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O invents own legend

by Michael Goodwin

Watching President Obama flop around like a fish out of water, careening from  gaffe to desperation to dishonesty, I find myself searching for ways to put his  troubling behavior into historic perspective.

Is this The Unmaking of a President? Or is it The Unmasking? Perhaps we are  witnessing an American Tragedy. Or maybe we’re seeing final proof his election  was The Great Mistake.

All those fit the facts, and lead to a shared conclusion. So far, the 2012  election has almost nothing to do with Mitt Romney. Even the GOP doesn’t love  its choice, but the race is a dead heat because Obama is so disappointing.

His fall from grace does more than merely confirm the conventional wisdom  that elections are a referendum on the incumbent. Notwithstanding White House  efforts to make the race about something or someone else, Obama remains the  straw that stirs the drink.

But what a strange straw he is. Far stranger than we knew.

The man who campaigned against the “torture” of war prisoners boasts of  killing suspects while taking no prisoners. He called rising debts “un-American” before setting a new record for borrowing. He railed against the imperial  presidency before stretching it beyond recognition. The former law-school  instructor tried to bully the Supreme Court.

Just who is Barack Obama? The question lingers like an itch that can’t be  scratched.


Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

    Stories/Articles You Might Find Interesting – or not

Romney Strikes Possitive Note In Pennsylvania

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee has a way of making his strategy obvious, and he did so again Saturday morning, making clear that a fix-it team is waiting in the wings to get the economy humming once more. To that end, he several times referred to dreamers and the importance of success in lifting up the country.

Even Tim Pawlenty, one of his co-campaigners along the five-day, six-state tour, struck a sunny, cheerful tone just when he was lambasting the president. As the former Minnesota governor and erstwhile presidential candidate warmed up the crowd, he smiled while thundering away in a raspy voice, asking the audience if they had had enough of Barack Obama and runaway spending.

“President Obama’s campaign slogan is essentially, ‘Eh, it could be worse.’ Mitt Romney’s message is: ‘It will be better,’ ” he shouted, underscoring the shift in tone and messaging.

And like Romney, Pawlenty wore a smile during the entire event, as if he had been told to do so. Following instructions and sticking to messages may be critical for him along the tour, given that it is serving as a round of auditions for potential running mates.

On Friday, New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte campaigned alongside Romney in her home state as the tour kicked off. Ohio Sen. Rob Portman will join the party’s standard-bearer when they roll through the Buckeye State on Sunday. And Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan will campaign in his hometown of Janesville with Romney when the tour arrives there for a Monday morning event.


Obama’s Tone-Deaf Fundraiser

After Obama’s attempt to reassure the public about the economic recovery fell flat Thursday, he jetted off to a celebrity fundraiser in Manhattan hosted by Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker — and the contrast could not have been more tone-deaf. As AP reports, Obama seemed to temporarily abandon his middle class warrior routine, telling the $40,000-a-plate dinner guests that they were the “ultimate arbiter” of the country’s future:

Speaking in a dimly lighted, art-filled room, Obama told supporters they would play a critical role in an election that would determine a vision for the nation’s future.

“You’re the tie-breaker,” he said. “You’re the ultimate arbiter of which direction this country goes.”

Among the celebrities on hand to hear Obama’s remarks were Oscar winner Meryl Streep, fashion designer Michael Kors and Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who moderated a private question-and-answer session between the president and the guests. Broderick, who was starring in a Broadway musical, was absent.

As a gesture of egalitarianism, there was one non-paying, no-name guest who had won a $3 Obama campaign raffle and was able to attend the fundraiser as a “prize” (how benevolent of the campaign).


Is Libertarian Gary Johnson the Wild Card in Fall Election?

A surprise may be lurking in the presidential campaign that could cause a stir in the coming months, but it has nothing to do with Mitt Romney or Barack Obama.

Gary Johnson, the former two-term Republican governor of New Mexico who ran briefly in this cycle’s GOP presidential primary, is the Libertarian Party’s standard-bearer, and he is finally getting some attention. In the past few weeks he’s appeared on NBC’s “The Daily Rundown” with Chuck Todd, as well as “The Colbert Report” and “The Daily Show.” Where the president and the presumptive Republican nominee won’t go, Gary Johnson will.

He doesn’t have a vast campaign account, as the two major-party candidates do, but he does have Roger Stone, a veteran of Republican presidential campaigns who says he’s sick of the party and is now consulting for Johnson. Stone believes that with the rise of social media, there are ways to break through the campaign din, and he’s cooking up some “provocative” stunts that will get Johnson attention in the months ahead.

To Stone, the effort has nothing to do with being a spoiler in the election. Rather, he says, the Johnson campaign is all about waking up the electorate to the Libertarian movement.

“I’m not concerned about Gary Johnson becoming president in the 2012 election,” he says, adding that winning electoral votes is not what the campaign is plotting. Stone is trying to help Johnson get enough attention that he registers at least 15 percent in three national polls, thus becoming eligible to participate in the presidential debates this fall. He’s also working to get Johnson on the ballot in all 50 states and says that will likely happen, barring a possible hiccup in Oklahoma.

It’s all tied to getting matching funds from the Federal Election Commission to compete in future elections, because the Johnson team is certain once more voters are informed of Libertarian positions, large swaths of the electorate will swing their way.

Take Johnson’s campaign slogan: “You’re Libertarian, too. I’ll prove it to you.”


Are You Kidding Me?

Mika Brzezinski Learns From Daddy All About the Benefits of Failure — Which He  Certainly ‘Achieved’ With Jimmy Carter
For Father’s Day, the national Sunday newspaper supplement Parade  Magazine again consulted Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski for some  reflection on their dads.

Mika said “My father taught me to look at failure as a good thing, even if  you don’t realize it at the time, because it opens the door to other  opportunities.” That certainly sounds right when your dad was in charge of  “national security” under Jimmy Carter and had that great record of  accomplishments like losing Afghanistan to the Soviets and the Iranian hostage  mess.

Of course, that never stops Zbigniew from lecturing the dreaded “neocons” on  how they’ve ruined the world, as if Jimmy Carter’s presidency was an era of  international triumph. His failures never stopped him from being honored as some  kind of legendary pundit.


Holder’s Just-Us Department under Fire

By Clarice  Feldman

Whether  he resigns or is removed or spends the rest of this year responding to  Congressional  inquiries, Attorney  general Holder has treated the Department of Justice as a partisan arm of the  Obama Administration.   Now and for the foreseeable future he is just  another Albatross around Obama’s neck.

Fast  and Furious

Let’s  review the case against  Eric Holder.

In  the forefront of the news is the Department’s role in an operation known as Fast & furious and his lies, obfuscations and stonewalling of the  Congressional  investigation of  it.  Most American Thinker readers are well aware of the outlandish program  which permitted  1700 guns to cross our border into the hands of Mexican  criminals who used them to murder hundreds of innocent civilians, one of our own  Border agents, Brian Terry, and to commit crimes  in U.S border states. If  you are not and our mainstream media has not offered us much coverage of this  outrage,–here’s a one  minute video describing  the rogue program.

The  genius political cartoonist Michael Ramirez describes Holder’s record  beautifully in this IBD  cartoon — a faucet labeled truth pours water through a bottomless cup  tagged Eric Holder. The caption reads, “Doesn’t Hold Water.”

Michael  Walsh  at the New  York Post, describes the song and dance Holder has been performing for  Congressional investigators underscoring Ramirez’ take:

Now  he wants to talk: Holder, in Senate testimony Tuesday, hinted at an end to his  long stonewall in the deadly Fast and Furious scandal.

At  issue is Holder’s refusal to turn over tens of thousands of F&F documents  that have been under subpoena since last fall. So far, Justice has managed to  slow-walk about 7,600 up Capitol Hill.

Now  the embattled Holder wants to deal.”Creatively,” whatever that  means.

Sorry,  Mr. AG — you had your chance to come clean and you blew it. Now it’s time to  play Truth or Consequences.

Next  Wednesday, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, headed by Rep.  Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), will decide whether to move a long-threatened contempt  citation forward to the full House.

For  Issa, the end game in his long-running public battle with Holder is here. No  more stern letters; no more public confrontations. It’s showdown  time.

The  smoking gun was the discovery earlier this month of wiretap applications that  made it clear that senior Justice officials — including Assistant AG Lanny  Breuer and others — were not only in the loop on F&F, but had approved its  tactics.

And  done so over the vehement objections of agents of the Bureau of Alcohol,  Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, who were tasked with the  operation.

At  least one American agent, Border Patrol officer Brian Terry, has been killed  with weapons involved in the operation, along with hundreds of  Mexicans.

Wrote  Issa to Holder on June 5: “Throughout the course of the investigation . . . the  department has consistently denied that any senior officials were provided  information about the tactics used in Operation Fast and Furious. The wiretap  applications obtained by the committee show such statements made by senior  department officials regarding the wiretaps to be false and  misleading.”

Under  Fast and Furious, the feds funneled thousands of firearms through phony “straw  purchasers” directly to Mexican drug cartels, all without any notification of  Mexico’s government or rational provision to trace the weapons. It was  madness.

And,  despite Holder’s delaying tactics, the truth about how that insanity came about  has been clear for some time: A cabal of officials at the highest levels of the  Justice Department authorized the operation as part of the Obama  administration’s “stealth” gun-control strategy — presumably to make it appear  that the horrific violence of Mexico’s drug war is partly our  fault.

Holder’s  time is running out for many reasons. He’s been too partisan, and too  politicized, for too long. [/quote]

The  offer of a last minute hint he’ll stop stonewalling  comes at the same time  his Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich  announced he is leaving.    Weich had famously denied to Congress that the gunwalking aspects of Fast & Furious never occurred.


Playing Latinos for Pawns

Desperately flailing in his bid for re-election, the President hopes to sway votes in the Latino community (especially in states he needs like New Mexico and Colorado) by coming up with a half-baked extralegal planthat — depending on how one looks at it — is either nothing at all, or else constitutes a big impediment to reaching a permanent, legislative solution on how to address the illegal immigration crisis in this country.

How is the plan nothing at all?  Well, how many young people under 30 who meet all the criteria set out by the President yesterday are actually being pursued and deported?  I would wager not many.
And so now, the President is willing to give them work permits.  That might mean a little more if unemployment among young people weren’t at historically high levels — approximately 16% among those 25 and under.
Now, he’s simply creating more competition in an already suffering cohort of the labor market . . . after having failed to demonstrate the leadership to spearhead a serious, meaningful immigration reform bill despite having had two years of an overwhelming Democrat majority in which he could have done so (and during a term in which he has broken repeated promises to do so; apparently, the pledge to get on it first thing next term wasn’t enough! ).  Instead, he pursued massively unpopular ObamaCare.
On the other hand, how is the plan an impediment?  As this LA Times story makes clear, the President’s idea came in response to pleas from Democrat senators — who realized that Republican Marco Rubio was putting together a real legislative solution that could address the crisis.  Having him do so was a political nightmare for the Democrats, who are hoping to cement the Latino vote by handing out tokens like this one while accusing the Republicans of being anti-Latino.
Thus, rather than working with Rubio to hammer out legislation that would have addressed the problem in a serious, permanent way — and truly benefited Latinos — the President chose instead the path that would benefit himself and his allies politically.  It also helps to poison the water for any real and lasting reform, to the detriment of those who need it most.

Government Insanity 

Stop stand-up urination for men, Swedish politicians urge

A Swedish political party is taking a stand against upright urination.
At a county council meeting Monday, the Left Party, or Vänsterpartiet, tabled a motion that would require office washrooms to be genderless with a sit-down-only requirement, reported the news agency Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå.

For men who might refuse to comply, party representatives suggested a separate set of toilets clearly labeled for stand-up urination only.
Vänsterpartiet, known as a socialist and feminist organization, believes seated urination is healthier for men and more hygienic for both sexes.


Are they attempting to toilet train adults? This is nuts!

Media Behaving Badly:

Sam Donaldson play the race card and then…

Rush Calls Sam Donaldson ‘Ignorant’ for Saying People ‘Like Limbaugh’ Oppose  Obama Because He’s Black

As NewsBusters reported  Saturday, former ABC White House correspondent Sam Donaldson told the Huffington  Post, “Many on the political right believe this president [Barack Obama] ought  not to be there – they oppose him not for his polices [sic] and political view  but for who he is, an African-American! These people and perhaps even certain  news organizations (certainly the right-wing talkers like Limbaugh) encourage  disrespect for this president.”

Limbaugh responded to this nonsense by email moments ago:

“Sam’s  premise, sadly, is ignorant, simplistic, clichéd, predictable and wrong. The  President’s ideas are what I oppose, not his skin color, which I couldn’t care  less about. He’s the President of the United States and his race does not  inoculate or immunize him from substantive critique.”

We couldn’t have said it any better.

If only media members such as Donaldson would understand this tremendously  basic concept about politics in America today.

It’s not about race. It’s about policies and ideas.

Only the Left and their media minions are fixated on the color of Obama’s  skin.

Thanks for clearing that up for us, Rush.


In a previous incarnation I would have just dismissed anything Rush Limbaugh said simply because I thought then, and still do now, that he’s a big gas-bag. However,fair is fair and right is right and he’s right.

 Donaldson is a disappointment. He proves what I have come to see as the truth, the Democrats are the racists. They see everything through a prism of the color of people’s skin. That’s racism.

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 Dinner with the Obamas at the Parker-Broderick Home


Obama-Romney speeches revealed


Romney’s Path to a Blowout


   image9-Today's cartoons: Great presidential quotes ... except one

 53% in Wisconsin Now Approve Of Governor Walker’s Job Performance

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s approval ratings are up slightly following his victory in the state’s June 5 special recall election. Fifty-three percent (53%) of Likely Voters in the Badger State now at least somewhat approve of the job Walker is doing as governor, according to a new Rasmussen Reports statewide telephone survey.  Forty-seven percent (47%) disapprove of his job performance.  Those figures include 45% who Strongly Approve and 39% who Strongly Disapprove. link:

What’s Going On In The World?

Greeks vote in election that could decide fate of euro

ATHENS (Reuters) – Greeks went to the polls on Sunday in an election that could decide whether their heavily indebted country remains in the euro zone or heads for the exit, potentially unleashing shocks that could break up the single currency.

In an election fought over the punishing austerity package demanded by international lenders as the price of keeping Greece from bankruptcy, opinion polls showed the radical leftist SYRIZA party, which wants to scrap the deal, running neck and neck with the conservative New Democracy, which broadly backs it.

The European Union and International Monetary Fund have insisted that the conditions of the 130 billion bailout accord agreed in March must be accepted fully by a new government or funds will be cut off, driving Greece into bankruptcy.


Quote For Today:

Helen Keller “Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there’s a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see.”  ―    Helen Keller

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