl came from a wealthy background and was articulate enough to hurriedly assemble her story. An addict since her teenage years, she had been clean for a while and never used anything but heroin, except occasionally cocaine. The drug use was just a single slip, one mistake, and then she would be clean again.
Anyone who hasn’t worked with addicts doesn’t know how charming and persuasive they can be. The addict is the distilled ego focused on a single burning need. All the cleverness and intelligence of the human being, the attributes that we would ordinarily use to work, create, befriend and empathize, become tools for protecting the addiction and the supply.
Addicts are intense because they are among the few people in this world who know exactly what they want. They can be charming, but their routines are mechanical. They retain only enough of their humanity to charm us into giving them more of what they want. It is their only reason for interacting with us. The addict is pure ego and the drug is the only focus of their ego. The addict needs so badly that he or she becomes an incarnation of need. Their humanity is slowly or rapidly burned away leaving behind nothing but the animal need, their outer characteristics consumed by their ego and then their ego consumed by the id.
The girl was no friend or family member of mine. I had seen many like her and as our civilization unwinds into its own night of the soul, there will be many more like her. Having all the advantages of life, she was desperately unhappy and like so much of the modern world that tunes in to Oprah for tips on how to be happy, that browses self-help sections on a desperate quest for happiness, she was still trying to be happy. Her cry was the cry of a country addicted to emptiness and losing its soul.



CNN says Obama looks foolish

Spiking the ball early

Damn the polls — Ohio Republicans plan to fight Obama all the way.

DAYTON, Ohio — Nearly 4,000 people turned out Tuesday to cheer Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan at an airport rally here, their numbers and enthusiasm contradicting polls that show President Obama leading by a wide margin in the Buckeye State. This contradiction inspired me to conduct my own poll, although my methodology might not have been entirely scientific: I walked up to the crowd behind the barricade and shouted, “Does anybody here believe the polls?” The crowd shouted back in unison: “No!”

Perhaps my survey wasn’t based on a random sample, but I’m pretty certain of the conclusion: Republicans here are profoundly skeptical of polls indicating Obama on the verge of walking away with Ohio’s 18 Electoral College votes. Nor is this skepticism limited to Ohio. A website devoted to examining sources of bias in polls,, has become increasingly popular among Republicans. The site’s proprietor Dean Chambers echoes many in pointing out how “the weighting and/or sampling of Democrats, Republicans and independents in each survey” can produce numbers wildly at variance with the likely results on Election Day. Many of the polls that show large advantages for Obama also show a “skew” in party identification toward Democrats — over-representing them compared to their numbers in previous elections — which can be “enough to make the results unreliable,” as Ed Morrissey of says.


‘Dirty Jobs’ Star Rolls Up Sleeves for Romney Campaign

Mitt Romney is getting a little help from a reality show star whose gig aligns perfectly with the candidate’s prime directive.

It’s all about the jobs, or the lack thereof in the Age of Obama.

Mike Rowe of “Dirty Jobs” fame will campaign with the GOP presidential hopeful starting tomorrow in the crucial state of Ohio.

The Discovery Channel personality and Ford Motor Co. pitchman will offer his support Wednesday to Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney at a public event in Bedford Heights.

Romney’s campaign announced the Rowe endorsement late Monday when confirming Romney’s Cleveland-area itinerary for the final day of a two-day bus tour through battleground Ohio.

Will the liberal establishment in Follywood punish Mike Rowe for daring to step out of the liberal line? One suspects they will because they have that “pack” mentality that is so disturbing.

An  open letter to Barack Obama: Don’t put your campaign logo on our flag

Dear Mr. President:

On September 14, at Andrews Air Force Base, you paid tribute to four  Americans who lost their lives in the service of our country. These individuals  were killed by terrorists who carried out an orchestrated attack on the U.S.  consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Along with their families, friends and co-workers,  you met the caskets containing the remains of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Tyrone  Woods, Glen Doherty and Sean Smith.

In closing your tribute to these men, you said that “the flag they served  under now carries them home.” Indeed it did. American flags draped the caskets  of each of these patriots and were solemnly presented to their families “on  behalf of a grateful nation.” As you know, the manner in which the American flag  is placed on a casket, and how it is folded, are rich in meaning. The protocol  symbolically unites the deceased with America’s first patriots, who won our  independence.

This month, in the course of a few days, Americans saw contrasting images of  our flag in the news media. As described above, they watched you at Andrews AFB,  a familiar ceremony in which the flag is proudly and prominently displayed to  convey American resolve, but also a sense of national mourning. On the other  hand, American citizens saw video footage showing angry Muslims desecrating the  Stars and Stripes to demonstrate the depth of their hatred for America. Their  understanding of how important our flag is to us is precisely the reason they  burn it.

Last week, as fundamentalist Muslim mobs burned American flags, it was revealed that you, Mr. President, took our  nation’s banner, modified it with your political logo, and offered it for sale  on your website. The modified American flag was designed for your personal and  political profit.

Mr. President, this is repugnant.



Out of the mouth of a horse’s ass:

Ideologies aren’t all that important. What’s important is psychology.

The Democratic constituency is just like a herd of cows. All you have to do is lay out enough silage and they come running. That’s why I became an operative working with Democrats. With Democrats all you have to do is make a lot of noise, lay out the hay, and be ready to use the ole cattle prod in case a few want to bolt the herd.

Eighty percent of the people who call themselves Democrats don’t have a clue as to political reality. What amazes me is that you could take a group of people who are hard workers and convince them that they should support social programs that were the exact opposite of their own personal convictions. Put a little fear here and there and you can get people to vote any way you want.

The voter is basically dumb and lazy. The reason I became a Democratic operative instead of a Republican was because there were more Democrats that didn’t have a clue than there were Republicans.

Truth is relative. Truth is what you can make the voter believe is the truth. If you’re smart enough, truth is what you make the voter think it is. That’s why I’m a Democrat. I can make the Democratic voters think whatever I want them to.”

James Carville

Media Malpractice:

The Biggest Problem With Media Bias

By Carol Platt Liebau

No serious person can deny the existence of liberal bias among the MSM.  I have criticized the media’s “tag team” approach to covering the President before, noting that the press works almost in tandem with the Obama campaign to advance its arguments and downplay its candidate’s mistakes and shortcomings.

Indeed, media bias is nothing new.  It has been demonstrated in studies ranging over at least the last thirty years that the press leans decisively to the left. Just last year, Professor Tim Groseclose — no conservative — argued convincingly that media bias typically aids Democrats by 8-10 points in a typical election.

This year, however, it is worse than ever before, as two female commentators I greatly admire, Mona Charen and Jennifer Rubin, both pointed out today.

The problem, as I see it, is that there is no corrective mechanism for the systemic bias we witness in the elite media.

First, there is no direct profit incentive for the reporters or editors themselves, it seems; although the legacy media is bleeding profusely, no journalistic superstar in the elite media is experiencing a diminution of his/her salary directly as a result of declining market share — as they would in most regular businesses.  (Indeed, television news has not really ever been expected to be a profit center for the network.)  So far, it seems, the legacy media has been impervious to the kind of market pressures that would force leaders in other businesses to rethink the way they’re conducting their business.

Second, the elite press is so overwhelminglly dominated by liberals that there’s essentially a pack mentality.  People like former NY Times ombudsman Arthur Brisbane can try to soft-pedal the facts, but basically, legacy media is the victim of massive group-think.


Worth reading:

A Message for the Republican Pundit Class from Outside the Beltway


Obama Adviser: ‘If He Met With One Leader, He Would Have to Meet With 10.’


U.S. Officials Knew Libya Attacks Were Work of Al Qaeda Affiliates

Sources say intelligence agencies knew within a day that al Qaeda affiliates were behind the attacks in Benghazi, Libya—they even knew where one of the attackers lived. Eli Lake reports.


Evidently no one told Obama. Or may it came up in one of those daily intelligence briefings –known as the Presidential Daily Brief (PDB), that Obama skipped to attend fundraisors and/or visits with the harpies on The View or partying with Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Little Appetite in U.S. for More Gov’t Regulation of Business

Independents’ views are similar to the national average


What’s Going On In The World?

Greeks on strike as politicians agree further cuts

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Tens of thousands of Greeks marched through central Athens Wednesday in the first general strike since the country’s coalition government was formed in June, as the prime minister and finance minister hammered out a package of €11.5 billion ($14.87 billion) in spending cuts.

Everyone from shopkeepers and pharmacists to teachers, customs workers and car mechanics joined the demonstration of about 50,000 people in a strike seen as a test of public tolerance for more hardship after two years of harsh spending cuts and tax hikes. Thousands of police deployed across the city center, hoping to prevent the violence that often breaks out during Greek protests.

“People, fight, they’re drinking your blood,” protesters chanted as they banged drums.


Quote For Today:

G.K. Chesterton  “If there were no God, there would be no atheists.”  ~   G.K. Chesterton

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